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									                       Safety Zone
                         It No Joke
    My name is Francis Warring I am a Volunteer fireman at Co 14
in Newburg, MD and I am a wildland fire fighter. I would like to
talk to you today about safety zones. The safety zone or zones, (it
good to have more then one) is no joke. When you here the words
Go to the safety zone you should drop what ever you are doing and
go comely straight to the safety if you drop something don’t go
back to get it, thought few seconds could determent life or death
pick it up after it is safe. Always ask question if you don’t know
were the safety zone location is. Ask the Squad Boss that is why he
or she is there to help you. After you are in the safety zone don’t
leave for noting until you are told to if you cant fine you friend the
only thing you should do is wait and hope they are safe. The
reasons that I am telling you all this, because it no joke. My self
and forty other wildland fire fighter witness 150 acres burn up in
front of are eyes in eight min that right eight min. not a mile away
but roughly 1000 ft away. You need to believe in the Forestry
services system it works. Never be abaress to ask question about
anything you need to be clear on everything. If you witness a fire
run or burn over what ever you want to call it you won’t think it
cool any more when your life is in danger. When you go out to
fight a wild land fire you make shore you are in good shape that
means fitness, mental, strength, because you will need these entire
thing to get you through the 14 day on the fire line.

Francis Warring
Charles County MD

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