Chapter 13 1 Quiz by oFI8D8h


									Chapter 13 See pages 530-531

Revise sentence using a word other than a pronoun.

  1. I had responsibility for development of the new territory.

  2. My duties included designing computer systems and writing
     user documentation manuals.

  3. I was the store manager and supervised eight employees.

  4. My sales consistently exceeded my sales quota.

  5. My skills include typing 35 words a minute and using
     FileMaker Pro Database.

  6. I was a member of the student council and society for
     advancement of management.

  7. I looked up marketing research for a major marketing firm.

  8. I worked on constructing Web pages for Pacific Bell

  9. I helped increase customer awareness by creative advertising.

  10.     I made cookies for the bake sale.

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