Summary Sheet
Sales person:                                                         Selling Situation: straight buy, modified re-buy, new
Prospect/Customer:.                                                   Buying Process: Typical steps, # meetings,
Date of Sales Call:                                                   documentation, time
Time:                                                                 Key Objective:
                                                                      Key Players in Buying Center:
    Phase/Selling Category          Possible        Actual
                                     Mark            Mark                                    Approach
1   OPENING                            2                       (A) Salesperson gained prospect’s attention(conversation, facts, info
                                                                   value add, verbal, non-verbal, eye contact)
                                                               (B) Appropriate greeting
                                                               (C) Assume control
                                                                   Distributed business card, use of humour
                                                                   Well groomed and appropriate presentation

2   NEEDS ANALYSIS                      10                     (B) Asked appropriate and probing questions
                                        2                      Discovered/reiterated prospects needs at beginning.
                                        2                      Discover 3 needs.
                                                               (C) Smooth transition into the presentation
                                                               (D) Gained agreement to continue the presentation
                                                                     Established presence & displayed confidence
                                                                     Gained attention by emphasising relevance or
3   PRESENTATION                        10                     (E) Transition
                                                               Use benefits-needs instead of just features
                                        2                            (i.e. What this means to you)
                                        2                             Clear benefits
                                        2                      (F) Absence of verbal pauses (i.e. “ah”, “uhms”, “okay”)
                                        2                      (G) Good eye contact
                                                               (H) Appropriate use of gestures
                                                                (I) Encouraged customer to participate in a meaningful
                                        4                           manner (i.e. Reading, touching, trying, words,
                                        2                      (J) Used appropriate/professional visual aids, handouts,
                                        10                          demonstrations
                                        2                      (K) Buyer could see the visual easy
                                        2                      (L) Did not interrupt the buyer
                                                               (M) Salesperson talked slowly, pace
                                                               (N) Good choice of words (i.e. Absence of “and stuff like
                                                                     that,”, ”no problem”)
                                                                     Power vocabulary & grammar
4   OBJECTIONS                          2                      (O) Displayed positive attitude and confidence
                                        10                     (P) Responses were appropriate to the buyer.
                                                                     Overcame resistance.
                                                               Used a cross-section of handling techniques.
5   CLOSING                             5                      (Q) Checked agreement after major points
                                                                     (i.e. How does that sound to you)
                                        5                      (R) Used trial closes effectively after responding to
                                                                     objections (i.e. Did that answer your question?
                                                                     Do you have any other questions
                                        2                      (S) Used appropriate methods (summary, balance sheet,
                                                                     SRO, trap)
                                        2                      (T) Effective post closing communications
6   OVERALL STYLE &                     5                      (U) Effective use of probing throughout the presentation
    PROFESSIONALISM                     5                      (V) Salesperson demonstrated professionalism
                                                                     (courteous, respectful, friendly, appropriate dress)
                                        5                      (W) Salesperson demonstrated enthusiasm
                                        5                      (X) Salesperson understood facts of the role-play
                                                                     Enthusiastic & Confident attitude.
                                                               Overall momentum/energy
                                                               Adapted/morphed to buyers style.
    TOTAL SCORE                        100


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