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									Sasha Olivares

Dr. Kavil

Marketing 3301

Strategic Marketing Plan

July 3, 2008
Table of Contents

      Executive Summary

      Marketing Plan

             Self Analysis

             Target Market Selection

             Situation Analysis

             Competitive Advantage

             Strategic Alternatives

             Entrepreneurship

             Promotional Plans

Executive Summary

       In this strategic marketing plan research paper, I have analyzed myself in order to

decide on a segment of the market to focus on. After creating a self analysis of myself I

have concluded that I have a creative imagination, understand the importance of customer

relationships and satisfaction, but my strong desire to succeed does not overcome my lack

of competitiveness and my fear of change. I decided to focus on advertising and

promotion because I think I will be best in this field of marketing. Through work

experience I have understood and learned how to effectively work with customers in

order to build relationships and grant satisfaction. I plan to use e-promotional tools in

order to network, and put myself out there for career opportunities.
       When I was a young girl, I was always asked what I wanted to be when I grow up.

I would always say I wanted to be a pediatrician or a teacher, and my mind was set on

one of those professions. When I started college I went towards an entirely different

route, because I had a talk with my mentor and realized that I was meant for the business

world. I decided to major in marketing, but had no idea specifically where in marketing I

wanted to concentrate.

       Self Analysis /Target Market Selection

       Constructing a self-analysis of myself will allow me to choose a segment of the

       job market in which I will succeed.

       To help me analyze myself I will use the SWOT Analysis. It goes as follows:

       Strengths- I’m friendly, open minded have disciplined working habits, strong

       desire to succeed, and I have a creative imagination. I also understand, and have

       experienced the importance of customer relationships and satisfaction.

       Weaknesses- I’m quiet, laid-back, and not-competitive enough.

       Opportunities- Becoming more optimistic, fearless and competitive can grant me

       a higher chance to succeed.

       Threats- I lose many opportunities, because I am scared of change, not

       competitive enough, and lastly too laid-back at times.

After analyzing myself, I am convinced that I will be best at advertising and promotion. I

have a creative imagination, and can develop ads for my company for better business,

keeping in mind my target group of customers. I’ve had a lot of experience dealing with

consumers, and although most of my experience is with selling products I don’t feel like I

will be as successful in sales as I would be in advertising and promotion. Instead I can
use what I’ve learned in sales to enhance my success in advertising and promotion. I

understand that customer relationships is the basis in marketing, no matter which segment

you decide to focus on, and that is what a lot of people and businesses fail to realize.

         Situation Analysis

         I am currently working in Applebee’s as a server. I deal with so many different

customers everyday I almost know how to deal with any situation. Working in Footlocker

and other retail stores I have also learned how important customer relationships can be.

That will determine whether or not the customer will return and continue doing business

with you. Most customers who come into Applebee’s come in for the great service we

provide on top of the great food. Our motto is “Eating Good in the Neighborhood”. It’s a

casual dining experience, with outstanding service. I analyze the Ad’s that are created by

Applebee’s, our mission statement, how the business is run, and our customer

relationships we build everyday. Everything I learned in this class I apply it to my

workplace to get the one-on-one experience, so I can better understand how marketing


         Competitive advantage

         Having a competitive advantage in today’s business world is hard, but I do have a

various advantages. Speaking a second language is very important. Spanish is my second

language, and I speak it as fluently as I speak English. This can make me stand out

amongst competitors who speak only English. Once again I understand the importance of

customer satisfaction, and how important it is to build customer relationships in order to

have loyal customers and a successful business. I have also interpersonal skills. I am able

to efficiently communicate with various types of customers to build relationships, and in
turn create more customers. I also plan to continue my education, and acquire an MBA,

right after I complete my bachelor’s degree. This will set me aside from those who end

their education at an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. I plan to have my MBA

by the age of twenty-three. If I were more confident in myself, and more competitive I

would have more of an advantage. These are aspects of myself I must work on in order to

reach success.

        Strategic Alternatives

        I’m pretty firm on focusing in Advertising and promotion, because I feel I will be

passionate in that field. I want to work my way to become marketing or advertising

director of the company I work for. If for any reason, this does not work out I do have

alternatives. I can be a sales person for a prosperous company and work my way into

sales management, but I have my mind set on success, and in marketing, so wherever I

end up- I will thrive.


        In the beginning of my career of course I do not plan to become an entrepreneur.

Once I have been in my field for several years I might consider becoming one. This

requires a lot of experience in the business world, and also tactful decision making. I can

see myself as an entrepreneur, because I can see myself owning businesses and working

with many companies at the same time. I just can’t say that this is one of my top goals. I

want to be successful in my career, but I don’t want my career to occupy my entire life.

        Promotional plans

        Promotion is very important to become well known. The internet is one of the

most useful and effective promotion tools. Creating a website can be very useful, I would
be able to give companies who may be hiring a link to my website in my business card or

resume so they can see what I’m about, and how passionate I am about what I want to do.

In my website I can have blogs which are more personal, and can create relationships

with consumers, who may have questions about the marketing field or about me. This can

be seen as a comparative advantage, and can help me create a bigger network for myself

which will in turn create more opportunities. When I do obtain the career that I want I

will still promote myself, because working for more than one company can be an

exceptional thing. I will always set new goal once I accomplish the goals I had, and with

that I will continue to review my process and update my promotional tools.

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