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Thinking of refinancing your adjustable rate             at this time. Half of these applications
mortgage? Looking for some extra funds to                are for clients looking to refinance their    Gardening Quiz
improve your home before the summer home                 current loans.                                 1.Which of the following crops makes the
buying season kicks into gear?                                                                          top ten list of the most popular vegetables
                                                         What does this mean for you?                   grown in American gardens?
If so, we have some good news:                                                                            a. Corn
                                                         We all know that PERL Mortgage con-              b. Tomatoes
As you’ve probably heard, Freddie Mac recent-            sistently offers the widest array of loan        c. Carrots
ly reported that mortgage rates have reached             programs at below-market rates with
their lowest level of 2007. To put this into             fantastic customer service. But if you’re      2.Which is NOT true about tomatoes?
a 12-month perspective, rates at this time in            thinking of obtaining financing for a            a. They’re the official juice of Ohio
2006 were nearly .25% higher. Frank Nothaft,             new purchase, refinance, 2nd mortgage,           b. China produces the most tomatoes
Freddie Mac’s chief economist, has predicted             construction – or even an investment             c. There are 57 varieties of tomatoes
that no significant movements are anticipated            loan – you can save even more by taking
for the near future.                                     advantage of these low interest rates!         3.What measures over 8 feet tall?
                                                                                                          a. The largest edible fungi
Accordingly, mortgage applications have in-              Call or email today, and find-out if you’re      b. The tallest sunflower
creased by 7.3% -- and have risen by nearly              in a position to benefit from this lively        c. The largest leaf
16% when compared to figures taken last year             market movement!
                                                                                                        4.How old is the longest living bristlecone
                                                                                                          a. About 700 years
Welcome to the new                                                                       b. About 5000 years
                                                                                                          c. About 7000 years
Over the past few months, the PERL market-
ing department has been overhauling PERL’s                                                              5.The fastest growing tree grows at what
main website – The site                                                                 rate per month?
will launch this spring, and features more user-                                                          a. 5 inches
friendly menus, an improved design – and an                                                               b. 1 foot
online archive of newsletters and articles for                                                            c. 2.5 feet
easy reference.

Visit to:                                                                              6. Which is NOT true about pumpkins?
                                                                                                           a. They were used to treat snakebites
       Apply online                                                                                        b. They were believed to remove freckles
       Use our mortgage calculators                                                                        c. Most of the world’s pumpkin supply
       Find contact information                                                                               comes from Europe
       Learn mortgage terms
       Sign up for weekly updates                                                                             Answers: 1(b), 2(c), 3(a), 4(b), 5(c), 6(c)
       And much more!

PERL Mortgage Inc. is an Illinois residential mortgage licensee MB4358 and equal housing lender.
   SPRING PUZZLE                                                          The spring market is in full swing! Call me to get pre-

                                                                          approved, find out about new products, or for a
                                                                          mortgage check-up.

It’s that time again! Email your answer to
the puzzle below, and you’ll be entered
in our drawing to win a SPA GIFT BASKET!
Contest ends on May 30th!

The number 8549176320 has no particularly
interesting mathematical properties – yet
it has a unique method of construction.
What is it?
                                                                          perl mortgage SPRING NEWS
Email your response to:

Q: A mouse was in a classroom. In a few
minutes, he was on the North Pole. How
is this possible?

A: The mouse scurried around on a globe.

                       WHAT’S BEHIND THE 3% INTEREST RATE?
  We’ve all opened the Sunday paper to find a         of originating your loan. Some lenders charge
                                                                                                          +ARM                    CHECK-UP
                                                                                                           Do you currently hold an adjustable
  barrage of ads for mortgage rates like this:        points in order to secure a lower interest rate.     rate mortgage? If so, is the term
                                                      Beware of advertisements for extremely low           nearing expiration?
  $$$ 30-year fixed mortgage! 3% Rate!
                                                      rates with “No Points.” That’s usually code
  No Closing Costs! No Points! Call
                                                      for higher-than-average fees associated with         Many times, your loan servicer (i.e. the
  AAAAAAABC Loans Today! $$$
                                                      your loan.                                           lender sending your monthly mort-
  How did they come-up with 3%?                                                                            gage bills) will send you offers with
  Many loan programs offer a “teaser rate” for        What’s the bottom line?                              opportunities to refinance. These
  the first month or two. After this first “honey-    Compensating factors such as your credit             institutions only work with their own
  moon” period expires, buyers are often stuck        score, income, employment status – even the          in-house rates and programs, while
  with fully adjusted, not to mention, unfavor-       balance in your bank account – can affect your       PERL offers a myriad of programs
  able rates. Also, if the rates stay at 3% for the   rate – for better and for worse.                     from nearly a hundred lenders.
  year, buyers increase their principal balance or
  incur “negative amortization”.                      PERL Mortgage doesn’t advertise rates be-            Even if your ARM isn’t set to readjust
                                                      cause they always change. Mortgage rates are a       for the next 6, 12, or even 24 months
  What does “No Closing Costs” mean?                  function of movement within the bond mar-            -- it’s never too early to see if you can
  Every loan requires closing costs – the ques-       ket – and because the market changes every           save money. Call me today for options
  tion is . . . how and when they are paid. In        day, rates change every day.                         to secure a new loan with a lower
  most cases, the closing costs are either being                                                           monthly payment!
  added to your loan amount or you are paying a       When we speak about your loan, we’ll discuss
  higher rate because of a “no fee” deal.             your financial portfolio and overall long-term       A one-minute call could save you
                                                      plan – and make an estimate based on your            thousands of dollars!
  What are “Points”?                                  financial outlook. I’ll find you the lowest rate,
  A point is a percentage point of your loan          but more importantly, the best way to protect,
  amount – and is, in some cases, a premium           manage and nurture one of your most valued
  charged by a lender for providing the service       investments.                                        CLOSE WITH CONFIDENCE.

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