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									Benefits Consultants
Employee Relations List Serve
League of California Cities
January 27, 2004

Original Inquiry via Employee Relations List Serve:

Our City Council has asked for a comprehensive long term strategic plan related to benefits. This would
include health care (including retirees health and creative options for health care if we were to leave PEMHCA),
dental, vision, life, Section 125, LTD/STD, EAP, and 457/401A. Specifically, I'm also looking for a consultant
who has expertise in creative health care options (VEBA, health care spending accounts).

I would appreciate any contact information on consultants and any personal experiences with specific

Many thanks.

Cathy Capriola
Administrative Services Director
City of Citrus Heights
6237 Fountain Square Drive
Citrus Heights, California 95621
(916) 725-2448 general line
(916) 727-5654 facsimile


City of Foster City                       I would recommend Bill Tugaw of SST. I use him here as our benefits
Audrey Daniels                            consultant. Bill can be reached at 650 888-8983.
City of Hemet                             You might consider the following consultants:
Suzzanne Kozma
HR Director                               John Garner, Garner Consulting
City of Hemet                             35 N. Lake Ave., Suite 720
445 E. Florida Ave.                       Pasadena, CA 91101
Hemet, CA 92543-4209            
909/765-2315                              626/440-0399
Fax: 909/765-2328
                                          or John McWilliams
                                          Gallagher Benefit Services of CA
                                          15 Enterprise. Suite 200
                                          Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

                                          Aon Consulting, Employee Benefits Consulting Group
                                          Costa Mesa

                                          Bartel Associates
                                          411 Borel Ave., Ste. 445, San Mateo, CA

City of Oceanside                         I had just started working with Andy Skillen of ABD before I left the City of
(Previously)                              Oceanside. I found them very knowledgeable, particularly with public sector
Theresa Jong                              benefits. They have offices in both southern and northern California. Here's
Management Analyst II                     the contact information for the consultant we used:
Clark County Department of
Aviation                                  Andrew Skillen, VP
P.O. Box 11005                            ABD Insurance and Financial Services
Las Vegas, NV 89111-1005                  21250 Hawthorne Blvd, Ste 600
Voice 702/261-4620                        Torrance, CA 90503
Fax 702/261-5096                          310/543-9995           
City of Redding                           The City of Redding is self-funded on medical, dental, prescription and vision
Sciarra, Brenda                           and we purchase life and ltd. Our consultant is ABD Insurance and Financial
[]               Services and we work directly with Terri Ezaki who can be reached at 916-
                                          566-2827. Terri has done presentations to Union representatives regarding
                                          Section 125, etc. We receive great customer service and she and her
                                          assistant, Lynette, are very knowledgeable with insurance programs and the
                                          public sector. We have three years experience with ABD and just renewed
                                          our contract for another three years.

City of San Mateo                         We are in a similar situation. We recently changed from our long - time broker
Linda Spady                               to ABD Services. We hope to accomplish two things in making this change.
Human Resources Director                  First, a new review of our program concluding with a presentation to the City
City of San Mateo                         Manager/City Council. This will be provided with lots of time before our next
                                          round of negotiations (as change is in the wind).This will also result in
(650)522-7262                             subsequent recommendations for joint work program items and
(650)522-7261 fax                         timing.Second, as a number of agencies in our area use this broker ,we are
                                          hoping to develop regional purchasing pools in the future as well as slowly
                                          establish a different regional expectation around benefits. Good luck and I
                                          would love to hear how others are approaching this issue.
City of Fairfield                         I can refer you to our benefits broker, ABD Insurance Services, in
KAIN, ROBYN                               Sacramento. Our representative is Terri Ezaki, at 916-566-2827. ABD is a
Risk Manager                              large firm with benefit specialists in many areas, so they may have the
[]                resources needed to develop a comprehensive plan for you. Terri herself is
                                          quite experienced with health care plans (and other benefits), insured and
                                          self-insured, and is responsive to the unique needs of each client.
City of Bakersfield                       I highly recommend Tim Beck, Principal and Health and Welfare Consultant
Carroll Hayden                            of Mellon (used to be Buck Consultants). Telephone is 310) 282-8232.
City of Berkeley                          I used Mercer a few years ago. Here is the contact I used then but I don't
Hodgkins, David                           know if he is still there.
                                          If money is not as much of an issue and you want the input from a tax
                                          attorney on this stuff let me know.
City of Pittsburg                         Cathy, I’ve been very happy with the analysis conducted by our (Sacramento)
Marc Fox                                  ABD representatives. If you like, I can provide their names/numbers, plus a
Director of Human Resources               copy of the RFP document we used when selecting our benefit broker of
City of Pittsburg                         record.
(925) 252-4876
City of Colton                            We recently exited out of PERS, which became effect 1/1/04. Our benefits
Anthony Arroyo                            consultant, ABDI ( has been very helpful with the transition
[]                 and has provided us with very competitive health insurance rates. In addition,
                                          we also use them as our broker for LTD/STD. I would encourage you to give
                                          them a call (they have offices northern and southern California).

League of California Cities               This came from our list when we were doing the health care study....
Amy Brown
[]                     Cities have contacted several providers of health care services that vary in
                                          experience, size, and options. The following is a list of the providers with city
                                          staff comments in italics:

                                          1.    AETNA: ( Largest health care insurance provider

                                          2.     Tri-Counties School Insurance Group: Has primarily dealt with school
                                               districts but is beginning to contract with cities; have recently been hit
                                               with high dollar claims, premiums may go up but not mid-year like

                                          3.    Blue Cross: ( The plan is an umbrella for the
                                               Municipal Insurance Pool.

                                          4.     Blue Shield: ( Won’t provide quotes until they
                                               receive notification from CalPERS.

                                          5.    CSAC Excess Insurance Authority ( Enthusiastic to
                                               work with cities, however they are relatively new in the market so
                                               experience may be an issue.

                                          6.    ABD Insurance Services Financial ( The proprietary
                                               premium rates for all three carriers are based on your city’s
                                               demographics, which means you are no longer subsidizing other
                                               geographic areas or adverse risk.

                                          7.    Association of California Water Agencies ( Provides
                                               service to water districts; if your city has utility infrastructure it may

                                          8.     Pacific Care (

                                          9.     Health Net (

                                          10. Kaiser (

City of Lompoc                            I suggest you contact Segal Company ( I don't have a contact or phone #;
Rob Speaker, Principal HR                 check internet)or Keenan and Associates (800) 658-5015 - Mark Tucker.
City of Eureka                            Cathy, I don’t know if this is a match for what you want, but if not, I’m sure it
Susan Christie                            would lead to additional resources. We used Dennis Daugherty, formerly of
Personnel Manager                         PricewaterhouseCoopers and now with Nicolay Consulting in Oakland, a few
531 K Street                              years ago when we were trying to determine whether or not to cease self-
Eureka, CA 95501-1165                     insurance, and he was great. He can be reached at 510-567-0610. If you
707-441-4127                              talk to him, please tell him I said hello.
City of Tracy                             Cathy, the City of Tracy used David Turner, Turner and Associates to help us
Kathy McFall, Manager                     explore/research other health care options, from CALPERS. We also
Human Resources/Risk                      interviewed AON and ABD, both are pretty popular and reputable.
Management               I was not thrilled with the work David Turner did for us, BUT he did not do a

(209) 831-4150                            bad job. He just didn't seem to speak 'out of the box.' I really like Nancy from
                                          AON and Nicole White from ABD. They both were thorough and had a
                                          creative approach to addressing our needs. The committee, however,
                                          selected David Turner, for a key reason was he seemed less exposed (so to
                                          speak) and they felt he would be less of a broker and more of just a
                                          consultant. As we approached the end of our research project, the broker
                                          side came out. That's just the business.

                                          Let me know if you want more information regarding the services Turner
                                          provided for us during our research project.
City of Dana Point                        I don’t know if you’re familiar with ABD Insurance Services. We are with them
Shelley Velez                             (in a municipality pool they created) for our non-medical coverages including
Personnel Analyst                         dental, vision, life and disability. I know they have recently been working with
                                          a number of cities in developing medical plan options as alternatives to PERS
                                          Medical (since a number of cities are considering or have already left PERS
                                          medical). Our account exec. is Tanya Wannemacher, and she can be
                                          reached at (310) 543-9995.

City of San Diego                         The City of San Diego uses Towers Perrin as its benefits consultant. I know
Valerie VanDeweghe                        that as a large consulting firm they would be capable of this work. My contact
Benefits Manager                          at Towers Perrin is Diane Thomas. Her # is 949-253-5236.

                                          Good luck. It is quite an endeavor.


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