DISASTER BOOK REPORT
                               Book Report and September Reading Calendar due: October 1, 2012

In Reading and Science you will be learning about the fury of nature. We have or will be studying earthquakes, volcanoes, tornados, hurricanes and
tsunami’s. Your genre assignment for the September Reading Calendar is to read two informational/non-fiction text about one of the above
mentioned natural disasters. You will need to have these two books by Friday September 7. You may sign books out from Mrs. White, the media
center or the Bookmobile, which comes on Wednesday September 5. Remember you need to show these two books to Mrs. White by September
7. You are expected to read for 20 minutes each night – weekends are included in this assignment. After you have read each night, have an adult
sign your September Reading Calendar. Once you have read both of your non-fiction texts, you will need to begin on your book report for this
genre of study. Also, if you finish your non-fiction texts before the end of the month, then you may choose any other book/s to read for the
remainder of the month in order to complete your September Reading Calendar.

The book report for this genre of study is to create a disaster brochure. Mrs. White has shared with you an example of a hurricane disaster
brochure from the State of Maryland. You will now create one for the natural disaster you have chosen to read about. You are creating a brochure
that could be placed in the local library to inform citizens of what to do in the event this disaster occurs. Your brochure is to be completed on one
piece of paper and folded into three sections. It may be typed or hand-written.

This assignment will be a Reading and Science grade, each worth 100 points. (The Reading Calendar is always a reading grade. This month it is
worth 30 points.) Mrs. White will be looking very closely at capitalization and punctuation; correct use of nouns and conjunctions, the quality of
the information you provided and your use of text features. You are expected to use information from the non-fiction texts you have read. You
may NOT copy from the books you have read! Be sure that all the information you provide is written in your own words. For the Science grade,
Mrs. Evans will be looking at the correctness of the content you put into the brochure.

You will be given some class time in Science to work on this project later in the month of September, but you will also be expected to do a majority
of the work outside of the classroom. Use the provided rubric to help you prepare your work. This is the same rubric your teachers will use to
grade your assignment.

On October 1, 2012 you will have to turn in the following items during homeroom: 1) September Reading Calendar, 2) Disaster Brochure book
report and 3) this rubric.

                                                       Disaster Brochure Book Report Rubric

Cover Page: (20 pts. Total)                                                    Fold Five: Bibliography (5 pts. Total)
        Title (5)                                                                      You must have a minimum of two reference books – the
        Illustration/picture of the disaster (5)                                        two you read for the Reading Calendar. Your books are to
        Your full name and number (5)                                                   be written using the correct bibliography format. There is
        Neatness, correct grammar and spelling (5)                                      a poster in the room with examples or you can look it up
Fold One: “Causes of the Disaster” (20 pts. Total)                                       online.
        Written in paragraph form; minimum of 5 sentences (5)                           Causes of the          Effects of the      How to Prepare
        Accurate information which correctly explains the causes                           Disaster               Disaster         for the Disaster
         and includes the heading used above (10)                                          (fold one)             (fold two)          (fold three)
        Neatness, correct grammar and spelling (5)
Fold Two: “Effects of the Disaster” (20 pts. Total)                                                                                    
        Written in bulleted, list form (5)                                                                                            
        List includes at least 6 effects with the heading used above                                                                  
        Neatness, correct grammar and spelling (5)
Fold Three: “How to Prepare for this Disaster” (20 pts. Total)                         Create Your Own          Bibliography             Cover
        Written in checklist format (5)                                                   Heading               (fold five)
        Checklist is a detailed list of accurate steps that a person                     (fold four)
         could take to cope with or prepare for the disaster and it
         begins with the heading used above (10)
        Neatness, correct grammar and spelling (5)

Fold Four: Other Information (15 pts. Total)
        Neatness, correct grammar and spelling (5)
        Stayed on topic and provided new and useful information
         that was not already shared previously in the brochure.
                                                                               Book Report Grade:
         Ideas include diagram of the natural disaster, a map
         showing where that natural disaster most frequently
                                                                               Science Grade:
         occurs: Tornado Alley, Ring of Fire, etc. (10)

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