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									            The 1st Annual Arts and Craft Show
                    at Midland Recyclers
                       Sunday, November 4th, 2012
                          10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
                              4305 E. Ashman St, Midland
I would like to reserve __________ space at $25 and _________ additional spaces at $20
each for the day indicated above.
__________ 6’x5’ space @ $25.00=               $__________
__________ Additional 6’x5’ space(s) @ $20.00= $__________
__________ Door prize donation (subtract $5)   $__________

TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED =                              $__________

                Please make checks payable to “Midland Recyclers”.
     Please Note: spaces do not include tables, spaces are designed for a 3’x6’ table.
        All spaces will be assigned when registrations are received, so please
                                return this form ASAP.
_____ I would like to make a donation of an item (valued at $10 or greater) to be used as
a door prize. If selected please provide description of item below and please subtract $5
from the price of your space as noted above. Door prizes can be brought the day of.
We try our best to fill special requests, but we cannot guarantee them. (if you require
electricity, please note here)

Description of Merchandise to be sold:

Please Print:


CITY:_________________________ ZIP CODE:_______________________________

E-MAIL:____________________________________ PHONE:(                    )______________

Please call Tony Germain at 989-430-0210 with any questions

                          Mail Registration with check to:
                          Midland Recyclers
                          P.O. Box 128
                          Midland, MI 48641

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