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									Workforce Investment Field Instruction (WIFI) 1-02

Date:                July 18, 2002

To:                  Maryland Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Grant Recipients

Subject:             PY 2001 Dislocated Worker Rescissions

Reference:           Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2001 (Public Law 107-20)
                     WIFI #6-00, Local Planning Guidelines for PY 2001

Information:         Last summer Congress enacted the Supplemental Appropriations
                     Act, 2001 (Public Law 107-20) which rescinded $177.5 million in
                     PY 2001 Dislocated Worker funds. The Act called for a reduction
                     of $110 million in State formula funds, and $67.5 million in
                     National Reserve funds. Due to concern about the impact of the
                     reductions, the President proposed a supplemental appropriation to
                     restore the $110 million in formula funds. This legislation is still
                     pending enactment by Congress.

                     Because the President’s supplemental request was not enacted by
                     June 30, 2002, the Department of Labor (DOL) was forced to
                     implement the rescissions. The State of Maryland’s PY 2001
                     Dislocated Worker formula allotment has been reduced resulting in
                     a reduction of funds for each local area.

Action To
Be Taken:            The State of Maryland has revised each local area’s PY 2001
                     Dislocated Worker funding. In order to ease any administrative
                     burden caused by this action, the State will unilaterally deobligate
                     these funds. If the legislation containing the proposed
                     supplemental appropriation is passed these funds will be
                     unilaterally restored.
                     Attachment A lists each local area’s share of the rescinded funds.
                     The unilateral modifications will deobligate 10% from the
                     administrative grant and 90 % from the dislocated worker program
                     grant. The unilateral grant modifications will be issued

Contact Person:      Patricia Crawford

Effective Date:      Immediately

Ron Windsor
Executive Director

                                        Attachment A

Dislocated Worker Formula Rescissions

Anne Arundel              $ 60,611.00

Baltimore City            $227,961.00

Baltimore County          $143,278.00

Frederick County          $ 28,657.00

Lower Shore               $ 40,129.00

Mid-Maryland              $ 56,026.00

Montgomery                $144,955.00

Prince George’s           $116,999.00

Southern Md.              $ 24,230.00

Susquehanna               $ 47,563.00

Upper Shore               $ 32,182.00

Western Md.               $ 41,525.00


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