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									Wife of Bath

Cheat Sheet:
Direct Observation
My name is The Wife Of Bath. I come from the Middle Class. I am a pilgrim
and someone who loves to make fine clothing. Sadly to say I also have a
disability which Geoffrey Chaucer had to blatantly shares to the world that I
am deaf. He states that here, "... Somewhat deaf, which was a pity"(456).

Due to my unbelievable seamstress skills I liked to use a lot of cloth.
Chaucer explains that when he says " Her kerchiefs were of finely woven
ground; I dared have sworn they weighed a good ten pounds"(463-464)

I am the best Seamstress out of everyone! I only wear the most
fashionable and luxuroius clothing. Chaucer says that " In making cloth she
showed so great a bent"(457). That meant so much to me. There is one
thing I have to admit and that is that I am a control freak. " In all the parish
not a dame dared stir Towards the altar step in front of her"(459-460).
There is no man that can satisfy me. "... She'd had five husbands"(470).
Chaucer states.

Indirect Observation
The quote above about me being married 5 times also shows indirect
characterization by telling us that I am loose. Also I dominate everyone
and am very controlling. My red hose show my lustful nature and my hat
shows luxury. I have traveled to Jerusalem 3 times looking for another man
even though I have been maried 5 times. Back then only a widow woman
can run her own business so Chaucer tells us that by making me a
seamstress who is very successful.

Chaucer notes that “her hose were of the finest scarlet red”(466). The color
red shows her scandalous nature.
Chaucer explains " She's had five husbands, all at the church door"(470).
This is telling us that she loves to share her love with everyone.
The deadly sin that I have made was lust. I have extreme desire for many
I do not uphold the proper values as a Christian woman because of the
way I Dress, the amount of husbands, and my purpose.
"Her hose were of the finest scarlet red"(466).
"She'd had five husbands"(470).
Her purpose was to find another man.
Usually people go on the pilgrimage to to visit the shrine of Saint Thomas
a' Beckett. They went to the shrine as a spirtual rebirth. She did not
Chaucer is criticizing the marriage roles and power and dissatisfaction with
current religious thought. Chaucer criticizes the marriage rolls and power
by talking about my previous 5 husbands and how I fought every single
one of them for power over each other. Chaucer shows his dissatisfaction
with current religious thought by talking about how I am a Christian and am
undergoing a pilgrimage, but I don’t trust the religious authorities
interpretation of the Scriptures. During that time people believed you
should only marry once because Jesus only wanted one marriage in the
Bible. Throughout the story it talks about my desire for autonomy. Although
true autonomy during that time period is impossible, I plot to have control
over myself and things around me.

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