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									                    Highlight Report

Project Title:             Kirkgate Market Strategy
Project Stage:             Project Initiation
Directorate / Service: City Development
Reporting Period:          17 February to 15 March 2012

Date:                      15 March 2012
Author / Project
                           Craig Taylor
Distribution:              Project Board
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                           REPORTS-APPROVALS\Highlight Reports\2012-
Document File Path:
                           03-19\2012-03-19 Kirkgate Market Highlight
                           Report v1.00FINAL.doc

The Project Board has overall responsibility for the outcome of the
project, while delegating day-to-day management to the Project Manager.
Good reporting structures keep the Project Board informed and involved.
The Highlight Report provides the Project Board with a summary of the
project status at intervals defined by them.
The Project Board uses the report to monitor stage and project progress.
The Project Manager also uses it to advise the Project Board of any
potential problems or areas where the Project Board could help.

Overall Project Status                                                Green
Progress Status                                                       Green
Issues Status                                                         Green
Risk Status                                                           Green
Resource Status                                                       Green
Budget Status                                                         Green
Status Key:
     Red:     In danger of missing target. Preventative action / management advice required.
    Amber:    Potential for missing target, but is considered under control.
    Green:    On target.

Recommendations / Decisions Required

The Project Board are recommended to:
   Note the contents of this highlight report.
   Review the Consultation Plan and determine the preferred option.
   Review and provide comments on the Risk Register.
Progress and Issues Requiring Project Board Action
   The Manager, Leeds Markets attended the Meeting of Scrutiny Board
    (Regeneration) on 28 February 2012 to provide the following additional
    information regarding Leeds Kirkgate Market:
    o Clarification as to whether consideration had been given to reducing
        rents in Kirkgate Market;
    o The capital expenditure in transferring the Markets Information
        Centre to another location in the market and the provision of a
        market hospitality suite in the former upstairs café;
    o The Council’s ability to offer traders financial assistance to try and
        prevent further stalls becoming vacant;
    o The need to address the high vacancy rates and high rent levels as a
        matter of urgency;
    o The possible introduction of Sunday trading and the expansion of
        credit card facilities throughout the market.
    Scrutiny Board resolved:
    o That the Executive Board be recommended to consider a reduction
        in Kirkgate Market rents for all traders for a time limited period;
    o That this Board be kept informed of continued progress via the
        Kirkgate Markets Forum.
   The majority of the £400k works for urgent maintenance works will be
    undertaken by Corporate Property Management, who are currently
    programming the works. NPS are currently being commissioned to
    design and procure the new roof extract fans to the 1904 building. A fee
    proposal is expected next week. An update report was presented to

    AMB on 08 March 2012 for information.
    The £200k programme of works is significantly complete and is
    programmed to be fully complete in 2011/12.
   The recommendations of the Executive Board Report were all approved
    at the Executive Board meeting on 10 February 2012 and the minutes
    of that meeting were approved as a correct record at the Executive
    Board meeting on 07 March 2012.
   An Initiation Stage Plan was presented to Project Board on 21 February
    2012 and amendments requested, particularly with regards the
    consultation plan. A detailed Consultation Plan has been prepared for
    the project initiation stage, which includes 3 options, which in turn
    determine the date that recommendations are presented to Executive
    Board. Please refer to Appendix A. Option 3 is recommended as:
    o Wider Council practices / general good practice support a minimum
        8 week consultation period;
    o 8 weeks will allow for good quality consultation that will allow
        meaningful engagement;
    o The council is signed up to the Compact for Leeds, a non-statutory
        agreement on how we will work with the third and community
        sectors. In the ‘Involving communities’ section the Compact states
        that signatories will “Aim to allow enough time for relevant
        communities to contribute when they are carrying out a formal
        consultation. Legislation and guidance governs some consultations,
        but aside from this partners should usually allow for a minimum of 8
        – 12 weeks for consultation on major service or policy change”.
    o A consultation protocol for LCC is currently being drafted called "way
        forward on engagement". The corporate consultation manager wants
        to use Kirkgate market as a live test project as it is one of Tom
        Riordan's top 25.
    Project Board are requested to review the Consultation Plan and
    determine the preferred option. Project Board are also requested to
    o Delaying the Executive board report until the New Year as there is a
        perception that any negative press may affect trade during the
        market’s busiest trading period (Christmas).
    o The appointment of an independent consultant for facilitating the
        consultation workshops / phone interviews.
    The Consultation Plan will also be discussed and agreed with Cllr Lewis
    on 22 March 2012.
   The Client Project Brief for the commissioning of NPS was endorsed by
    Project Board on 21 February 2012. A number of meetings have been
    held with NPS to clarify a number of issues and once the Consultation
    Plan and Initiation Stage Plan have been agreed the Client Project Brief
    will be amended and issued to NPS.
   As the consultation strategy is yet to be agreed, the final Client Project
    Brief cannot be finalised and therefore NPS cannot finalise their fee
    proposal. Therefore, it has been agreed that NPS’s fee proposal be split
    into 2 parts, i.e.

    o   Details of the NPS proposed team to deliver the Kirkgate Market
        Feasibility Study, including a number of options and a
        recommendation for LCC to consider. Arranged for 26 March 2012.
    o Final fee proposal using the design team decided upon at the above.
        To be arranged for w/c 16 April 2012.
   A Project Brief has been drafted and tender documents sent out for a
    mini competition to the Technical Advisors Framework to commission a
    Technical Advisor to check and challenge the feasibility study and to
    provide commercial advice on the feasibility study. Tenders are due to
    be returned on 28 March 2012.
   Work on the Business Case and Management and Ownership Options
    Appraisal workstreams will continue once the Consultation Plan and
    Initiation Stage Plan have been agreed.
   For detail of the programme refer to Appendix B - Project Key Data /
    Milestone Summary.
Activities Planned for Next Reporting Period
   Continue with the £400k programme of works for completion in
    2012/13, including the commissioning of NPS to design and procure the
    urgent maintenance works at Kirkgate Market.
   Continue with the £200k programme of works.
   Commission the Technical Advisor.
   Commission NPS for the feasibility study.
   Continue work on the Business Case, Management and Ownership
    Options Appraisal, Communications and Equality and Promotional
    Budget Feasibility Report workstreams.
   For detail of the programme refer to Appendix B - Project Key Data /
    Milestone Summary.

   A risk register for the project has now been developed. Please refer to
    Appendix C.
    Project Board are requested to review and provide comments on
    the Risk Register.
   In future highlight reports the following will be reported:
    o Risks rated above the risk tolerance line;
    o Risks where the rating has increased;
    o New risks.
   No resource problems have occurred this stage and none are expected
    to occur in the next period.
Equality, Diversity, Cohesion and Integration

   An Equality, Diversity, Cohesion and Integration Screening has been
    completed. Full equality impact assessments will be carried out as part
    of the next stage of the project.

   A Communications and Equality workstream has been set up and a
    number of meetings held. Geoff Turnball, Equalities has been invited to
    a future project team meeting.

Procurement Budget:
   The procurement budget for the project initiation stage is currently
    being prepared for project management, legal, asset management,
    technical advisor, design and specialist market fees and survey works.
    These will be presented to the April Project Board meeting.
Budget              Latest Estimate        Variance (+/-)   Spend to Date

£TBD                £TBD                   £TBD             £TBA

Project Budget:
   Dependent on the outcome of the November / December 2012
    Executive Board report.

Appendix A - Consultation Plan
See attached titled “Consultation Plan Options for Initiation Stage

Appendix B - Project Key Data / Milestone Summary
See below.

Appendix C – Risk Register
See attached titled “2012-03-19 Kirkgate Market Risk Register.xls”

Appendix B – Project Key Data / Milestone Summary

                                                    Planned       Forecast
                       Task                                                    Actual Date            Notes
                                                      Date          Date

                                  Pre Project Assessment, Start Up and Initiation Stage
     Quarterbridge commission commences             02/11/11      02/11/11      02/11/11           Commenced
     Faithful+Gould commission commences            07/11/11      07/11/11      07/11/11           Commenced
                                                                                               Approved with minor
   Project Board Approval of Project Mandate        18/11/11      18/11/11      18/11/11
       Issue Prior Information Notice (PIN)         18/11/11      18/11/11      18/11/11              Issued
            Quarterbridge draft report              23/11/11      23/11/11      23/11/11             Received
                                                                                             Completed – Performance
      Faithful+Gould feasibility study report       25/11/11      25/11/11      08/12/11       / quality issues to be
                                                                                             Completed – Date for final
            Quarterbridge final report              28/11/11      28/11/11      14/12/11       report revised to take
                                                                                                  account of PIN
                                                   29/11/11 to   29/11/11 to
 Consultation on Quarterbridge’s report prior to                               29/11/11 to
                                                   12/01/12 or   12/01/12 or                        Completed
        preparing the Executive Board.                                          12/01/12
                                                    02/02/12      02/02/12
                                                                                              Received. Date revised
   Receive PIN soft market testing responses        09/12/11      19/12/11      19/12/11
                                                                                             due to poor response rate
        SIB Approval of Project Mandate             27/01/12      27/01/12      27/01/12             Approved
             Executive Board Report                 10/02/12      10/02/12      10/02/12
                Consultation Plan                   21/03/12      21/03/12

                                                        Planned       Forecast
                       Task                                                         Actual Date   Notes
                                                          Date          Date

            Appoint Technical Advisor                   02/04/12      02/04/12
          Issue NPS Client Project Brief                09/04/12      09/04/12
                                                       26/03/12 &     26/03/12 &
                NPS Fee Proposal
                                                      w/c 16/04/12   w/c 16/04/12
                                                       23/04/12 to   23/04/12 to
        Pre Feasibility Study Consultation
                                                        08/06/12      08/06/12
Draft Feasibility Study and Business Case Report,
 Management and Ownership Options Appraisal            11/06/12 to   11/06/12 to
Report and Promotional Budget Feasibility Study         31/08/12      31/08/12
                                                       03/09/12 to   03/09/12 to
       Post Feasibility Study Consultation
                                                        26/10/12      26/10/12
                   Final reports                        07/11/12      07/11/12
          Draft Executive Board Report                  08/11/12      08/11/12
                                                       04/12/12 /     04/12/12 /
  Release of Agenda / Executive Board Meeting
                                                        12/12/12       12/12/12
  PID (incl. Project Plan, Risk Register, Benefits
                                                        12/12/12      12/12/12
     Realisation Plan, Communication Plan)
     End Stage Report and Next Stage Plan               19/12/12      19/12/12
           Lessons Learned Workshop                       TBA            TBA
                                                     Pre Procurement Stage
                              To be determined after the outcome of the Executive Board Report
                                                      Procurement Stage

                                                     Planned        Forecast
                       Task                                                       Actual Date    Notes
                                                       Date           Date

                              To be determined after the outcome of the Executive Board Report
                                            Close / Contract Signature Stage
                              To be determined after the outcome of the Executive Board Report
                                                  Project Closure Stage
                              To be determined after the outcome of the Executive Board Report


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