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									                 Project Outline for CU Dining Services

Develop a Marketing Plan to increase off-campus meal
plan sales and increasing customer satisfaction
Project Purposes
To develop a marketing and communication plan to inform campus and off-campus constituents
about the convenience, affordability, and high-quality of campus dining. As an award-winning,
nationally recognized dining program, this project will dispel many of the myths associated with
non-commercial foodservice, as well as inform current and potential customers of the quality and
integrity of the food we serve. The end result will be increased revenue and customer satisfaction

        We have historically increased (OCMP) an average of 15% the past seven years until last year. In
         FY11 we only saw an 8% growth.
        Campus cash increased 127% last year. but, there are still so many members of our community
         that do not know about our services
        There is a myth that college dining services has food that is of lesser quality that what you can get
         off campus. We would like help with dispelling that myth
        Our campus cash has increased significantly

Project Objectives
The primary objective is to enhance image, market our quality services, and ultimately increase
our “new revenue”. This will be accomplished by:
    1. Identify the optimal strategies utilizing social media, web presence, print media, etc. to market and
        increase sales of off campus meal plans (OCMP)
    2. Change and /or reinforce our image to the campus community
    3. Market and increase use of Campus Cash in dining operations
    4. Increase customer satisfaction scores
    5. Develop a method to measure and monitor the ongoing metrics of the project.

Project Scope
        Generation of a marketing plan with specific, outlined metrics and results.
        Project cost estimates. Cost must not exceed $500.
        Presentation of the plan for CU Dining Services review, feedback and approval.
        Implementation of the project plan as feasible with available resources.
        OCMP will be ready to launch summer/fall 2012

        Marketing Plan to be presented to CU Dining Services
        Monitoring plan with required metrics
        Implementation of key areas of plan
        Progress reports during implementation phase

Project Approach
        Problem definition.
        Background study
        Informal discussions to facilitate ideas on solutions
        Evaluations of the solutions

                                  University of Colorado – Leeds School of Business
                                              Project Outline Document
       Selection of the best solution that most closely aligns with realistic barriers and resources
       Implementation and monitoring of project
       Implementation and monitoring of metrics for the project effectiveness

Critical Milestones and Event Dates
       Week 1: Kickoff meeting; CU Dining Services presents the scope of project and organization
       Week 2-3:Schedule required meetings to discuss strategies and processes
       Week 4: Present final plan to increase sales and customer satisfaction scores, including detailed
        process and activity schedule
       Week 5: Final review of plan, task delegation, and deliverable dates
       Week 6:Project launch/implementation
       Remainder of semester: Continue monitoring project and results, making required shifts

Roles & Responsibilities
Roles and responsibilities of CU Dining Services, lead by Janice Torkildsen, Manager of Marketing &
Guest Experience for CU Dining Services:
     Present the background and company history and product information to the team.
     Present the expectations for the meetings and deliverables. Discuss the expected challenges the
     Host all meetings and brainstorming sessions.
     Provide guidance on the process and the formation of the marketing strategies
     Review of the Marketing Plan for feasibility and effectiveness
     Implementation of tasks assigned to CU Dining Services
     Monitoring progress, reviewing status reports and communicate to all team members
     Provide structure throughout the project for communications, meetings, and flow of information
        and ideas
Roles and responsibilities for student team members:
     Be prepared
     Be present at the key team meetings
     Provide strong support of team and individual efforts
     Deliver on task assignments
     Support and help the team as needed

Quality Considerations

       We need to create all marketing in accordance to University Communications guidelines

                                 University of Colorado – Leeds School of Business
                                             Project Outline Document

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