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									Houston and Southeast Texas Chapter Newsletter                                                                   December 2005
Your local voice for Alzheimer’s news and information.

 Chapter on the Move

After almost three years in our current        programs for up to fifty attendees. In         Give to the Alzheimer’s
location on West Holcombe Boulevard,           addition, two family conference rooms          Association and Receive a
our Chapter has chosen a long-term             will allow us to meet with several
home a bit closer to the                                    families simultaneously,          Tax-Savings for Yourself
Texas Medical Center.                                       offering individualized           The recent Hurricane Katrina Relief
Our new space, expected                                     care consultations and            Act of 2005 offers you a special
to be completed in January                                  referrals. Cubicles for           opportunity to enjoy unprecedented
of 2006, is on the corner                                   the new office have been          tax benefits from your generous
of West Holcombe                                            generously donated by             support of the Alzheimer’s
Boulevard and Greenbriar.                                   Franke Albrecht of                Association by making unlimited,
This second-floor space                                     Albrecht & Associates.            100% deductible cash gifts until
will provide the chapter                                    Our new space also                December 31, 2005; up to the total
with 5400 square feet of                                    provides, for the first time      amount of your adjusted gross income
space to deliver programs       Chapter mascot, Judy, is    in our Chapter’s history,         for tax year 2005. You can even
and services to the             ready to move into her      the possibility for naming        make withdrawals from your IRA to
community, nearly double        new home.
                                                            opportunities in recognition      make these contributions. Your gift to
our current space.                                          of legacy gifts supporting        the Alzheimer’s Association does not
Our new headquarters will feature a           our mission. Individuals interested in a        need to be allocated for relief efforts
large multipurpose Education/Board            naming opportunity may make multi-              to receive this benefit. These special
Room, allowing us to host educational         year pledges of up to eight years.              provisions expire after December 31,
                                                                                              2005. Consult your tax advisor or the
                                                                                              IRS for further details.
                   Create a Legacy in Our New Space!
As we move into our new office,               provided to you or the person you                 What’s Inside:
there are many items needed to make           designate.
this space a home. In a year in which                                                           Alzheimer’s Research              2
all charities are suffering decreased         The “Making Memories” Campaign
                                              Fund one of our six new public spaces             Staff Roster                      2
revenues due to hurricane-induced
donor fatigue, it is vitally important        with a gift that may be paid over one to          Guest Essay                       3
                                              eight years. The room funded will be
that we raise funds to help with the                                                            Funding Our Mission             4-5
move. You can help the Alzheimer’s            named according to the donor’s wishes.
                                              The Board Room                   $100,000         Emergency Preparedness            6
Association in one of two ways:
                                              The Second Floor Lobby/Library   $50,000          Education Calendar                7
The “Leave a Lasting Legacy”                  Family Conference Rooms          $35,000 each
Campaign - Donate $250, $500, or                (2 available)
$1,000 and your name will be engraved         The Ground Floor Foyer           $30,000            It ’s Been Coming ...
                                                                                                  It’s       Coming...
on a bronze, silver, or gold-toned leaf       The Elevator                     $25,000                       It’s
                                                                                                  and Now It ’s Here!
on our Memory Tree. Leaves can be             For more information, call 713-266-                Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit
engraved in honor or in memory of a           6400, ext. 123 or download a form on                        (Medicare Part D)
loved one. This is a wonderful holiday        our web site for the “Leave a Lasting
                                                                                                           See Back Cover
gift idea! An attractive gift card will be    Legacy” campaign:
    Diet and Dementia:                                                                                              Staff
    Excerpts from the Latest Research                                                                         Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                                                Richard C. Elbein
    Green Tea Ingredient May Protect Against Alzheimer’s
                                                                                                                 Financial Officer
                       EGCG (Epigallocatechin-3-gallate), an antioxidant, found                                 Griff Godwin, CPA
                       in green tea, also may protect the brain from
                                                                                                                 Programs Officer
                       Alzheimer’s. After injecting mice with EGCG,
                       University of South Florida scientists reported decreased                                  Wilma Eakins
                       production of beta-amyloid, the protein fragment                                        Development Officer
                       suspected of forming plaques found in the Alzheimer                                        Maria Magee
                       brain. Over several months, the injections cut plaque
                                                                                                           Program Manager, Information
                       formation by more than half in mice genetically altered
    to develop Alzheimer’s. Humans would need to take 1,500 to 1,600                                                & Referral
    milligrams of EGCG daily to equal the amount that helped the mice.                                         Teri Miller, MS, OTR
    (Study conducted at the University of South Florida and reported in the September 21, 2005             Program Manager, Education,
    issue of the “Journal of Neuroscience.”)                                                                   Training, & Research
                                                                                                                   Brenda Carr
    Fruit and Veggie Juices May Help Ward off Dementia
                                                                                                                Program Managers,
                        According to research presented at the Alzheimer’s
                                                                                                                 Care Consultation
                        Association International Conference on Prevention of
                        Dementia, antioxidants and other natural chemicals in                                   Fran Floersheimer
                        fruit and vegetable juices may help shield the brain from                               Ellen MacDonald
                        dementia. Amy R. Borenstein, Ph.D., M.P.H. and                                           Regional Offices
                        colleagues studied nearly 2,000 Japanese Americans for
                                                                                                             Beaumont: Debra Brozak
                        an average of more than six years and found those who
                        reported drinking fruit and vegetable juices at least three                               Brazos Valley
    times a week had a 75 percent lower risk of developing dementia than those                               Development Coordinator
    who drank juice less than once a week. The researchers believe the key                                        Shalene Breci
    factor may be polyphenols, natural chemicals abundant in juices.
                                                                                                          Information Technology Manager
    (Study conducted at the University of South Florida and reported in the “Journal of
                                                                                                                  Alvaro Barrios
                                                                                                                 Office Manager
    Folic Acid May Cut Alzheimer’s Risk                                                                         Carolyn Deathrage
                              Recent research suggests that older adults who
                              consume at least 400 micrograms of folic acid per day                             713/266-6400 or
                              cut their risk of Alzheimer’s by more than half. Foods                          800/272-3900 (24/7)
                              rich in folic acid include: fortified bread products, green
                              leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, peas and beans.
                          This report bolsters evidence that adequate folic acid                          Mission Statement
                          may help the brain, nervous system, and heart and blood
                          vessels in a variety of ways. Adequate folic acid also                           To eliminate Alzheimer’s
    lowers levels of the protein building-block homocysteine. Elevated                                       disease through the
    homocysteine is a risk factor for heart attacks and vascular diseases and                              advancement of research
    possibly Alzheimer’s disease.                                                                          and to enhance care and
                                                                                                           support for all affected;
    (From the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging – a long-running federally funded                      and to reduce the risk of
    investigation that tracked the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease. Reported in the July 2005
                                                                                                            dementia through the
    issue of “Alzheimer’s & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association.”)
                                                                                                          promotion of brain health.
    Excerpts of other dementia related research can be found on the Chapter’s web site,

                          Making the Most of Vacation Time
                 Joanne Koenig-Coste, M.Ed, Author of Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s
                       gives advice on traveling with a memory-impaired adult.
W hen planning time away from a familiar environment, a care partner must first consider the nature of dementia and
recognize not only the characteristics of your companion but also the symptoms that may not yet be apparent. Take into
consideration decreased attention span, lack of spontaneity, trouble with decision-making and way-finding, inability to
initiate tasks or to follow through on a chore, decreased ability to store new information or access old, an increased need
for familiarity and routine, frequent changes in emotion, over-reaction (referred to as ‘catastrophic’), verbal repetition,
pacing, loss of language, and a need for supervision or assistance with the “Activities of Daily Living” such as bathing,
dressing, and eating. Each of these directly impacts the vacation experience. A care partner can increase the patient’s
feelings of self-worth and success by reaching him or her through the positive emotions that remain intact.
Travel tips:
    1.    Bring along a few favorite familiar items such as framed photographs, an afghan, pillow, or book.
    2.    Do not purchase new items (toothbrush, camera, clothing) but use instead the old, familiar, tried-and-true.
    3.    Create a theme-box by placing entertaining objects to stimulate mind and memory. A gardening theme may include
          packages of seeds, books on plants, a floral calendar, an album of flower pictures, note-cards, etc. Bring out the box (or
          basket) while riding in the car or when you need time to yourself.
    4.    Go out to restaurants, preferably familiar or favorite dining-spots, during off-hours when the room will be least crowded
          and distractions minimal.
    5.    If your loved one seems unable to decide on a menu item, suggest something you know he enjoys or simply state “I am
          having the scallops; maybe you’d like them too.”
    6.    Consider making gift suggestions to those who might want to give a holiday present. Gift Certificates are a wonderful
          choice, old movies on video, cassette recordings of favorite humorists, herb gardens for indoor planting, and coffee
          table books to be shared with care partner and visitors make fine gifts.
    7.    Choose familiar places for sightseeing to lessen fear of the unknown.
    8.    If in a public area, check on the number of exits from restrooms, to assure your loved one does not become lost.
    9.    Arrange in advance for someone to accompany him or her on local excursions or daily walks.
    10.   If a large crowd is part of vacation plans, have others take assigned turns spending one-on-one time with the AD
    11.   Share the diagnosis with friends and family! Do not do him the injustice of
          having others wonder about the nature of his obvious behavior and/or
          personality change.
    12.   Although the sound of children may be enchanting, be aware of signs of
          over-stimulation that may lead to an outburst or withdrawal.
    13.   Bring along favorite music tapes or CD’s to help establish a familiar and
          emotionally secure ambiance while on long drives, flights, or train rides.
    14.   Lay out clothes the night before along with your own to avoid difficulty
          with making a choice or having to sequence properly.
    15.   Keep the bathroom light on and the door ajar to help with way-finding
          during the night…especially in unfamiliar surroundings.
    16.   Be prepared for the syndrome known as “sundowning” to be exaggerated
          during vacation time and have ready something to keep your loved one
          focused during these difficult hours between late afternoon and sunset;
          this is a great time to share a video or read together.
    For a copy of Joanne’s “Hints for the Holidays,” visit our web site,, or call the HELPline, 713-266-6400.


Mens’ Event
Honors Zivleys                                       Sixth Annual Houston AWARE Family Portrait Luncheon
                                                                                                        Luncheon chairs Tammy Jenkins (far left)
A Well Done Toast and Roast honored                                                                     and Gayle Hightower (far right) welcome
Walter Zivley and sons Bruce and Perry                                                                  featured speakers Reverend Monsignor
Zivley on the evening of November 3rd                                                                   William “Father Bill” Pickard, J.C.D. and
at the Houston Country Club.                                                                            his care partner, Calista Schneidau.
                                                                                                        Many thanks to all of the generous
                                                                                                        underwriters especially our major
                                                                                                        underwriter, the Ellwood Foundation.

                                                   Rita’s Just a Memory
                                                   Galveston County’s Memory Walk was
From left to right, Bruce Zivley, Walter           scheduled for September 24, the very day
Zivley, Perry Zivley, and Milo Hamilton.           Hurricane Rita roared into East Texas and
                                                   grazed Galveston Island. As a result, the
Master of Ceremonies Milo Hamilton,                walk was cancelled. To give supporters an
shared his own experience with the                 opportunity to turn in their donations and
Alzheimer’s Association and introduced             to thank them for their help, the Chapter
the toasters and roasters: George                  hosted an exciting evening of food, fun and
Chandler, Jack Dulworth, Joseph Garnett,           prizes at Tortuga’s Mexican Cantina on           Wilma Eakins, Manuel Corella, Yolanda
John Hopwood, Robert Jungman, and                  Seawall Boulevard. At this “Rita’s Just a        Corella, Mari Berend, and Richard Elbein
David Patton. A special thank-you to City          Memory” celebration, a fabulous time was         at the “Rita’s Just a Memory” party.
Councilman Michael Berry for introducing           had by all. Monies raised to help the
the Zivleys and to Mark Jacob for                  Alzheimer’s Association exceeded last year’s totals by over double! Special thanks to
providing the invocation.                          chairs Alice Williams and Mari Berend for making it such a memorable evening!
The evening included an exciting raffle of
a Nolan Ryan signed baseball and a Roger           Beaumont Bounces Back
Clemens ball. Thanks to Don Sanders and
                                                   Hurricane Rita delivered a hard blow to the Beaumont area, and resulted in our
Milo Hamilton for donating these terrific
                                                   Beaumont office being closed for about two weeks. Our neighbors to the east are
                                                   survivors. They picked up the pieces and forged ahead to raise much-needed funds
Special Thanks to our Event Chairs                 for the community. They held two fund raising events in the month of November.
and Sponsors:
                                                   On November 18, Board member Lynn Bencowitz and her law partner Susan Oliver
Honorary Chairs: Jack Dulworth                     graciously opened their office to host a joint fundraiser for the Beaumont Regional
and Deane Kanaly                                   Office and the Triangle AIDS Network raising over $9,000 for the Chapter. Wrangling
Chairs: George Chandler, Joseph Garnett, Don       Rita: A Tarp and Tape-a-Thon featured Texas bar-b-que and a silent auction.
Sanders, Marc Watts, W. Temple Webber III          Hurricane survivors, following the lead of our Galveston friends, had their own Rita’s
Gold Sponsor: Locke, Liddell & Sapp, LLP           Just a Memory party on November 29 at Rio Rita’s on Crockett Street. A muy bueno
                                                   time was had by all, and the Chapter says muchas gracias for the funds raised!
Silver Sponsors: Chris & Don Sanders, The
Zivley Family                                      For more information on upcoming activities in the Beaumont area, call Debi Brozak at
Bronze Sponsors: Cochran & Baker, Dulworth         the Beaumont Regional Office: 409-833-1613.
& Company, Inc., Kanaly Trust Company,
Sheehy Serpe & Ware                                                                               You!
                                                                                            Thank You!
                                                       Albrecht & Associates · Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston · Atria Kingwood · Atria Westchase ·
Friend Sponsors: Amegy Bank of Texas,
                                                      Autumn Grove Cottage · Brazos Valley Area Agency on Aging · Cameo Caregivers · City of College
Michael Berry, Frank A. Liddell, Jr., Sterling        Station · Community Health Charities · Kirsty Dunbar · Eisai · Forest Pharmaceuticals · Friends of
McCall Old Car Museum, James Robertson, J.          Alzheimer’s Disease Research · Harris County Area Agency on Aging · Isla Caroll Turner Friendship Trust
Hugh Roff, Jr., William T. Slick, Jr., J. Virgil       · Kelsey-Seybold · Richard Malinowski · The Plaza at the Buckingham · Rawley Foundation · St.
Waggoner , W. Temple Webber III                                                Luke’s Episcopal Health Care System · Starbucks

                                                                                                          This newsletter provided through an educational
                                                                                                          Save The Date to Honor
                                                                                                          Jim Nantz and Family!
       Thanks to our event Sponsors and Volunteers
                                                                                                                                    Mark April
              National Memory Walk Sponsors                          Platinum Sponsors                                              20, 2006 on
                     Creative Memories                     BP · Jaho Incorporated · Professional                                    your
                    Genworth Financial                    Imaging, L.L.C. · Senior Asset Protection                                 calendars,
                    Kindred Healthcare                      Services · UTMB Geriatric Services                                      and plan to
                                                                       Silver Sponsors                                              join us for a
             Chapter Presenting Sponsors                Gulf Healthcare Center · Hearthstone Assisted                               special fund
          Greater Houston Builders Association                     Living at the Mainland                                           raising
                  Benefit Homes Project:
                                                                    Beaumont Sponsors                                               luncheon
       Pioneer Homes, Darling Homes, Park Lakes,
       Westheimer Lakes, Kimball Hill Homes, and            Rita’s Just a Memory Party Sponsor                                      honoring Jim
                                                                 Quality Care Services, Inc.              Nantz and family at the downtown
                     Spring Trails
                                                                                                          Hyatt Regency.
                                                                       Gold Sponsor
                                                                     Sigma Phi Epsilon                    For many years, Jim has been a
                                                                       Bronze Sponsor                     generous benefactor of the Chapter
                                                                   Pilot Club of Beaumont                 through the Three Amigos
                                                                     Friend Sponsors                      Foundation, an organization he
                                                          Calder Woods · Christus St. Elizabeth ·         founded with fellow UH alumni and
                                                         Golden Triangle Behavioral Health Center ·       pro-golfers Fred Couples and Blaine
                                                            Hibernia National Bank · Odyssey              McCallister. Jim’s father is living with
                                                           HealthCare · Rio Rita’s Restaurant ·           Alzheimer’s.
                                                         The Arboretum Nursing and Rehabilitation
                                                              Center of Winnie · Sam’s Club
                                                                                                        Special Thanks to our
                                                                 Tomball Event Sponsor
                                                               Texas Sports Medicine Center             Memory Walk Chairs:
       Vice President of Management Services of
       Colonial Oaks, Pat Chadwick, (center) is                        Silver Sponsor                   Katy - Amanda Bailey and Jennie Smith
       recognized by Chapter as the leader of our          Frey Properties - High Meadow Ranch          Tomball - Jackie Barnes
       Houston/Ft. Bend top fund raising team.                                                          Galveston - Alice Williams and Mari Berend
                                                                                                        Houston/Ft. Bend - Vicki Delgado
                                                                                                        Leon County - Bill Johnston
               Houston/Ft. Bend Event Sponsors                                                          Baytown - Judy Wheat and Nancy Mann
                 AMC First Colony Theatres                                                              Bryan/College Station - Jonne Young
                      Noble Corporation                                                                 Beaumont - Tammy Landry and Cynthia Reber
                         Gold Sponsors
             Bechtel Foundation · Houston Chronicle
                      Silver Sponsors
       Barton House · Colonial Oaks Assisted Living
       and Memory Care · HCR ManorCare · Indo-
       American Charity Foundation · Lisa & Robert
       Bartkowiak · The Forum at Memorial Woods
                     Bronze Sponsors
                                                        Bryan/College Station Memory Walk top fund
       Belmont Village · Coca-Cola North America ·
                                                        raising team.
         Forest Pharmaceuticals · Garden Terrace
           Alzheimer’s Center · Imperial Sugar                Bryan/College Station Sponsors
         Company · Jackson Care Management ·                     Black-Eyed Susan Sponsors:
                  Silverado Senior Living               Choice Home Care · Mrs. Margaret Ann Zipp
                                                            Friends of the Brazos Valley Sponsors:      The Friends of Alzheimer’s Disease Research
                Galveston Event Sponsors                American Homepatient · Bryan Rotary Club ·      leaders Laraine Brown, Celeste Martin, and
        Libbie’s Place Adult Day Service · Moody        Citibank · Healthwise Home Health · Home        Max White orchestrated “An Affair to
         Memorial First United Methodist Church         Instead Senior Care · Odyssey Health Care ·     Remember” fair on September 17 that raised
                                                          Sheridan Care Center · St. Joseph Manor       $13,000 for research!

grant from                                          .
                                                                                                       Board of Directors
In an emergency, people with dementia and           • Grab your cell phone and charger.                2005-2006
their caregivers may find themselves                • Get yourself and the person with dementia to
uprooted or displaced to alternate living           a safe place.
arrangements. Extra care and attention must         • Alert others (friends, family, medical           President of the Board
be made to ensure the health and safety of          personnel) to the fact that you are changing       Edward L. Kuntz
the people with dementia. The change of             locations & provide contact information.
location, plus unfamiliar noises and activities,    • Contact these individuals regularly as you       Immediate Past President
may cause them increased stress and                 move.                                              Ann Schmitt
confusion. And, certain behaviors of persons        • Provide others with copies of the person with
with Alzheimer’s may puzzle or alarm others.        dementia’s medical history, medications, and       President Elect
                                                    physician information.
Be Calm and Supportive                              • Purchase extra medications.                      Victor J. Narcisse, III
• Remain flexible, patient and calm - a person
with dementia will respond to the tone you set.     Advance Preparations:                              Treasurer
• Respond to an emotion being expressed by          Consider preparing an Emergency Kit in
                                                    advance. Keep it in a watertight container and     Jan Johnson
the person - ask “Are you feeling
frightened?” Offer your hand or a hug.              store it in an easily accessible location. Your
• Offer reassurance, such as “I will take care      emergency kit might include:                       Secretary
of you” or “Don’t worry, you will have              • Easy-on flotation devices, such as Floaties      Gina D. Patterson
everything you need.”                               armbands.
• Don’t leave the person with Alzheimer’s           • Easy on/off clothes (a couple of sets).          Directors at Large
alone. Don’t ask a stranger to watch the            • Velcro shoes/sneakers.                           Diane Bazelides
person. A person who doesn’t understand             • Back-up eyeglasses.
Alzheimer’s disease and its effects, and who        • Incontinence supplies.                           Lynn Bencowitz
doesn’t know you or the person, won’t               • Wipes.                                           Nancy Carlisle
understand how to react in a difficult situation.   • Lotion (good for soothing the person).           Rachelle Smith Doody
                                                    • Pillow or stuffed animal to hug.
Create a Safe Environment                           • Favorite items or foods. Liquid meals.           Mark T. Dulworth
• Try to spend extra time with the person to        • Supplies of medications.                         William Fisher
help him/her adjust to the new environment.         • Extra identification items for the person,
• As much as possible, maintain daily routines                                                         Kurt Goeringer
                                                    such as an ID bracelet and clothing tags.
from before the disaster. For instance,                                                                James Goodwin
                                                    • Copies of legal documents, such as power
accommodate familiar eating and bathing times.      of attorney.                                       Janet Jackson-McCulloch
• Maintain regular times for going to bed and       • Copies of medical documents that indicate        Ginger Kanaly
arising. Establish a comfortable, secure            the individual’s condition and current
sleeping environment.                                                                                  Michael F. Padon
• If possible, label important areas - such as      • Copies of insurance and Social Security cards.   Jim Saye
the bathroom and sleeping area - to help a          • Zip-lock bags to hold medications and            Joyce Schechter
person become oriented to the new layout.           documents.
• Use simple statements to indicate the need                                                           A. Lynn Snow
                                                    • Physician’s name, address, and phone
to stay where you are. Divert attention to a        numbers (including cell phone).
new topic. For example: “I know you want to                                                            AWARE Representatives
                                                    • Alzheimer’s Association phone number and
go home. For now, we need to stay here. Let’s       address, and Safe Return phone number.             Susan Hargarther
see if we can get some lunch.”                      • Recent photograph of the person with             Camille Patton
• As appropriate, inform people around you          dementia.
that the person has memory loss or dementia.
                                                    Take Care of Your Loved One                        Jr. League Representative
• If you are in someone’s home, arrange to
make the house safer by locking up                  • Ensure proper nutrition and hydration.           Jennifer Wright
medications, toxic household supplies, sharp        • Make it a priority to find a doctor and
objects, alcohol, and matches. Place                pharmacy to provide for the person’s health        Houston Advisory Council
nightlights throughout the house for                needs. Be sure you have up-to-date medical         E. Deane Kanaly
nighttime safety and orientation.                   information and a current list of medications.
• Limit news media exposure (TV, radio,             • Take time to reminisce, share family             Directors Emeritus
computer) to the disaster.                          photos and stories.
                                                    • Involve the person in daily activities. Get      Al Malyn (1913-2004)
What ShouldA Care Partner Do?
                                                    daily exercise and get outside for fresh air       Harry E. Walker
If you know a pending disaster is about to occur:
                                                    and sunshine.
                                  Quick tips:
                                  Legal planning
                           While it’s important for                               •    Consider a neutral third person as an agent to have
                           everyone to plan for the future,                            power of attorney, especially if family members
                           legal plans are especially vital                            don’t get along
                           for the person with dementia.                          •    If a power of attorney for health care document
                           Once a person is diagnosed                                  and/or a signed living will is in place, give copies to
                           with dementia, family and                                   physicians and other health care providers.
                           friends should help the person                         •    See if the agent for the power of attorney for health
make legal plans. The sooner planning begins, the more                                 care has authority to consent to a brain autopsy.
likely the person with dementia may be able to participate.                       •    Consider choosing a bank to manage the estate if
                                                                                       you lack a family member with the time or expertise.
    •    All those named in the power of attorney
         document need a copy of and access to the original                   To receive a brochure containing general information about legal
         document.                                                            planning for someone with dementia, call the HELPline at 713-266-6400,
                                                                              ext. 9 or download a copy at
    •    Name a successor (back-up) agent for power of                        legalplans10_5.pdf.
         attorney; your agent may one day be unable to act.

Educational Opportunities
February 2006                                                                                             Partnering with Your Doctor: A Workshop
                                                     March 2006
                                                                                                          for People with Memory Problems and Their
                                                                                                          Care Partners
Basic Dementia/Respite Care Training                 Maintain Your Brain:                                 A workshop designed to present strategies
Program                                              How to Live a Brain Healthy Lifestyle                and tools to help patients and care partners
This workshop is designed for professional           A workshop designed to help individuals              become active partners with their doctors and
and family caregivers.                               manage certain risk factors to maintain a            other healthcare professionals.
                                                     healthy brain for general audiences.                 Thursday, March 30, 2006
Tuesdays and Thursdays, February 7-21, 2006                                                               6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.                                  Tuesday, March 9, 2006                               Alzheimer’s Association
Colonial Oaks @ Braeswood                            6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.                               2242 West Holcombe Blvd., Houston
7800 Stadium Dr., Houston                            Alzheimer’s Association
                                                     2242 West Holcombe Blvd., Houston                    April 2006
Lunch and Learn:                                     Workshop Cost: $10.00
Alzheimer’s Current Trends and Clinical                                                                   Practical Person-Centered Approaches to
Trials*                                              Lunch and Learn:                                     Disease-Related Behaviors*
Bring a sack lunch for these lunchtime topical       Medicare and Medicaid Updates*
                                                                                                          A training for experienced direct care staff in
workshops on Alzheimer’s care issues.                                                                     long term care settings.
                                                     Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Wednesday, February 15, 2006                         12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.                              Tuesday, April 11, 2006
12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.                              McGovern Museum of Health & Medical Science          6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
McGovern Museum of Health & Medical Science          1515 Hermann Drive, Houston                          Hearthstone at Braeswood
1515 Hermann Drive, Houston                                                                               2555 South Braeswood, Houston
                                                     Alzheimer’s Disease:
Alzheimer’s Disease:                                 More Than Memory Loss                                Maintain Your Brain: How to Live a Brain
More Than Memory Loss                                The basics of Alzheimer’s, diagnosis, treatment      Healthy Lifestyle
The basics of Alzheimer’s, diagnosis, treatment      and care for individuals diagnosed with early-       A workshop designed to help individuals
and care for individuals diagnosed with early-       stage dementia and/or their caregivers.              manage certain risk factors to maintain a
stage dementia and/or their caregivers.              Tuesday, March 21, 2006                              healthy brain for general audiences.
Tuesday, February 28, 2006                           6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.                               Tuesday, April 25, 2006
6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.                               Alzheimer’s Association                              6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Alzheimer’s Association                              2242 West Holcombe Blvd., Houston                    Location to be announced
2242 West Holcombe Blvd., Houston                                                                         Workshop Cost: $10.00

                            For more information about any of these programs, contact the Alzheimer’s Association, 713-266-6400.
                                           *Target audience: healthcare professionals, $5 donation requested.

Help is on the Way!                                                                   American Express Cardholders:
Important information about the new Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit (Part D)       Earn Double Points by Donating to Us!
The long-awaited Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit (Medicare Part D) is finally      Now, cardholders can make an online
here. The enrollment period is November 15, 2005 - May 15, 2006. Medicare             donation to the Alzheimer’s
requires that all Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) carry at least two cholinesterase     Association Houston and Southeast
inhibitors (Aricept, Exelon or Reminyl - now called Rasadyne) and memantine           Texas Chapter from the American
(Namenda). Persons who have Medicare and Medicaid (dually eligible) will be           Express Donation site, and receive
assigned to a PDP so that they have continuing drug coverage on January 1, 2006.      double Membership Rewards points
They can change plans later.                                                          for every dollar given.
Help is available at:                                                                 To make a donation, go to:
   Medicare: or 1-800-Medicare                      
   Social Security Administration:                   Enter “Alzheimer’s Association” as
   Alzheimer’s Association:                                       the charity name, “Houston” as the
   Area Agency on Aging: 1-800-252-9240                                               city, and “TX” as the state.

People with lower incomes get extra help; premiums may be reduced or eliminated,      On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!
and other payments may be less. For assistance getting Extra Help, call the special
Help Line at the Better Business Bureau, 713-341-6186 or 1-877-468-9222.
Things you can do to get started:
   • Review current coverage
   • Apply for Extra Help
   • Make list of current drugs                                                       If you are participating in the 2006
   • Check out available plans - list available at           Chevron Houston Marathon on
   • Remember to enroll in a Medicare Drug Plan for yourself                          January 15 and would like to raise
Call the Alzheimer’s Association at 713-266-6400 or go to for a        money for the Chapter, go to
list of Medicare prescription drug plans and the Alzheimer’s Disease drugs they and
cover.                                                                                click on the “Run For a Reason” link.

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Houston, Texas 77025

Working to create
a world without Alzheimer’s.

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