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									John Bingham found in:
U.S./International Marriage Records, 1340-1980
    Marriage Year: 1789
    Marriage Location Code: VA
    Gender: The gender of John Bingham is male.
    Birth Year: 1764
    Birth Location Code: KY
    Spouse: Deborah Phipps
    Birth Year: 1768
    Birth Location Code: KY
    Source Number: 14672.000
    Source Type: Electronic Database
    Number of Pages: 1
    Submitter Code: WAY

The marriage records in this data set were provided by Yates Publishing. Yates Publishing has
been publishing genealogical books, periodicals, and quarterlies since 1972. In 1981, the
founder, Bill Yates, began a service to provide and collect the family history information in family
group sheets. Called the Family Group Sheet Exchange, this service has collected over 200,000
pages of family group sheets on paper and several hundred thousand more on disk. For more
information or to order an original Family Group Sheet on the Family Group Sheet Exchange,
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