GER Minor in Communication Studies by JZ1z84V


									                             MINOR IN COMMUNICATION STUDIES
GER                                (For the Classes of 2012 and 2013) As of 8-24-2011

Communication Studies is an interdisciplinary minor designed to prepare students for a wide
range of career options in the communications field. Potential careers include those in public
relations, advertising, print and broadcast journalism, convergent media, writing for
organizations, writing for the World Wide Web, and digital media production. 6 courses are
required for a minor in Communication Studies.

Note that students should follow the suggested course sequence as well as adhere to individual
course prerequisites as outlined in the course descriptions in the on-line catalog.

Contact:        Owen W. Gilman, Jr., Ph.D.
                Director, Communication Studies
                Department of English

    COM 200          Communications Theory and Practice
    COM 201          Ethics in Communications
    COM 491          Communications Internship*
*This can also be satisfied with existing internships in the three main disciplines, ART 491, ENG 492, and
MKT 490.

Choose 3:**
     ENG 261            Introduction to Journalism
     ENG 271            New Media Writing
     ENG 471            Visual Rhetorics
     ENG 261            Writing for Organizations
     ENG 361            The Art of Editing

        ART 173         Digital Photography I
        ART 191         Introduction to the Film
        ART 282         Writing and Directing I
        ART 288         Documentary Workshop
        ART 384         Digital Cinematography

        MKT 301         Integrated Marketing Communications
        MKT 321         Advertising
        MKT 323         Media Management
        MKT 324         Public Relations
        MKT 313         Marketing Ethics
**This is a sample of the course options which complete the minor. Select courses from History,
Linguistics, Philosophy, and Theology can also be used.

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