university campaign associates by oFI8D8h


									Department                                                Campaign Associate
Accounting                                                Dvora Baldwin Courtland
Advancement (Alumni Activities, Development)              Thomas Burke
African Amer Studies                                      Cecial Patrick
AIT- Technology Services and Computing and
Communications, Administrative Systems                    Linda Hairfield

AIT-Applications, Project Management, User Services       Diane Talley
Anatomy                                                   Sharon Toussaint
Anesthesiology                                            Sherrie Payne
Animal Care Facility                                      Kathy Person
Assoc VP Bus Svc & Treasurer, Real Estate                 Vicky West
Assurance Services                                        Diane Dettmore
Athletics                                                 Meghan Millar
Biochemistry                                              Carmelda Fleming
Biology                                                   Stephanie Millican
Biostatistics                                             Cynthia Sabo
Brandcenter                                               Andrea Groat (code is 1345)1343ta
Budget and Resource Analysis, Budget Operations,
Office of Senior VP for Finance and Administration,
Financial Reporting, Cost Analysis                        Monica Jackson
Business Services & Retail Services                       Liz Beirne
Cabell Library                                            Stephani "Nia" Rodgers
Campus Police                                             Rachel Ross
Career Counseling Center                                  Rhonda Hall
Center for Public Policy                                  Bill Kinsey
Center for Teaching Excellence                            Suzanne Spivey
Center for Translation Sciences                           Sherry Bremer
Center on Aging                                           Ed Ansello
Chemistry                                                 Diane Ruff
Clinical Lab Sciences                                     Ron Sauer
Creative Services                                         Shannon Williams

Dean of Student Affairs-MCV, Dean's Office Student
Affairs, Communications, Disabilities, Judicial Affairs   Pamela Huffman
Dean's Office, School of Allied Health                    Amy Ewing
Dermatology                                               Sharondia Smith
Division of Community Engagement                          Emily Gambill
Economics                                                 Tracy Jolley
Emergency Medicine                                        Skip Wigner
English                                                   Virginia Schmitz
Envionmental Studies                                      Pamela Allred-Irby
Epidemiology and Community Health                         Kelly Bowery
Family Medicine                                           Avis Coleman
Finance, Insurance and Real Estate, Marketing             Susan Hall
Financial Aid                                             Lakeita McCoy
FMD Administration & Accounting                           Sherron Simpson
FMD Construction and Inspection                           Evelyn Hinant
FMD Environmental Health & Safety                         Carol Akers (or Karen Gilliam)
FMD Fire Safety Radiation                                 Carol Akers (or Karen Gilliam)
FMD MCVH Capital Programs                                 Nancy Sparks
FMD Planning & Design                                     Saundra Cauthorne
Forensic Science                                         Angelica Bega Hart
Genetics                                                 Linda Downes-Piazza
Gerontology                                              Marquita Crowder
Government Relations                                     Rosalind Harris
Graduate School                                          Dawn Fields
Grants & Contracts, Effort Reporting                     Shavonda Gravely
H&S Computer Services                                    Gail Bartee
Health Administration                                    Carolyn Wells & Suzanne Havasy
History                                                  Wanda Clary
Honors College                                           Jeff Wing
Human Resources, Payroll, Employee Health                Jessica Johnson
Humanities & Sciences (Dean's Office)                    Michelle Wilde
Information Systems                                      Mandy Moffett
Institute for Drug & Alcohol Studies                     Stephanie Hart
Institute for Women's Health                             Towanda Vaughan
Interdisciplinary Studies                                Gail Bartee
International Support Services                           Elizabeth Hiett
Legal Affairs                                            Sandy Rew
Life Sciences, Biological Complexities                   Pamela Allred-Irby
Management                                               Stephanie Kite
Marketing                                                Melanie Boynton
Mass Communication                                       Angela Diggs-Parker
Massey Cancer Center                                     Terri Paige
Math Sciences                                            Holly Mangione
Medicine-Dean's Office, Cont Ed-School of Medicine,
Assoc Phys                                               Joan Barrett
Microbiology and Immunology                              Bobbie Fogg-Palumbo
Neurology                                                Diane Atkinson
Neurosurgery                                             Pam Adams
Nurse Anesthesia                                         Elizabeth Howell
OB-GYN                                                   Amy Helvey
Occupational Therapy                                     Lawrencine Smith
Office of Dean, School of Nursing (Adult Health
Nursing, Family & Community Health Nursing)              Deborah Lewis
Office of Research, Twin Registry                        Clara Sine
Office of VP for Sudent Affairs, Multicultural Student
Affairs                                                  Rosa Richardson
Ophthalmology                                            Joann Newton
Otolaryngology                                           Stephanie Brown
Outreach Programs                                        Judy Granger
Parking & Transportation                                 Alicia Bishop
Pathology                                                Garry Land
Patient Counseling                                       Ann Charles-Craft
Pediatrics                                               Jennifer O'Rourke
Pharmacology and Toxicology                              Sheryol Cox
Philosophy                                               Donald Smith
Physical Medicine & Rehab                                Adrianne Dery
Physical Plant                                           Roxanne Razo
Physical Therapy                                         Cheryl Bishop
Physics                                                  Janice Guyer
Physiology and Biophysics                                Deborah Bohn
President's Office                                       Elaine Abernethy
Preventive Medicine and Community Health             Kelly Bowery
Procurement & Payment                                Eve Wirt
Provost & VP Academic Affairs, EEO-AA                Melody Harris
Psychiatry                                           Rokena Dunaway
Psychology                                           Mary Ann Ryan
Radiation Oncology                                   Diane Hawkins-Wilkins
Radiologic Technology                                M. Ferell Justice
Radiology                                            Kim Christman
Records & Registration                               Eleanor Sharp
Recreational Sports                                  Karen Carden
Rehabilitation Counseling                            Keysha Bailey
School of Business Dean's Office                     Mandy Moffett
School of Dentistry                                  Ruth Compton
School of Education                                  Karen Williams
School of Engineering, Computer Science              Florence Johnson
School of Medicine, Internal Medicine, Cardiology    Ray Foster
School of Pharmacy                                   Scott Crenshaw
School of the Arts                                   Lydia Zirkle`
Social Work                                          Pam Duffus
Statistical Sciences                                 Lucy Hudson
Student Accounting                                   Garland Tabb
Student Commons & Larrick Student Centers            Beth Ward
Student Health                                       Yalonda Gunter
Student Services (Records & Registration)            Tricia Lomax
Surgery                                              Susie Beirne
Surgery-Orthopedic                                   Mike O'Keefe
Tompkins McCaw Library                               Sarah Montgomery
Treasury & Foundation Services                       Tamara Ingram
Undergraduate Admissions                             Sharon R. Smith
University College, Core Education, Hibbs Building   Ron Peterson and Marilyn Day
University College, Core Education-Harris Hall       Suzanne Spivey
University Counseling                                Camille Adams
University Housing                                   Michael Booker
University Marketing                                 Judy Granger
VCU Communictns and Public Relatns                   Leila Ugincius
VP External Relations                                Judy Granger
VP for Health Sciences, Health Careers Education
Special Services                                     LaForest Williams
Wilder School, Sociology                             Tina Braden
Women's Studies                                      Tammy Hynson
World Studies                                        Gina Kovarsky

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