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									                         Minnesota College Personnel Association (MCPA)
                         July 17 Board Meeting  Bemidji State University

Inclusion Team:         Dara, Rickey, Marcellus, Mary, Berne (for Scott)
Executive Team:         Matthew Antonio, Tara, Josh, Christina, Kim (for John/Bryan)
Legacy Team:            Tasia (for Shona)

Inclusion Team:         Shvonne, Kimberly, Ben, Karla, Chuayi (as proxy), Mike (as proxy)
Executive Team:         Amanda
Legacy Team:            Aarin, Darren, Pam, Anna, John, Kristy (as proxy), Gretchen (as proxy)

9:00AM           Reception / Meet & Greet (breakfast refreshments served)
                 Welcome – Bemidji State University's Student Affairs Division

10:00AM          Board Meeting – Agenda Items
                 Basics: Minute-taking / Board Report Questions / Updated Board Roster

   1)   9:00AM Receptions:
  Preparation?                          What works?                     What doesn’t?

Tech requirements                        Mini-quiches/pastries/fruit       Low attendance – Board
Find location/room                       Coffee/juice                      Low attendance - host campus
Size requirements                        Directional Signage all over!     Summertime Reception - tough
Food in same room?                       Formalized intros for attendees due to summer campus events
Directions/Room/Campus Map               More visibility for MCPA          More of a presentation “pitch”
Things to do in area                     Marketing Questionnaire           Tangible memento (Benefits/Value)
Blurb to Stu Aff Div from MAB            Choice of 1 free year membership OR
Nametags                                   1 free conference registration per reception
Directional Signage                      Lodging group rate
Contact Kim/Bryan/John – Conf forms               Outcomes:       Visibility
Contact Tara – MCPA banner/foamcore                               New Members (even 1 is great!)
                                                          Assess future years’ receptions
                                                          Attendance at future MCPA events (conf, drive-ins)
        Choice of 1 free year membership OR 1 free conference registration per reception (for non-member)
                (follow up via listserv & host campus’ Student Affairs Division listserv)

   2)   Future Attendance for Board Mtgs in Greater MN : Based on attendance for Bemidji,
        let’s discuss opinions on attendance for Winona/Rochester/Tribal
                                Current Status                 Notes/Comments                                  .

Sep – Winona State U            Unknown                         Host – Scott Bay
                                Dara will contact Scott         Yes, it’s close to UMR, but we have 1
                                Plan B is Century College        member, so still good to be there.
Nov – U of M Rochester          Location set                     Host – Rickey Hall
       (a.k.a. UMR)             Room is 417 Univ Square          Contact – Kendra Weber, UMR
                                Refreshments not yet set         Blurb sent to Cardinal Stritch, RCTC,
                                                                        Winona, Mayo, St Mary’s, etc.

Apr – Tribal College            Fond du Lac – maybe              Host – Marcellus Davis
                                Not solidified                   Inclusion Team feels strongly we
                Made contact, said he would forward               should be there (low-to-none Native
                contact info to MAB/Dara so they could            membership, no Tribal delegate, no
                learn more about MCPA                             membership among Comm Coll)
                Eval by October Conference
                Solidify by Nov’s UMR mtg

  Options: Tribal inclusion for conference: presentation on sovereignty, presidential keynote for
  future, political piece (seen different from other POC due to tribal status), working with Jennifer
  Simon at Augsburg (Karla/Chuayi have connected with her – Jennifer = Am Ind Coord)

  3)      Solidifying Drive-In Workshops: (Strategic Plan – Aug each yr)
                January (Inclusion)     February (CISA)                            Summer                   .
Topics:         Immigration             Careers in Student Affairs      Longevity: Beating Burnout
                  (including: )           (including: )                        OR
                Undocumented Stu        Next Generation piece           Sustainability: Going Green!
                Int’l Stu Issues        SSAOs bring undergrads in              (to discuss at Sep Bd Mtg)
                                        4 Grad Programs there - pipeline
                                        Generation Gaps w/colleagues
                                        What is Stu Aff…why Stu Aff?

Date &       Fri Jan 23, 2009           Fri Feb 6, 2009                  Early June (next to Board Retreat,
Host Campus: Anoka Ramsey CC            University of St. Thomas          helps non-Metro folks traveling)
                                           (Minneapolis campus)          Maybe St. Paul College, Northland,
                                                                          or Northfield

Marketing       Using current events    Postcards for Upper & Mid-Level          Wait until theme is decided
 Ideas:         Presenter word-o’-mouth (to pass out to undergrads)              (to discuss at Sep Bd Mtg)
                Faith-based spaces      “So You’re A Student Leader…”
                  on campus             Board Members invite 2 students                   1 Quick Idea:
                Include links in the    For Conference – do Mid-Level piece          “When the trend dies…”
                  emails w/articles     For Conference – do Supervising New Profs
                In-State Tuition?       Pre-made sign to send across listserv
                DREAM Act                    (please hang in office)
                Transfer Timelines      HESA Table or Stu Aff Div tables (UST, BSU)
                Student Panel (diverted paths as result of not continuing onward w/educ)

Timeline:       Aug – Put theme & details on homepage of MCPA Website
                Aug – Newsletter Articles by Marcellus (Jan) & Pam (Feb)
                Sep – Conf email w/teaser at bottom of email!!!
                Oct – Tangible conference publicity to disseminate
                Oct – Student Affairs Month (pre-made sign to listserv, please hang in your office)
  4)      Solidifying the 2 MCPA In-Services (Strategic Plan – 1 per semester)
                     Date #1 - Fri, Nov 14, 2008 (UMR)       Date #2 - Fri, Apr 18, 2009 (FDLTCC)
Topics:                For-Profit Institutions               Native American Inclusion
                                                             Plan B - Embracing/Hiring/Support
                                                               & Retain Diverse Employees
                                                               (also idea to incorporate for Summer)
Host Campus:            U of M – Rochester
                        MAB will talk to Jeanne Herrmann Fond du Lac Tribal & Comm College
                        (head of MN Career College Assoc)

Marketing Ideas:        Incorporate Pam/Shona/John                  (to be discussed at Sep Bd Mtg)
                        (AI Int’l / Rasmussen / NW Health Sci)

Timeline:               <-----    (dependent on reservation of room & speaker)       ----->

  5)      ACPA Summer Leadership Institute Recap  Dara
   Competencies                       State Divisions               2009 ACPA Convention           .
8 professional comps                  Avg Dues: $25/yr              03.28.09 – 04.01.09
 developed by ACPA                    Avg Conf Fee & Length         “Power to Imagine;
Guides conference efforts              (active: $130 / 3 days)                     Courage to Act”
Give to grad prep programs?            (less active: $60 / 1 day)   Joint reception w/WCPA
                                      Michigan – 501c3 status       Idea: include ND & SD
                                                                    Suite idea via Greg Roberts?

  6)      MCPA Membership Application: How should we revise?  Christina
Brainstorming Suggestions                                           Yes             Maybe          No

Strike the “May we share your name w/other orgs                      X
   requesting the mailing list?”                   (add disclaimer sentence “MCPA will not share…”)
Join “…the following opportunities” with “commissions”               X
Add “Campus Reps” to “…the following opportunities”                  X
Strike Counselors, add Disability                                    X
Co-Chairs get emailed for checked boxes (Commissions)                X
Delegates get emailed for checked boxes (Campus Reps)                X
President gets emailed for checked boxes (Board / Projects)          X
Can states receive “add’l info / functional area info” via dual membership?      X
Change “Fall Conference” to “Conference Committee”                   X
Should we send dual members a welcome email that                     X
   publicizes the commissions/conference cmte?”
Publicize “Benefits of Membership” in upcoming Newsletter?           X

  7)      Membership Dues Update  Christina

  Dues will remain at $25/yr, as that is the avg across states, plus we are in good financial standing.
  If we were going to increase, there should be a specific reason.
  8)   Marketing Questionnaire  Tara

  Handed out and completed by Board Meeting attendees, this 1-pager asks about new initiatives,
  new employees, and article topics that interest folks. Next steps – it will go out to membership
  via listserv, either as:
        1) attachment, 2) newsletter, or 3) a link to SurveyMonkey.

  9)   Changes to the MCPA Constitution  Matthew Antonio

  7 changes were proposed. No objections to any of the changes.

  Board will be notified of the proposed changes in August via email.

  Membership will be notified of the proposed changes by September 1, 45 days prior to the Fall
  Conference where the official membership vote takes place to change the Constitution.

  10) 2008 MCPA Conference: Updates & Decisions  Kimberly K

Publicity & Promotion: Logo on website / Balance “Save the Date” in hard-copy and soft-copy /
Kim passed around the conference booklet cover (green with conf logo on it)

Facilities: No cost for rooms or tech / 1st floor gender-open bathroom near main mtg area / 2nd floor
gender-open bathroom / Kim will check on recycling.

Food: Catering and menus due today to Kim from the William Mitchell catering folks / Meals =
Thu snack during check-in, Thu Lunch, Happy Hour Thu evening, Fri cont’l b’fast, Fri lunch

Conf Reg Deadline: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 (3 weeks prior to conference)

Conf Reg Fees: Same  $100 / professional ; $50 / student

Keynote Speakers:     Dr. Robert Poch – U of MN faculty (academic component)
                      Dr. Tom Jackson, Jr. – VP of University of KY (also Pres-Elect of ACPA)
                      Possibly Sen. Mee Moua – MN State Senator (political component)

Programs: Only 3 proposals submitted. We brainstormed a ton of folks (MPR, WCCO, MnSCU,
MMEP, MNs for Obama/McCain/Nader/etc, SSAOs for campus politics, legal aspects)

Schedule: No Talent Show this year due to Thursday night in Twin Cities. Part of opening
welcome/MCPA address for MAB to talk about MCPA. “Reception & Awards” changed to 4:45-
6:00pm, with Dinner-on-you-own at 6.

Awards: New Inclusion Award this year – please distribute and nominate folks.

Case Study / Poster Session: Poster Session has been cancelled – energies will be put to Case Study.
Kim is looking for Case Study judges.
Next Generation: Due to incorporating Next Gen piece into our “Careers in Student Affairs” Drive-
In, perhaps we should not focus on Next Gen pieces, especially as our conference is 2 days of
missing classes as a junior/senior. Focus is shifting towards CISA Drive-In instead of conference

Scholarships: Gretchen created a fantastic proposal. Based upon the availability of funds, the Board
is recommending we provide up to 10 scholarships for students to attend. Strike specific # of
scholarships from the form. Strike “travel” from the form. Instead of 8 two-day scholarships, give
10 at $50 = $500 with $117 remainder for next year’s scholarship buffer.

  11) 2008-2009 MCPA Budget: Creation / Your Requests / Vote to Approve  Josh

  Josh will work upon a proposed budget, to be sent to the Board via email based on the amounts
  requested in 1) Board Reports, 2) Separate Emails to Josh/MAB. The Board will send e-feedback
  (revisions/suggestions/etc) to Josh in August.

  Budget to be approved upon greater attendance at Sep Board Mtg.

  13) Items tabled until September Board Meeting
                  Summer Drive-In Theme
                  Fully approving the MCPA Budget
                  What does “Supervisor Support of MCPA” look like at your campus?
                  Financial Plan

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