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									                                   New Hampshire Board of Fire Control
                                      Tuesday September 13, 2005
                                       State Fire Marshal’s Office
                                           Concord NH 03305

Members Present: Richard Heath Chairman, William Degnan Fire Marshal, John DeSilva, Richard
Heselton, Martin Michaelis, Floyd Hayes, and Bill Ruoff

Members Absent: James Todd, Joseph Landers, Donna Knighton, Brian Boudreau and Richard Pauley

Chairman Richard Heath called meeting to order at 9:40 am.

Motion made to accept the meeting minutes of June 14, 2005 meeting by Martin Michaelis, seconded by
Bill Ruoff. All present were in favor.

Report of the State Fire Marshal:

Bureau of Electrical Safety and Licensing along with Safety Services encountered serious life threatening
issues at the Lancaster Fair very similar issues that were encountered at the Belmont Fair last year. A one-
day inspection turned into 4 days.

On the electrical side there were numerous NFPA 1 violations. Safety services found cracked welds and
thin steel on roller coasters. All issues were found before the fair opened and taken care off before hand.

Hurricane Katrina-

FEMA went directly to the Fire Service to be clerks. FEMA wanted people who had background checks
done already. Unfortunately FEMA by-passed the Emergency Management plan which is used to track
resources. This was also done with the citizen volunteers from past disaster.

The State of New Hampshire prepared to take in displaced residents at Pease International Trade Port
hanger other places that were considered for housing was the Fire Academy and the Police Academy.

Fire Files-
The new case management is ready to be installed next week. Information Technology for the state has the
server almost set up. Looking to apply for another Fire Act Grant and add to the research capability with
the old system currently in use.

Fire Marshal’s Office has been using 5.0 for a few years now. This software and technical support was
purchased by the Fire Marshal’s Office. This was offered to New Hampshire communities for free with
one-year worth of vendor support. After a year all the local communities would have to do is purchase the
support to keep the software current. Some towns never activated the software other towns never acted on
the opportunity. In 2004 46% of the Fire Departments were reporting on 5.0. Currently in 2005 85% of the
Fire Departments are reporting. The major incentive to report on 5.0 is anyone not reporting does not
qualify for Homeland Security money. There will be a letter going out shortly that the Fire Marshal’s
Office will be standing down on the 4.1 system.

Homeland Security Grant
Under the Homeland Security Grant the Fire Marshal’s Office was able to purchase headlamps for helmets,
a vision stick, Binoculars, safety vests for command staff and a night vision scope.

Manufactured Housing Installation Board
The manufactured housing board is writing their rules.

                                     New Hampshire Board of Fire Control
                                        Tuesday September 13, 2005
                                         State Fire Marshal’s Office
                                             Concord NH 03305

Profile School
Have installed portable classrooms; have installed a monitoring system to detect any defection of the roof.
And there is a plan in place to protect the students.

Bureau of Electrical Safety and Licensing
Working on getting licensing done electronically.
Employees are happy with the support received from the Fire Marshal’s Office. Taken a lot of burden off of
the inspectors so they can do their job.

Opera House The structure can hold 300 people. There have been changes in the structure, cracks and bad
wiring. Other issues are the exits out of the building are in the front. There are no others available. The
assembly portion of the building has been closed down. The Police department is still operating in the
business portion of the building. The local fire chief asked the Fire Marshal’s Office to intervene.

There was a fire in the generator section of the roof at the hospital in Littleton. The fire was above the
sprinkler heads and heat detectors. An insulated sleeve from the generator that should have extended out
through the roof only extended to the roof. Tests were being performed and cause extreme heat, which
caught the roof on fire. The worker conducting the test called the fire department and never pulled the
alarm. Paramedics in the emergency room heard the call over the scanner never pulled the alarm a doctor
arriving at the hospital saw the fire but once in the building never pulled the alarm. Once all the details are
all in the Fire Marshal’s Office will release an informational bulletin to check these areas of buildings.

Risk Watch

Fire Marshal Degnan met with the Department of Education. The Department of Education has put the
word out to the area schools and the Fire Marshals Office has received number of calls requesting the
curriculum. The Fire Marshal’s Office is in the process of applying for another Fire act grant for supplies
and training.

Code Amended Proposal
The proposal for stair configurations has been sent to the commissioner. There will be a public hearing in
the near future

Complaints are on the rise. Some of the complaints are from the manufacturer the others are on the
installation at the site. There is a study in legislation for the licensing of contractors and installers.

There is still no program administrator for the Modular Building Program. Legislation has approved the
position but the Department of Safety needs to find funding. There currently are no audits being done.

Looking into a program to re-qualify cylinders with a phase in program. Currently the industry does not
have the capacity to do the re-qualifying immediately. Most states have a 10-year program.

Question brought up in regards to the storage cages for exchanges of tanks to close to gas pumps.
Something that needs to be looked at.

New Business
Discussion on the new building. The Bureau of Electrical Safety and Licensing will be in the new building
there will no longer be a lease for the Bureau. 1st floor will be Electrical Licensing, Plan review,
Conference room, data processing; Library etc. 2nd Floor will be secure floor visitors to the 2 nd floor will be

                                    New Hampshire Board of Fire Control
                                       Tuesday September 13, 2005
                                        State Fire Marshal’s Office
                                            Concord NH 03305

escorted up. One goal is to collect update all material and have a well-stocked library for researching.
Projected move in will be August 2006.

National Fire Safety
Working on updating the UL standard of flammability of electrical equipment to reduce ignitability. Also
working on new cars fueled by hydrogen there currently are vehicles in Washington DC and California in
the test stage. Looking to get one of the test vehicles in the North East Corridor to see how it would react to
the cold. Concerns on how safe it will be to work on these vehicles in garage.

International Code Council
Fire Marshal Degnan will be at a meeting in Detroit for the ICC. While there Fire Marshal Degnan will
attend a workshop on the hydrogen vehicle. Fire Marshal Degnan will report at the December meeting.

Residential Building Code
Possibly there will be legislation this term to adopt statewide.

Rules in Development
The Fire Marshal’s Office have written and completed rules in regards to pyrotechnics licensing. They have
been signed off by the Commissioner of Safety and now at the JLCR.

The Voluntary Heating board has written the rules and is completed. They have been submitted to Marta
and are in the final stages of approval. The rules will be moving forward soon.

Voluntary Certification Fire Protection system technician advisory committee has started to develop the

NH State Fire Code
There will be no changes in the near future. It will be with in 2 years.

Fire Marshal Office Status and Future Plans
Staffing sheet in regards to funding and future of the office. Looking for an evening shift with investigative
services. Electrical Safety and licensing is separate funding and will remain that way. Please email the Fire
Marshal with comments but the changes would increase the budget of the office and this will require a need
to find a funding source. Looking for suggestions.

Adjourned 11:35


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