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									                                     Codman Square Health Council
                                           February 22, 2012
                                637 Washington Street 02124 Conf. Room A
Welcome and Introduction
The Codman Square Health Council brings residents and organizations together to improve the health of the
Boston Public Health Commission’s Health of Boston Report in Codman Square
On December 7, 2011 the Codman Square Health Council organized the annual community report on
health. The well-attended event was focused on health planning and visioning for the community. The draft
report was presented to the group for feedback.
· Bullet the asset list
· Bullet the vision list
· Add the feedback the from the individual sheets
· Update priorities-Based on the vision responses it is clear that the three priorities form 2011 (Greater
Wellness, Substance Abuse, Peace Promotion) have advanced into four priorities for 2012: 1. Healthy Eating, 2.
Active living, 3. Tobacco-Free Living and 4. Peace Promotion. Greater Wellness encompassed both healthy
eating and active living but the report shows that residents want to see more of both efforts. For next steps, a
subcommittee will get the edits to Aliza Wasserman by Wednesday.
Up Coming Trainings
The Mass in Motion training for Dorchester on the Move is 2.29.2012.
The Harvard School of Public Health is hosting a training on Health Assessments for 8 Thursdays in March
from 12 – 2 p.m.
For more information on these trainings contact Bill Loesch at
1. The Codman Square Farmers Market will be held Thursdays 1-6 p.m. from June 21st to October 25th. We
applied for the Wholsome Wave FVRx Program and will hear back in April. Annika Nielsen is the new market
manager and can be reached at
2. Smoke-Free Housing - The Boston Housing Authority (BHA) is going smoke-free. 64 buildings, 12,000
units 27,0000 families will have clean air. Working with the Boston Alliance for Community Health (BACH),
the BOLD Teens are developing a mural with muralist Gregg Bernstein. The mural showcases tobacco-free
living and will be hung up in a BHA buildings informing residents of the new policy.
3. Smoke-Free Hospitals and Health Centers - Around 8 Boston hospitals have gone smoke-free on all their
property and some local health centers seek to follow. The Codman Square Health Council will continue to
work with the Codman Square Health Center to adopt a similar policy.
4. Boston Public Health Commission has a funding opportunity for food and fitness. The Codman Square
Health Council may look into it to support the Codman Square Farmers Market.
Next Health Council meeting - Wednesday March 14, 2012 5- 6 p.m.
Thereafter, we will meet the second Wednesday of each month at the Codman Square Health Center.

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