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									  “I’ve always admired the Chamber Foundation and its Leadership Denver program for working to prepare the
     next generation of community leaders, ensuring that Denver’s future leadership is diverse, engaged and
                             committed to the issues that matter most to our city.”
                                                     Mayor John Hickenlooper, City of Denver

Leadership Denver is looking for those who will lead Denver in the 21st century. Each year, approximately 55 individuals come
together and spend the year learning about the challenges facing the Denver metro area. These individuals begin the year as
strangers and end the year having formed a life-long network of friends and colleagues. Most importantly, these individuals
leave Leadership Denver with a commitment to assume their responsibility as a “community trustee.” In this role, they
serve their community as an individual and they serve as a resource to their company or agency as the organization seeks to make
an effective community investment.

Leadership Denver brings together leaders for the purpose of expanding their commitment to voluntary civic responsibility. The
program also strives to enhance communications among leaders from diverse backgrounds and interests and to provide these men
and women with a practical and sophisticated understanding of the major community issues facing the Denver metro area. In doing
so, the program builds and sustains the civic infrastructure of Metro Denver by linking together future, present and past leaders.

Celebrating its 36th year, Leadership Denver is one of the oldest programs of its kind in the country. The program was created in
1974 by a group of community leaders called together by the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. Today, the alumni of
Leadership Denver number over 1,500 and include many of the key leaders within the metro area including former Governor Bill
Owens, Governor Ritter and former Mayor Wellington Webb.

Leadership Denver is a program of the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation, the 501 (c) 3 community development arm
of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. The Leadership Foundation works to promote the development of civic leadership by
members of the business community and fosters opportunities for increased cooperation among the private, public and non-profit
sectors. Other programs of the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation include the annual City-to-City Leadership
Exchange, the Leadership Alumni Network, Access Denver (for senior executives), Impact Denver (for emerging leaders), Legacy
Denver, designed to pass on the mantle of civic leadership, and the Colorado Leadership Alliance, a consortium of leadership
programs at ten universities.

We hope that you consider applying to participate in this unique educational experience in civic leadership.

Maureen McDonald                                                         Denise King
Executive Director                                                       Senior Program Manager
Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation                               Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation

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                     Leadership Denver General Application Information
Thank you for your interest in Leadership Denver. Please submit your completed application electronically to Toi
Jones ( no later than June 1, 2009 at 5:00 pm. Late applications will not be
accepted. You can obtain this application online at

Goals of Leadership Denver
    To identify leaders in business, government and the community and assist them in expanding their skills in, and
        commitment to, voluntary civic responsibility.
    To provide these men and women with a practical, in-depth understanding of major community issues facing the
        seven-county Denver metropolitan area.
    To enhance the communications network among leaders from diverse backgrounds and interests.
    To facilitate access between Leadership Denver class members and the current leadership of the community.

    Leadership Denver is a balanced combination of educational experiences, including seminars, dialogues, a retreat and a
group community action project over an 11-month period (August-June). During the fall, class members attend a two-day
retreat focusing on personal/public leadership skills and group dynamics. The retreat is complemented by day-long seminars
presented each month (usually the first Friday) which focus on significant challenges facing the Denver metropolitan area.
Leadership practices are interwoven throughout the year. Community issues covered often include education, growth, arts
and culture, health care, politics, criminal justice, and poverty. Leadership Denver alumni are a fundamental part of the
program. They commit their expertise, energy and a significant amount of time to the committee work necessary to maintain
the level of excellence in class membership and programming.

Sample Class Calendar
       June           Application Deadline
       June-July      Review of Applications and Interviews
       August         Class Members Selected
                      New Class Orientation
       September      Denver In A Day
       October        Poverty Day
       November       Two-Day Retreat
       December       Politics Day
       January        Economic Development Day
       February       Education Day
       March          Crime & Justice Day
       April          Healthcare Day
       May            Public/Private Partnerships Day
       June           Final Day and Graduation

* Tentative 2009-2010 Leadership Denver program schedule. Program day topics/dates are subject to change.

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Absence Policy
Full participation in the scheduled classes above is essential to the Leadership Denver experience. If your schedule
does not permit you to attend all classes, than it is recommended to postpone applying to Leadership Denver until your
schedule can accommodate the entire time commitment of the program. Class members are expected to arrive on time and
remain with the class for the entire session. Members are discouraged from arriving late and leaving early. Any participant
who misses more than a total of two (2) sessions will be asked to leave the program and will not receive a tuition

Online Evaluations
Class members will be required to complete online evaluations following each program day.

Program Fees
The tuition for the 2009-2010 class is $3250. Limited scholarship assistance is available (there are no full
scholarships) for candidates demonstrating need. (Scholarships are limited to representatives from small business,
government and non-profit organizations.)

Chamber membership is NOT required to submit an application. However, Chamber membership is required for
those selected to be in the class. If an applicant is selected for the class, and her/his company or organization is not a
member of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, this company or organization will be referred to the Chamber
membership department and the company or organization will be expected to sign a membership agreement which will
include a membership fee prior to the first day of class.

Because diversity is a goal of Leadership Denver, other factors affecting the make-up of the final class selected include age,
ethnicity, gender, geographic location, vocation, life experiences and industry sector. Candidates not selected in a given
year are strongly encouraged to re-apply for Leadership Denver in subsequent years.

For all class members, responsibility for payment rests with the participant, not with the employer or sponsoring
organization. Should you have to excuse yourself from the program for any reason, including relocation or change of
employment, the class program fees are non-refundable. Your employer will be unable to substitute another employee.
Class program fees are due upon admittance into the 2009-2010 Leadership Denver program unless other arrangements
are made.

Class Selection
Each summer, a class of approximately 55 participants is selected to represent a cross-section of the private/for-profit,
public and non-profit sectors throughout the region. DMCLF typically comprises its classes to reflect 70-75% private sector
participants (including a broad range of business size and industry), and 25-30% of government, education, and
nonprofit sector participants.

Leadership Denver looks for applicants who offer various combinations of this profile:
 demonstrate a strong potential for achieving senior policy-shaping responsibilities and positions of leadership, both as a
    professional and as a civic volunteer;
 have leadership experience in civic volunteer roles;
 have a strong interest and commitment to the Denver community;
 bring diversity in industry sector, life experience, age, race, ethnicity, etc.;
 will commit the time required (approximately 125 contact hours, not including work on class project) to fully engage in
    Leadership Denver;
 have employer endorsement.

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Application Process
In order to be considered for the Leadership Denver Class of 2010, an electronic application is required. No handwritten
applications, please. You can obtain this application online at

Additionally, a $60 non-refundable processing fee must accompany each application. This fee will not be credited
toward the program fees payment if you are accepted to the program. Please complete the attached application. Personal
interviews will be scheduled in July 2009 for all candidates who submit completed applications.

Applicants will be notified of their selection status by early August. If admitted, class program fees are due in full in
August, 2009 unless other arrangements have been made.

Completed Application Checklist & Instructions:
______ Application - Pages 1 & 2
______ Application fee of $60.00 – Page 3 (You may complete the attached credit card information or mail a check payable
       to the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation for the $60 processing fee.)
______ Answers to questions - Page 4 (Please do not exceed four pages in your response to the questions outlined in the
       application. You may single space using a minimum of 12 point font.)
______ Professional Resume
______ Program Fee Assistance Request Letter (only if applying for a scholarship)

*Applications will not be processed until we receive your application fee payment.

Completed applications should be sent electronically to:

             Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation
             Toi Jones
             Phone: 303.620.8078

Contact Information
If you need additional assistance regarding the application or payment process, please contact:
Toi Jones, Program Assistant, Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation
Phone: 303.620.8078 

If you have specific questions regarding the Leadership Denver program, please contact:
Denise King, Senior Program Manager, Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation
Phone: 303.620.8055 

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                     2009-2010 LEADERSHIP DENVER APPLICATION
                         Application Deadline: 5:00pm, June 1, 2009
            Application should be accompanied by $60 application processing fee

                                      APPLICATION – Page 1
 You will receive confirmation when your application has been received by the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership
        Foundation (DMCLF). If you do not receive confirmation, please contact the office at 303.620.8078.

Name _____________________________________________________________________________________

Title _____________________________________________________________________________________

Business/Organization ______________________________________________________________________

Address (work) _____________________________________________________________________________

City _______________________________ State ______________ Zip _____________________________

Telephone (work) ____________________________ FAX __________________________________________

E-Mail (work) ______________________________________________________________________________

Address (home) ____________________________________________________________________________

City _______________________________ State ______________ Zip _____________________________

Telephone (home) ___________________________ Cell __________________________________________

E-Mail (home) ______________________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth _______________________________________________________________________________

Gender ______________________________Ethnicity (optional) ____________________________________

Political Affiliation (optional) _________________________________________________________________

                                           LD 09-10 Application – Page 1
                                                APPLICATION – Page 2
Do you have an individual membership with the Chamber? Yes ______ No* ___________

Do you have a corporate membership with the Chamber? Yes ________ No* ___________

For Profit _______ (# of employees _____ ) Non-Profit ____________ Gov’t ________ Education __________
*Chamber membership is not required to submit an application. However, Chamber membership is required for those selected to be in
the class. If an applicant is selected for the class, and her/his company or organization is not a member of the Denver Metro Chamber of
Commerce, this company or organization will be referred to the Chamber membership department and the company or organization will
be expected to sign a membership agreement which will include a membership fee prior to the first day of class.

Industry Sector:

Finance/Banking ________ PR/Marketing __________ Real Estate _________ Legal _____________
Health/Medical __________ Consulting _____________
Other (please add) _______ ______________________

Have you applied to Leadership Denver before? Yes ______ No ________
If you checked yes, please designate year. _________

How did you hear about Leadership Denver?

Chamber Mailing ___________
Through Company/Organization ____________
Personal Reference _________
Chamber 100 ______________
DMCLF Board Member or DMCLF Program Alum: Name _____________________________________________
Other: Name _______________________________________________________________________________

Program Fee Assistance/Scholarship: Yes _____________ No _______________
*If yes, please submit a one page letter explaining your need, including how much you or your organization can pay. This letter will
not count toward the four-page limit.

Applicants must have the support and commitment of their employer and/or sponsoring business or
organization. The signature of the president or executive director of the business or organization is
necessary as an indication of support of the applicant’s time commitment to Leadership Denver.

Signature of Employer/Sponsor*_______________________________________________________________
*(For e-mail applications, your employer must e-mail, separately, her/his verification/approval of your application)

                                                      LD 09-10 Application – Page 1
                                         APPLICATION – Page 3

Application Fee Required -- $60.00 (Please check applicable payment type)

_____ Check made payable to Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation

                Mail check payment to:
                 Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation
                 Attn: Toi Jones, Program Assistant
                 1445 Market Street
                 Denver, CO 80202-1790

                Please write Leadership Denver 2009-2010 in the memo line of your check

_____ Credit Card

Card Type: VISA ____MC _____ Amex ___

Credit Card # ______________________________________________ Exp. Date ______________________

Name on Card ______________________________________

Signature: By submitting this credit card information electronically, you authorize the DMCLF to charge your card
for $60.00.

*If you do not feel comfortable entering your credit card information electronically, please contact Toi Jones at
303.620.8078 to give your information over the phone.

                   Applications will not be processed until we receive your application fee.

For Internal Use Only: GL# 100-4100-000

                                               LD 09-10 Application – Page 3
                                        APPLICATION – Page 4

Please address the following topics in four pages or less. Use the following
topics/questions as your headings. We ask that you do not use less than 12 point font and
you may single space.
1. Employment:
    A. Current job title, brief job description and summary outlining your previous professional experience and
    educational background. Also, include professional and business organizations. For each activity,
    indicate the nature of your participation and include any offices held.

     B. Describe how you have demonstrated leadership, lead change and achieved results in your professional
     or position.

2. Civic, Community and Volunteer Activities:
     A. Please list the civic and community/volunteer activities in which you have been involved in the past five
     years, indicating the nature of your participation and any offices you have held. Also, list any award or
     special recognition you have received. If you have not been involved in any community activities, please
     explain why.

     B. Select one of the items you listed and tell us about the leadership role you played and how this
     issue/organization was impacted by your contributions.

3. Long Term Goals:
    Describe your vision for the future of the Denver metropolitan community and tell us what role you will play in
    helping achieve it. Be specific about the activities you plan to pursue.

4. Why Leadership Denver?
    A. Share with us why you are interested in the program and how involvement in Leadership Denver can
    benefit the plan you outlined in number 3.

     B. How will other members of the class of 2010 benefit from your unique person as a participant in
     Leadership Denver?

Please include your professional resume as part of your application (resume does not count toward four
page application limit).

                                              LD 09-10 Application – Page 4

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