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									“Your Partner for Employer Education and Workforce Development”

                         Marketing Plan


The marketing plan will employ a wide variety of tools and programs to reach our diverse target
audiences. This plan serves as a template for how BAWIB can focus marketing efforts for the FY2011-
2012. The key component to this marketing plan is the active engagement of BAWIB Board Members.


       Better understanding is needed between employers and BAWIB-(eg. what employers do and can
        provide as well as needs and services).
       Need for identification of emerging markets and discussion with employers about
        needs/challenges and workforce supply.
       Create a more detailed marketing plan to educate the community about BAWIB.

       OBJECTIVES                           ACTION PLAN                           EXPECTATION

Increase our involvement with        1. Implement the “CEO             1A. Quarterly Roundtable
area Employers.                         Roundtable”. This                  discussions, with the
                                        quarterly, industry specific       marketing committee
                                        forum is designed to               deciphering our employer
                                        identify the business              needs. The first roundtable
                                        landscape our area                 forums to begin in February
                                        employers face.                    2012.

Increase press coverage              1.  Develop an internal media     1A. Increase press releases to
                                        and communications                 four a month with at least
                                        system to increase press           one being published.
Maximize Board participation in      1. Demonstrate LinkedIn and       1A. Board members should
building BAWIB’s online                 other social media sites at        sign-up for LinkedIn
presence – (eg. LinkedIn).              board meeting                      account and join the BAWIB
                                     2. Begin to send board                group.
                                        related information on         2A. Communicating on LinkedIn
                                        LinkedIn                           will help BAWIB save
                                     3. Use LinkedIn Connections           money and increase
                                        to reach out to potential          communication within the
                                        employers and/or potential         board.
                                        board members                   3A.The more contacts
                                                                           connected to BAWIB
                                                                           members increases the
                                                                           exposure of our
                                                                        organization exponentially.
Increase communication of all     1.   Encourage Board members 1A. Interest will be created
committees via “Committee              to feel welcome to attend        within board and
Reports”.                              committee meetings that          awareness will be increased
                                       they are not a member of         on a committee level.
                                  2.    After every committee
                                       meeting the chairperson of
                                       the committee will send an
                                       electronic summary or top
                                       five points to the entire
Reinforce the BAWIB Brand         1.    Place the BAWIB logo on     1A. Build awareness of the
                                       all press releases, even         region through
                                       partner releases that have       opportunities to brand with
                                       relevance to BAWIB               our partners
                                  2.   Continue to advertise in     2A. Develop a complete
                                       relevant media within the        advertising system that is
                                       BAWIB budget                     conducive to our budget.
                                  3.   Develop a regional strategy
                                       for sponsorship activities
                                       (eg. MetroSouth Chamber
                                  4.   Advertise and market the
                                       Business Center room at
                                       BAWIB to area businesses
                                  5.   Develop database of all
Increase BAWIB Presentations      1.   Build a list and calendar of 1A. Encourage board members
to Social/Civic Organization           scheduled and potential           to help schedule and assist
                                       presentations of “BAWIB           in these events, especially
                                       On The Road”                      when board participation
                                                                         and the organizations
                                                                         overlap. Our target is nine
                                                                         presentations in the next
Leverage “NEW” BAWIB              1.   Create a search engine       1A. Work with Trish White to
website for building awareness,        optimization plan                 create SEO strategy
increasing visibility, and        2.   Create reciprocal links with 2A. Reporting data on website
building an overall online             the BAWIB website to              will be reviewed monthly
presence.                              Board Members                     at the marketing
                                  3.   Create a reporting system         committee meeting and
                                       using Google Analytics            distributed to the entire

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