JOB DESCRIPTION FOR THE PRESIDENT
                     OF DE LA SALLE INSTITUTE

                                 Position Description

Background Information:

De La Salle Institute is a Roman Catholic high school with two campuses, one for young
men and another for young women, located two miles apart in Chicago, Illinois, and
sponsored by the Brothers of the Christian Schools. The school has an enrollment of
approximately 1,160, with a total of 144 employees, comprised of faculty/professional of
96, management/administration of 14 and support staff of 34

Founded in 1889, the school’s mission has been, and is, to foster a desire for excellence
in education and the spiritual/personal development of its students. Young men and
women from a variety of backgrounds are given the opportunity to fully develop their
abilities so that they may be active, contributing members of our complex, changing
society. The organization also includes the Tolton Center that teaches adults to be

The Lasallian school is a Catholic school which carries on the special traditions of
St. John Baptist de La Salle, founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and patron
of all educators. There are three characteristics which form the core of the Lasallian
school: 1.) teaching viewed as a ministry of grace; 2,) association, that is the achievement
of the school’s goals through the collaborative efforts of teachers sharing the same vision
and values of the gospel; 3.) the effective management of the school so as to achieve the
intellectual, cultural, religious and vocational formation of the students through a
curriculum suited to their needs and based on Christian values.

Position Description:

The Board of Directors delegates to the President, and by the President to the appropriate
officers, the governance of the Institute. The President is the chief executive officer of
the school, and is a member of all committees of the Board of Directors, without a vote.

The president in a Lasallian school is called to be a minister of grace who proclaims the
gospel message.

Three Primary Responsibilities:

    First, whether the president is a Christian Brother, a person of another religious
     order, or a layperson, all with current Lasallian formation, he/she should be
     willing to personally, creatively and insistently animate within the schools the
     spiritual ideals of the Catholic Church and Brothers of the Christian Schools;

    Second, a primary leadership goal is to creatively maintain these schools in the
     Catholic and Lasallian tradition and continually research and use contemporary
     “best practices” to optimize opportunity for the range of students in the schools.
     The president is the “standard bearer” and leader towards these high educational

    Third, the president must have the willingness and motivation to spend at least
     half of his/her time in the personal cultivation and solicitation of benefactors
     (individuals, foundations and corporations) so that the school’s current capital
     goal of $6,000,000 is achieved within the next 2 ½ years --- and sees to the
     sustaining of an annual fund of $1,000,000.

      In other words, the development and vitality of the schools are dependent, in great
      part, on the successful fund-rising efforts of the president working closely with
      the institutional advancement staff and committees.

       De La Salle is an historic and famous school in Chicago with a large enough
      number of friends and loyal alumni to support the president’s on-going
      development efforts towards high quality education.

      Bottom line, it is the president’s responsibility to see to the full realization of
      these two responsibilities so that the school’s Lasallian mission to students and
      their families may be achieved.

Other Major Responsibilities/Duties

    There is a clear expectation that the president begin this work, if he/she is new to
     Lasallian education, or if the person has worked in a Brothers’ school before, or
     is, indeed, a Brother, with an updating in Lasallian formation through
     participation in the Lasallian Leadership Institute, the Buttimer Insitute or a
     similar program offered by the District or the U.S./Toronto Region of the Brothers
     of the Christian Schools.

    Develop and supervise a plan to educate management staff and school staff on the
     Lasallian Mission of the Christian Brothers and introduce them to the formation

 Show special care for the spiritual, personal and professional development of all
  colleagues involved in the De La Salle mission.

 Foster the school’s efforts to deepen the faith life of students and all those
  involved in the De La Salle ministry by praying with faculty and students,
  promoting campus ministry activities and participating in school liturgies and
  prayer services.

 Demonstrates the Christian spirit by modeling true Christian values, by fostering
  the growth of his/her own faith life, by being a positive leader and by showing
  concern for all members of the school community.

 Execute all resolutions, policies, rules and regulations adopted by the Board of
  Directors, and perform all duties prescribed promptly and effectively;

 Develop fundraising activities with potential donors, foundations, trusts and

 Develop the school’s marketing, public relations, admissions, alumni and business
  activities in accordance with the school mission;

 Supervise the school principals, who are charged with managing all academic
  matters of the school;

 Formulate and recommend to the Board of Directors policies, programs and an
  overall strategic plan for the educational, financial and physical development of
  the school;

 Establish a management organization to carry out the policies of the school;
  ensure that the school is properly staffed with competent personnel to handle their
  responsibilities that implement the policies of the Board of Directors effectively;

 Oversee and be involved in the spiritual/personal/academic/financial/development
  affairs of the school;

 Determine the specific duties and assignments of officers and school principals,
  and participate in the evaluation and professional development of all personnel;

 Recommend to the Board of Directors and implement personnel actions including
  recruitment, employment, retention, promotions, dismissal and approval of
  officers and faculty member salaries;

 Prepare and present to the Board of Directors a proposed budget for the year, and
  see that the budget, when adopted, is enforced;

    Approve and be responsible for all internal handbooks and manuals of policies
     and procedures;

    Act for the Board of Directors as custodian of all school property; provide for the
     maintenance of the plant and grounds, assuring safety and sanitation;

    Recommend plans to the Board of Directors for contracting, purchasing,
     acquiring, leasing, and selling of real property, furnishings and equipment for the

    Recommend to the Board of Directors adequate insurance coverage for the

    Develop and maintain plans for holding in trust money, property, and all things of
     value that are granted, conveyed, or bequeathed for the benefit of the school;

    Participate in activities that promote and advance De La Salle with appropriate
     local, state, regional, national and charitable organizations;

    Designate an administrator to act for the president during the temporary absence
     or incapacity of the president and during emergencies;

    Confer earned degrees upon recommendation of the faculty when all requirements
     have been satisfactorily fulfilled;

    Act as the school’s liaison with the Brothers of the Christian Schools, Midwest
     USA Province in Burr Ridge, Illinois;

    Execute all contracts and agreements, consistent with the policies of the Board of

    Keep minutes of all official actions and proceedings of the Board of Directors, as
     may be necessary to provide complete information regarding the school;

    Recommend to the Board of Directors the borrowing of money when necessary;


    He/she shall be a Catholic, who is known to regularly witness to the faith in

    Has demonstrated an ability to generate significant financial resources and
     supportive relationships, and has demonstrated a strong record of achievement in
     fund raising and revenue generation;

    Possesses strong leadership, with extensive experience in the management of the
     business/financial/development affairs of the school, and is competent in
     communication skills and public relations;

    A referenced ability to work collaboratively, to be open and responsive to
     communication from parents, colleagues and alumni --- and broadly
     communicative about issues of importance to these constituencies.

    Possesses a Master’s degree, and preferably a minimum of 10 years school or
     work experience in Catholic education;

    Demonstrates an open mind when addressing complex and challenging issues;

    Demonstrates an understanding of the relationship of authority, responsibility and

A Highly-Competitive Wage and Benefits Package Will Be Offered, Based on

Work-Related Information

De La Salle Institute employs people on the basis of their qualifications and with
assurance of equal opportunity and treatment regardless of race, color, sex, age or
national origin.

Candidates should expect a thorough referencing at the end of the search. The
candidates, as well as De La Salle Institute, should expect their respective situations
to be transparent.

Please note that all prospective employees of Catholic institutions in Chicago are
required, for the safety of the youngsters in the school, to have a criminal background
check done. Each new employee will also be asked to attend a three-hour program,
sponsored by the Archdiocese, on keeping youngsters safe from predatory adults.

See for further information about De La Salle Institute.

Note to Prospective Candidates for this position:

Names of candidates will be held in total confidence until the opportunity is offered
towards the end of the process to visit with faculty, administration and staff at the schools
--- to free potential candidates from concerns relating to his/her present employer. Visits
will be held away from De La Salle Institute.

The search for a President for De La Salle Institute is being conducted by an outside
agency, not by De La Salle Institute.

If your qualifications closely match the requirements noted above, please send a letter of
introduction and your resume, as attachments, to You will
receive a prompt response.

Please do not call De La Salle Institute or send materials there.

Inquiries must be sent by January 15, 2007.


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