14 Climate Change Review Outline 2011 12 by HE2YP6b


									                                                SNC2D – Earth and Space Science: Climate Change

       Topic              Key Concepts and Vocabulary                Worksheets, materials
Weather and climate     What’s the difference between weather       Handout: Weather and
                        and climate? Main factors affecting         Climate
                        weather and climate
                                                                    Assignment: Climatograph
Main Components         Energy balance, effect of earth’s tilt,     Handout: Main Components
Affecting Earth’s       rotation and revolution around the sun      Affecting Earth’s Climate
Climate                 on climate
Earth’s Energy          Energy transfer: radiation, conduction,     Handout: Earth’s Energy
Balance                 convection; electromagnetic spectrum,       Balance
                        albedo, heat sink, infrared radiation
The Atmosphere and      Layers of the atmosphere, ozone,            Handout: The Atmosphere
Hydrosphere             importance of atmosphere to life on         Handout: The Hydrosphere
                        earth, composition of atmosphere,
                        atmospheric circulation, ppm (parts per
                        million), water cycle
The Greenhouse          Natural and anthropogenic greenhouse        Handout: The Greenhouse
Effect                  effect, seasonal variations in Keeling      Effect (Natural and
                        Curve, ice core records of carbon           Anthropogenic)
                        dioxide levels, greenhouse effect on
                        other planets (Venus and Mars), major
                        greenhouse gases (GHGs) – sources,
                        heat trapping abilities, permanence in
Long-term and Short-    Plate tectonics, continental drift,         Handout: Long and short-
term Climate            Pangaea, ice ages, interglacial periods,    term changes in Climate
Changes                 characteristics of the earth’s orbit:
                        eccentricity, tilt, precession; effect of
                        volcanoes, solar cycles, El Nino
Clues to Past Climate   Proxy records: ice cores, tree rings,       Handout: Studying Clues to
                        coral reefs, rock and ocean sediment –      Past Climates
                        what kind of climate information does
                                                                    Assignment: Climate and
                        each of these give?
                                                                    Tree Growth quick lab
Evidence for Climate    Large body of evidence: rising              Handout: Evidence for
Change                  temperatures, melting glacies, ice          Climate Change
                        sheets and sea ice, rising sea level,
                                                                    Assignment: Greenhouse
                        changes in severe weather, changes in
                                                                    Effect Lab
                        precipitation patterns, changes in
                                               SNC2D – Earth and Space Science: Climate Change

Feedback Loops        Feedback, positive and negative             Handout: Feedback Loops
                      feedback loops, carbon sink                 and Climate Change
                                                                  Assignment: Warming the
Effects of Climate    Major areas of impact (for humans and       Handout: Effects of Climate
Change                ecosystems): extreme weather, water         Change
                      supply, forests and habitat, polar
                      regions, health, economics
Taking Action         Methods of reducing human GHG               Handout: Taking Action
                      contributions, individual action (e.g.
                      transportation, energy sources,
                      consumption patterns), social and
                      government action (taxes, rebates,
                      international agreements – Kyoto

All handouts are available on-line at the course website:

Climate Change Big Ideas Summary:
   •   Natural and human factors, including the Greenhouse Effect, influence Earth’s
       climate and contribute to climate change.

   •   Climate change has many effects on human societies, wildlife and ecosystems.
       There are many initiatives (individual, societal, governmental) that attempt to
       address climate change.
                                          SNC2D – Earth and Space Science: Climate Change

Big Idea Questions (You should be able to answer these!)
  1. What’s the difference between climate and weather?

  2. What natural factors influence climate?

  3. How does the natural greenhouse effect work? What is the theory of the
     anthropogenic greenhouse effect?

  4. Name 3 sources of evidence for global climate change, and explain the
     importance and limitations of each kind of data.

  5. Give an example of how feedback can help increase the effect of climate

  6. How might changes in water supply and temperature affect agriculture or the
     health of humans and wildlife?

  7. Give 2 examples each of individual initiatives and societal/governmental
     initiatives to address climate change.

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