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									Where Should You Go to School for Accounting?

 For a lot of professions, getting a degree at a
specific college is very important. Firms want
the lawyers that come from Yale, Stanford or
Harvard University. These schools are reputed
to have some of the hardest working, young
students in the country. We often envision
these students grinding their way through the
toughest curriculum around while burning the
midnight oil to stay caught up.

And if you visit these schools today, you’ll find
that that is truly the case. Many can’t afford to
spend time with their friends because they have so much work to do. This can negatively affect
candidates for other professions. The best jobs are taken by people with a degree from one of the
prestige universities. Consequently, many aspiring accountants, nurses or politicians often search for the
number one ranked schools before they’ll even consider the universities close to home.

Working in Accounting
For those already in the working arena, dedicating the time to work like the full-time students can’t be
an option. Your responsibilities as an established adult can be time consuming for the amount of work
these prestigious schools require, making it impossible to attend these universities. How then will you
get the best job if you can’t go to the best schools?

                                               Luckily, for some careers, candidates would be better off
                                               attending a local college than get into a prestigious one.
                                               Accounting is one of those career paths. Aspiring
                                               accountants don’t need a big name school attached to
                                               their name. In fact, just as long as you have a degree,
                                               most any company will hire you to keep their books, and
                                               they’ll pay you well for it too. They don’t care about
                                               where you got your accounting degree from, they just
                                               care that you have it. The reason for this is that every
school that offers the program is required to follow strict guidelines given by the State Boards of

Accountancy Boards
This board closely monitors the curriculum taught to all future accountants and regulates changes as
they are needed. Therefore, the only thing you need to check before applying to the major is whether or
not they are accredited. Look for the AACSB (The Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)
accreditation. If it has it, then it’s golden.

There are many schools that operate in the same way. Whether you graduate from and Ivy League
School or branch of a smaller school, a degree in accounting will allow you to be a reliable accountant,
anywhere. The curriculum is very similar and the businesses you will work for understand that.

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