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					                                            Jean C. Torrens
                                                    483 Joseph Circle
                                             Webster, New York 14580-8411

                                  Project Manager, New Product Development
Over 15 years of Project Management experience with expertise in Information Technology and Product Commercialization.
Leadership of cross-functional teams, including global employees and external suppliers. Innovation-oriented with both
leadership and hands-on expertise through all project phases including Concept and Requirements Definition, Design,
Development, Quality Assurance Testing, Implementation, User Training, and Project Debriefing. Creatively and
energetically driving results, and enabling positive work environment by…
     Defining and Managing Project Scope                         Developing and Managing Integrated Schedules
     Formulating Innovative Solutions and Strategies             Defining Roles and Estimating Resources
     Analyzing and Mitigating Risk/Cost/Benefit Tradeoffs        Negotiating Management, Team, and Client Buy-in

Managing IT projects utilizing wide-range of technologies…
 PL/SQL  Oracle  Vantive  LotusNotes  BusinessObjects  DBaseIII  Access  HTML  Portal 
  CRM/Customer Relationship Management  LDAP  SAP R3/R3E Material, Vendor, and Customer Masters  Vax

                                             Professional Accomplishments

IT Software Development (6 years): Led development of 5 IT systems that resulted in savings, staffing and cycle time
reductions, and quality and client satisfaction improvements.
 Created automated Metric Reporting system resulting in cycle time reductions, 13% staffing reduction, and $100K savings
  by integrating 2 Problem-Management databases supporting 200+ global IT teams.
      Developed concept comprised of PL/SQL back-end, BusinessObject front-end, and integration of Vantive/Oracle and
       LotusNotes databases.
      Led IT team in design, development, quality assurance testing, and user training.
      Designed 28 user-friendly templates.
      Engineered solution for global distribution utilizing HTML Web-base application.
      Formulated production support strategy; estimated resources; documented guidelines; trained team.
 Initiated automated Requirement Tracking and Communication system resulting in cycle time reduction and more effective
  client communications for corporate IT infrastructure program.
      Engineered solution leveraging exiting LotusNotes technology.
 Established Product-Testing Forecast system resulting in cycle time reductions, staffing adjustments, and improved client
  satisfaction by providing product-testing workflow predictions for 20 labs based on client demands from 10 Product
  Development and Manufacturing teams.
      Engineered DBaseIII solution.
      Facilitated monthly client forecast meetings; analyzed and presented data to management.
 Identified need for consistent Product-Testing Analysis system increasing functionality and efficiencies between 10
  Product Development and Manufacturing teams.
      Engineered solution leveraging more robust Vax-base technology.
 Initiated automated Statistical Process Control for product-testing lab resulting in 80% cycle time reduction, quality
  improvements, and retrievable data history.
      Developed corrective action guidelines.
      Trained technicians on SPC concept and automated system; facilitated weekly review meetings.
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IT Enterprise Resource Planning (2 years): Led SAP Master Data Conversion deployment for 2 $2M ERP projects,
upgrading 9 manufacturing systems supporting 4 international business lines. This contributed to corporate IT strategy for
optimization and consistency throughout all operations.
 Met business requirements within aggressive 6-month timelines delivering client satisfaction and optimized global
  processes for future projects.
     Developed and managed integrated schedules for IT, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Procurement, and Finance.
     Led cross-functional teams in requirements definition, design, deployment, and user training utilizing Phases and
      Gates methodology; facilitated lessons-learned after each phase.
     Mitigated 6 obstacles by managing project scope, analyzing risk/benefit tradeoffs, formulating alternative strategies,
      and negotiating management, team, and client buy-in.
     Mentored clients on SAP Material master conversions.
 Formalized e-Business concept.
     Developed e-Business concept diagram of integration of 4 IT systems – SAP R3/R3E, CRM/ISA, Portal, and LDAP.
     Developed Master Data Management process diagram for SAP Customer master.
     Mentored IT team and clients on concept and process.

IT Infrastructure Deployment (2 years): Led deployment of 3 infrastructure projects that provided workstations and
distributed computing for 1000+ individuals from 3 divisions consisting of 22 disciplines residing in 16 locations. This
contributed to corporate IT strategy for total cost of ownership reduction.
 Met business requirements within aggressive 4-month timelines delivering $300K savings per year, client satisfaction, and
  optimized global processes for future projects.
      Negotiated and composed client contracts defining scope.
      Negotiated requirements by mentoring clients on corporate standards.
      Formulated business cases and negotiated management buy-in on non-standard requirements.
      Led IT teams in planning, deployment, and project debriefing utilizing Phases and Gates methodology.

Product Commercialization (7 years): Led multi-functional product development, 2 worldwide product launches, and 3
worldwide marketing research projects.
 Led internal cross-functional Product Development team meeting multi-functional requirements within aggressive timeline
  for $3M Joint-Venture imaging project supporting 2 international business lines.
     Defined project scope including project manageable priority, target markets, and product concept via risk/cost/benefit
       tradeoff workshop analyzing 7 alternatives to integrate of 3 technologies.
     Collaborated in market research defining requirements.
     Defined roles and responsibilities for cross-functional team consisting of members from 2 business lines, 3 R&D
       divisions, and 3 Manufacturing divisions.
     Formulated commercialization process integrating 2 Phases and Gates methodologies.
     Developed and managed integrated schedule.
 Managed 2 Worldwide Product Launches meeting launch demands for 15 countries and providing worldwide marketability
  consistency for $15M imaging development projects supporting 2 business lines in US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America
     Defined requirements through Marketing Managers; coordinated deliverables through Product Managers, R&D,
       Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Packaging, Legal, and external suppliers.
     Formulated strategies; negotiated management and team buy-in.
     Led cross-functional teams in producing product for initial sales, and in creating 400 sales force communication kits,
       40 internal awareness kits for training, and 30 demo kits for trade shows and press releases.
     Negotiated cost and resources including external suppliers.
     Consulted on technical and legal concerns; composed technical script for news releases, catalog, instructions sheets,
       publications and advertisements.
 Managed 3 Worldwide Marketing Research projects defining customer requirements for $15M imaging development projects
  supporting 3 business lines in US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America regions.
     Critiqued guidelines and questionnaires.
     Collaborated in external customer interviews.
     Summarized and presented feedback to Product Managers, Marketing, R&D, and Manufacturing.
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Quality and Process Improvement: Led 2 corporate compliance efforts that resulted in quality and process improvements.
 Implemented standardized process for documenting and updating procedures resulting in increased efficiencies,
  consistencies, and overall quality for 20 Product-Testing labs by producing 2000+ ISO documented procedures.
     Formulated strategy by benchmarking other organizations’ solutions.
     Trained 20 trainers/facilitators.
     Designed DBaseIII database for tracking and feedback.
 Established security program resulting in improvement from 49% to 94% compliance with Corporate Security standards by
  240+ global team members supporting Joint-Venture Commercialization project.
     Formulated strategy by consulting with Corporate Security and by benchmarking other programs.
     Managed training, clearance, briefing and debriefing of members ranging from technicians to corporate vice presidents.
     Coordinated audits and provided feedback enforcing compliance.

                      Additional experience in healthcare and technical analysis available upon request

                                                   Professional History
Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY
 Project Manager and Business Analyst, IT ERP Master Data Deployment                                          2002 - 2003
 Project Manager, IT Software Development and Infrastructure Deployment                                       2000 - 2001
 Project Manager, IT Software Development and Process Improvement                                             1998 - 1999
 Project Manager and Security Manager, Worldwide Product Commercialization                                    1996 - 1997
 Launch Manager and Technical Analyst, Worldwide Product Commercialization                                    1993 - 1995
 Market Research Manager and Technical Analyst, Worldwide Product Commercialization                           1991 - 1992
 Project Manager, IT Software Development; Technical Analyst, Product Testing Services                        1989 - 1990
 Project Manager, Quality Improvement; Technical Analyst, Product Testing Services                                   1988
Dental Offices of Dr. Richard Herbison, Dr. Leland FitzGerald, and Dr. Bernard Tofany, Rochester, NY
 Dental Assistant and Office Manager

                                                Professional Development
Project Management:
 Achieving Behavioral Excellence in Project Management, PMI  Project Management Principles and Practices 
  Project Management Workshop, AMS  Commercialization Process  Dealing with Difficult People  Diversity 
  Working Effectively Globally  Time Management
Business and Operations:
 Voice of the Customer  Face to Face Customer Skills  Basic Business Operations  Supply Chain Operations 
  The Marketing Game  Enhancing Financial Performance  Industrial Cooperation in Competitive Environment
Desktop Applications:
 Microsoft Project  Microsoft Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint  Microsoft Access  BusinessObjects  SAP

   Pursuing PMP Certification, Project Management Institute
   2 Year Image Science Program, Eastman Kodak Company and Rochester Institute of Technology
   Dental Assistant Program, Rochester Dental Assistant School and Eastman Dental Center, Valedictorian
   Irondequoit High School, National Honor Society, ranked top 3%

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