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									                              Let’s Do Good Business!

With new trends in society and economy, the demand for good business English courses
is growing fast. English, as the lingua franca of the modern world, has become the key
                                asset of anyone who wants to climb up the ladder of
                                success. Aspiring businessmen need English courses
                                tailored to their needs. And they need fast results. They
                                want to be able to use the language immediately.

                              We would like to draw your attention to two business
                              English courses aimed at two different groups of students:
                              Powerbase and Market Leader.

                              Powerbase is an excellent choice for adult learners who
                              urgently need English in order to cope with everyday
                              situations at work, not necessarily on the executive level.
                              That is why the course has a focus on functional rather
                              than academic English.

Powerbase has three levels: Beginner, Elementary and Pre-intermediate. At Beginner
level, the course assumes no previous knowledge of English so is absolutely suitable for
complete beginners and builds their language ability gradually giving them the basics to
start speaking immediately. At Elementary it builds on what they know and revises basic

The skills that students will learn with Powerbase may help them progress in their
careers or become more effective in the working world where English is needed. The
course is highly practical, highly motivating, with clear, structured speaking activities.
It covers everyday vocabulary, phrases and transactions that students can use in work,
travel and social situations. Grammar is covered in gradual but progressive syllabus
which helps them build confidence. The material is lively and exciting and each topic is
looked at from a new and refreshing angle. The names, faces, places, situations and
companies used in the course material are both relevant and realistic to adults.

Each level of Powerbase has 30 – 40 hours of classroom work depending on whether
the teacher uses the Teacher’s Book activities. There are regular review sections which
give additional opportunities for revision, recycling and consolidation.

Powerbase has the following components for each level:
    Coursebook
    Teacher’s Book
    Coursebook Audio Cassette/CD
    Study Book
    Study Book Audio Cassette/CD
The Study Book provides revision, practice and consolidation activities for the material
introduced in the Coursebook. Each page of the Study Book corresponds with a lesson in
the Coursebook and can be used for homework or as additional practice in the lesson.

The Teacher’s Book is a step-by-step guide which supports teachers at every stage of the
lesson. It also includes aims of each lesson, suggestions for warmers, introductions and
alternatives, photocopiable activities for each unit, tapescripts, answers, background
information to people and companies in the Coursebook and the Exit test.

The author of Powerbase is David Evans, a writer and broadcaster who specializes in
the creation of ELT materials, in particular for the business English market.

You can download extra activities for every unit if you visit the Powerbase website:

Market Leader is an ideal course for professionally
oriented students either from the ‘in-work’ sector
(executives/managers with prior business knowledge and
experience) or from the ‘pre-work’ sector (business
students who aspire to executive positions). In both cases
this course will improve their career prospects.

Market Leader has four levels: Elementary, Pre-
intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate.
Each Course Book contains 12-14 topic-based units,
depending on the level, with additional review units.

Market Leader is a challenging course for intelligent
people. It is co-branded with The Financial Times, a highly respected business
publication. As a result, it is rich in authentic material which gives students experience
of real business media, expands their vocabulary, develops their reading skills and
increases their knowledge of key business concepts. Market Leader also features a
range of authentic listening including interviews with real business people.

The relevant contemporary topics, such as globalization, business ethics and managing
change, explore the issues that shape today’s business environment and provoke

In every unit, the comprehensive syllabus develops vocabulary, language skills,
grammar and business skills which means that students will develop a solid foundation in
the language, with the knowledge, skills and confidence to communicate and work
effectively in the business world.
The final part of each unit is devoted to Case Studies which, through group discussions
and role plays, provide an excellent opportunity for students to combine their business
expertise with their language ability in realistic business scenarios.

Market Leader is a very flexible course which can cover 60-120+ teaching hours. It
has a number of components which means that the teacher can easily expand and adapt
their lessons, tailoring the course to their students’ needs.

The basic Course Book can be extended with the activities/material from the following
     Practice File Book
     Teacher’s Resource Book
     Test File
     Specialist titles: Business Law, Banking and Finance, International Management,
       Business Grammar and Usage
     Videos (4)
     Class Audio Cassettes/CDs
     Practice File Audio Cassettes/CDs
     Web sites: www.market-leader.net and the Market Leader Premier subscription

There are also Grammar and Writing reference sections and a glossary of business terms
at the back of the Course Book.

The authors of Market Leader are David Cotton, David Falvey and Simon Kent,
experienced BE teachers, teacher trainers and lecturers at London Guildhall University.

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