VIZIO's 60-inch LED TV by netudara


									                      VIZIO's 60-inch LED TV
A 60-inch HDTV for under $1000? The amazing thing about this HDTV isn't
the size or the price (of course, we like both of those features). It's that this
set isn't lacking any features that you'd expect from one of today's new

OK, it's doesn't have 3D support. However, it does pack an awful lot of
features into that super thin frame. This 60-incher includes a full 1080p HD
image, a 120Hz refresh rate with smooth motion, and Razor LED
technology for rich colors and detail.

This HDTV also comes with a "smart" remote, which includes a QWERTY
keyboard. That kind of access makes it a lot easier to whip through all of
the TVs features, including VIZIO Internet Apps. This is VIZIO's web-based
platform, which provides on-screen access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, VUDU,
Amazon Instant Video, Pandora, and so much more.
Other features include built-in WiFi for accessing the web with ease, as well
as four HDMI inputs, two USB ports, an Ethernet jack, and more.

"VIZIO's 60-inch (E601i) is a Smart TV with the thin LED design that
consumers prefer, at a price that would have only bought you a 42-inch
CCFL TV in October 2009," said Tamaryn Pratt, principal of Quixel
Research. "VIZIO has been able to drive the price down for consumers,
allowing them to enjoy the latest features and a slim design on a larger
screen, at a great value. With a 60-inch TV offering more than twice the
screen viewing area of a 42-inch TV, now is the perfect time for consumers
to trade up."

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