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Mercedes-Benz may have got rid of its ultra costly Maybach line, but their newest SLS AMG Vehicle
Energy Generate Supercar has perfectly taken its place as the most costly Benz, selling for $540,000.
Taking a page from the System 1 rushing world, developers not only designed its external after F1
rushing devices, but also used lots of F1 technology with the electrical drivetrain at the primary of the
new design. To keep the center of severity low, battery power pocket is close to the ground and
propagate along the length of the car to keep the weight allocated.

The all rim drive SLS AMG drives is also the quickest development electric supercar, forcing out jaw-
dropping 740 hp via its four separate electric engines found at each of the tires. It also has a 400 current
fluid chilled lithium ion hollywood battery power in the engine pocket to help power the electrical
engines. All this results in a 0-60 mph time in only 3.9 a few moments. The internal also has a rushing
feel to it, with padded black set and carbon-fiber cut accessories. The device group does not feature a
rev reverse, but an electrical show that provides position on power specifications, recovery position,
indication ways and battery power charge. In addition, there's Internet connection and a range of
system data shows that tell you a lot about the vehicle's performance and position. It will hit the streets
next year.

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