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									                              Apple American Group
                            POS Buttons & Descriptions

  Comp Buttons                               Definition                         Account Description
                        Drink errors: Bar makes incorrect drink, incorrect
   BAR ERROR                                                                       Liquor Comps
                      ingredients, Guest does not like drink and returns it
                     Any error made with Carside or ToGo: Complaint for
                    Carside Service Errors (Long Time Waiting, Slow Greet,
 CARSIDE ERROR         etc,.); Complaint for Carside Food Quality (Leaky           Food Comps
                     Container, Cold Food, etc,); Guest calls incorrect store
                                 for Carside Order & No Shows
                     Any error made by kitchen: Complaint for Poor Food
                      Quality, Mistake made by BOH (Modifiers, Wrong
 KITCHEN ERROR                                                                     Food Comps
                        Ingredients, etc,.), Complaint for Object in Food,
                               Complaint for Temperature of Food
                      Any error made in front of the house related to food:
                           Mistake made by Server (Incorrect Ring In,
 SERVER ERROR-      Misunderstood Guest); Guest Misunderstood what they
                                                                                   Food Comps
     FOOD            were requesting (ex. Ordered Fajitas vs. Fajita Rollup);
                        Complaint for Poor Service from Server or Host -
                                    Common Issue-Inattentive
LONG TIME-FOOD                   Excessive time for food service                   Food Comps
 REGULAR-FOOD            Buy an appetizer or meal for Regular customer             Food Comps
WALKOUT-FOOD                  Dine and Dash Walkouts – Food Only                   Food Comps
                       Any error made in front of house related to drinks:
                           Mistake made by Server (Incorrect Ring In,
                     Misunderstood Guest); Guest Misunderstood what they           Liquor Comps
                       were requesting; Complaint for Poor Service from
                                Excessive time for drink service                   Liquor Comps
REGULAR -LIQUOR                Buy a drink for Regular customer                    Liquor Comps
WALKOUT-LIQUOR              Dine and Dash Walkouts – Liquor Only                   Liquor Comps
 Discount Buttons                          Definition                           Account Description
    FOH EMP                        50% Employee Discount                             Discounts
                    All coupons/bouncebacks related to restaurant openings
REMODEL/OPENING                                                                      Discounts
                                         and remodels
   MGR MEAL           All Manager and Corp Meals – AD level and above                Discounts
    TRAINER                  All Trainer/Expert Discounted Meals                     Discounts
    10% DISC            Golden Apple/Buckeye and all other 10% offers                Discounts
                      All Paper Holiday Bouncebacks – Gift Card Paper
    HOLIDAY                                                                          Discounts
                        Bouncebacks, Valentines, Mothers/Fathers Day,
                    Any paper certificate used for Guest Recovery – Comp
   GUEST REC                                                                         Discounts
                                   GC, $5, $7.50, $10 cards
       FSI          Free Standing Inserts from Newspapers Advertisements             Discounts
                     Carside, WW, Lunch on the Rail and any other LSM
   FREQ CARD                                                                         Discounts
                                       Frequency Cards
      LSM 1                    Designated Marketing Promotion                        Discounts
      LSM 2                   Misc & Local Marketing Promotion                       Discounts
     $$ DISC            Used to take a specific dollar amount off of bill            Discounts
  POWERSHIFT                 Food/Drinks made during Powershift                      Discounts
    CONTEST                Food/Drink awarded to Contest Winners                     Discounts
   A4A BAAB            A is for Apple and Books are a Blast Promotions               Discounts
   APPLE ED                     Apples for Education Promotion                       Discounts
   BIRTHDAY              Any Discount given to guest on their Birthday               Discounts
   GC MEDIA               Paper Gift Certificate used for Media Trade                Discounts
  BONUS CARD           Magnetic Holiday Bonus gift cards (Plastic Only)              Discounts
                                  Apple American Group
                                POS Buttons & Descriptions

COMP/DISCOUNT                                     COMP/DISCOUNT
                              POS KEY                                             POS KEY
   REASON                                            REASON

                                                   Holiday Bounceback
  $5/$7.50/$10 cards         GUEST REC                                             HOLIDAY
                                                       (Paper Only)
    50% Employee                                   Holiday Bounceback
                              FOH EMP                                            BONUS CARD
       discount                                       (Plastic Only)
 Apple for Education          APPLE ED              Kids Birthday card           BIRTHDAY
Bartender comp sheet       REGULAR-LIQUOR               Long Drink            LONG TIME LIQUOR
     Birthday club            BIRTHDAY            Long food > 16 minutes       LONG TIME FOOD
Birthday sundae/shake         BIRTHDAY                Lunch a bunch              FREQ CARD
   Books are a blast          A4A BAAB               Lunch on the rail           FREQ CARD
                                                  Manager Meals during
Buying a Guest a drink     REGULAR-LIQUOR                                         MGR MEAL
Buying a Guest a meal      REGULAR-FOOD            Marketing Promotions         LSM 1 OR LSM 2
     Carside $5              FREQ CARD              Newspaper Inserts                 FSI
                                                     Open food dollar
Carside Freqency Card        FREQ CARD                                                 $$ DISC
 Comp Gift Certificate       GUEST REC             Other hotel discounts               LSM 2
 Comp Gift Certificate
                              GC MEDIA            Powershift Food/Drinks         POWERSHIFT
    Contest Winner
                              CONTEST               Remodel coupons           REMODEL/OPENING
Foreign object in food     KITCHEN ERROR                Salad run                      LSM 2
  Free appetizer with
                               LSM 2                  Training Meals               TRAINER
   movie ticket(card)
  Free appetizer with
                               LSM 2                VIN Discount 10%                    10%
   purchase of meal
  Free appetizer card        GUEST REC               Walkout at Bar          WALKOUT – LIQUOR
   Free dessert with                                Walkout in Dining
                               LSM 2                                            WALKOUT - FOOD
purchase entrée (cards)                                  Room
       Free shake
                              A4A BAAB                 Wrong drink                BAR ERROR
  Free soft drink with
                               LSM 2                   Wrong food             SERVER ERROR - FOOD
   purchase of meal
Golden Apple/Buckeye            10%
  Guest did not like a
                             BAR ERROR
Guest did not like their   SERVER ERROR -
          food                 FOOD
 Hotel discount (10%)           10%

Coupons should show a box, for example Ring LSM2, directing how to ring up discount.

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