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					    Getting a package deal for a website’s
    search engine optimisation services is now a
        standard offer by SEO companies.

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  Getting a package deal for a website’s search engine
optimisation services is now a standard offer by SEO companies It
is for both websites that have been in the game for some time and
for newly established ones There is always a set of services that
can be availed to prime the website The most important thing for a
website is to appear in the first page of search engine results   A
search engine optimisation service involves the research of
keywords that matter the most to a business
 It is essentially a directory submission service that enables the links
to a website to be picked up by search engine spiders The
submissions are designed to match search engine algorithms such
that the websites abide by their natural growth stipulations        It also
involves the submission of articles with those relevant keywords in
the title and in the body of the article Submissions and a complete
link building service can only be done by experts who are careful to
the last detail and employ good timing A typical search engine
optimisation service package could include:          1000 directory
submissions over 3 months          1000 article submissions over 10
months        Bonus article submissions        Link Wheel made through
the link building service       Contextual link building    20 niche blog
reviews       300 Blog comments         2 Squidoo lens creations        2
press releases        At the end of the packaged search engine
optimisation service, a detailed report is given to the webmaster
 This brings him/her up to speed with the website’s standing
He/she will easily track the website’s ranking as it progresses
in search engine results The timed submissions will make sure that
search engines pick it and in turn the search results will bring in more
traffic to the website     In addition to this, the website may be in
need of a reputation management service The website or its
associated company may be getting some bad rep over a service,
product, or policy
 It may come from a former client, former employee, competition, or
an independent reviewer        Reputation management services are
white hat services that are based on replacing the bad news with
positive submissions in the search engine directories Effectively, the
links to bad reputations are buried deep in search engine results and
are as good as gone The fast response to attacks on a
company’s reputation may halt the situation When the
reputation management service is done well, it may even reverse the
     Increasing the popularity of your website has become easier
with the proliferation of social media The different platforms that
users network with always feature highly in search results The
search engine optimisation service should be able to help the
website keep up with social media by doing periodic book-marking
  Posting in forums too is as effective as blog creation since it is a
different avenue for users to divulge information It is always
important to consider the industry that the website is click this
involved in and its targeted niche audience
 This is considered during all the facets of search engine optimisation
services Thus, from keyword research, directory submission service
to reputation management services are highly targeted
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