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									NetDimensions Releases Enterprise Knowledge Platform 5.0
Hong Kong – January 31, 2008 – NetDimensions, a global provider of learning, knowledge and
performance management systems, today announces the release of Enterprise Knowledge
Platform (EKP) 5.0, the latest version of its flagship offering.

“EKP 5.0 is the breakthrough release that customers and others have been asking for,” said Ray
Ruff, NetDimensions Chief Information Officer. “Today, we’re revealing new and significant
enhancements in accessibility, resource management and usability as well as major courseware
interface and customer-requested improvements. That’s great news for our customers and
other organizations eager to provide their employees with the best learning management
system possible for ongoing training for sales, service, certification, and compliance purposes.”

Building on existing EKP capabilities, the 5.0 release will enhance EKP with support for SCORM
2004 and with accessibility improvements which include a new Application Programming
Interface (the Portal Toolkit API) that permits the creation of custom satellite sites that are
catered to specific user communities yet transparently make use of sophisticated EKP services.

There are also new Resource Management upgrades that make it easier to manage educational
facilities. Upgraded features include the ability to identify instructors qualified to lead a
particular course, as well as resource booking and scheduling.
The new coupon-based payment mechanism allows administrators to allocate pre-paid coupons
to learners for specific courses, while examination enhancements now allow instructors to
create assessments with time limits for individual questions.

“Taken as a whole, the upgrades represent an important developmental milestone for EKP. This
new release will help training managers make more informed decisions and allocate resources
more productively than ever before while offering new options for conducting assessments and
providing access to users”, Ruff noted.

“EKP 5.0 convincingly illustrates NetDimensions’ commitment to ensuring that its products
continuously evolve in terms of accessibility, ease of use, functionality and capability to meet
changing market and customer requirements.”

About NetDimensions:
Established in 1999 and listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM (NETD), NetDimensions is a
global provider of learning, knowledge and performance management systems. The company’s
key products include the Enterprise Knowledge Platform (EKP), the Enterprise Assessment
Platform (EAP) and the Enterprise Content Platform (ECP). NetDimensions delivers and
manages corporate training, career development, assessment and certification programs, and
helps clients around the world address growing regulatory compliance needs.

Recognized as one of the top-rated learning technology suppliers in overall customer
satisfaction, NetDimensions has been chosen by multinational organizations worldwide including
HSBC, ING and Cathay Pacific.

Enterprise Knowledge Platform and EKP are trademarks of NetDimensions Ltd.
SCORM is a registered trademark of Advanced Distribution Learning of the Office of the U.S.
Secretary of Defense.
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