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									 William Hildyard Church of England Primary and Nursery School
Welcome to our Christmas edition of the                             Snowy Weather
          Governors’ Newsletter
We have had many occasions to celebrate         As many schools across Lincolnshire closed due to the
since returning to school in September.         snowy weather, we were fortunate that our school stayed
These are just a few of them:                   open. This came however, with a few problems of its own.
     Our pupils’ academic                      Burst pipes meant that a new floor had to be placed in one
       achievements in 2009 placed us in        of our mobile classrooms, HillBilly’s pipes froze and due to
       the top 5% of all schools                the sheer amount of removal of snow and spreading of grit,
       nationally.                              our Caretaker was unable to resume his normal duties.
     We celebrated the opening of our          Although we would have loved for our children to play out
       new administration area and              in the snow, at no point was it deep enough on the school
       library alongside our Harvest            field for building snowmen and the playground has been too
       Festival and a visit from the            icy for play at break times. It was a mammoth effort by
       Bishop of Grantham.                      everyone concerned to ensure that hot school meals could
     We received two Bishops from              be eaten in the school hall and the hall set up with chairs in
       the Church of South India.               time for the two Christmas Concerts.
     The children have performed               We are very proud of our children for the way in which they
       brilliantly in Christmas concerts        have coped and we would like to say a big thank you to all
       and Carol Services.                      our parents, relatives and friends who have continued to
     The PTFA have done a superb               support the school through this trying time.
       job in raising money for                 The Governors would particularly like to thank the school
       equipment and activities for the         staff for their hard work and dedication in all their duties
       pupils.                                  and especially at this time of year when there are so many
     We opened ‘Acorn’ our Pre-                more activities taking place in school. We are very
       school Mothers and Toddlers              fortunate to have such talented and enthusiastic staff who go
       group.                                   out of their way to support our children.
     Teachers from other schools have          We wish them all a very relaxing and enjoyable Christmas
       been sent to observe the excellent       and New Year.
       practice taking place in our

                                             Sharing with the community
                    Children have been outstanding in representing our school with their talents on a
                    number of occasions during the run-up to Christmas. It began with pupils from Key
                    Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 singing at the Christmas Market held in the Market Place. On
                    Saturday 4th December pupils from Years 5 and 6 sang at the Grimesthorpe Colliery
                    Band Concert held by The Rotary Club of Deeping at the Deepings Leisure Centre.
       On 13th December members of the Dramatic Arts Club recited poems and sung songs to the people
       at The Laurels Residential Home and on 14th December Year 6 welcomed guests to the Senior
       Citizens Christmas Party. There was food and entertainment from each year group of pupils in
       school and community Carol singing to end the afternoon with a swing.
       All of these occasions show the community how talented our youngsters are and how willing they
       are to give their time to make others feel happy and joyous at this special time of year. The school
       is inundated with messages of thanks for their contribution to the community.
                                     Parent Governor Profile
                                           Liz Blackler
As one of 5 girls, I grew up and was educated in a very strong Irish Catholic community in Middlesbrough,
something of which I am very proud. Even though it is a very industrial town we were no further than an
hour away from a wide variety of inspiring landscapes, such as the North Yorkshire moors and coastline,
Lake District and the Dales. I feel these places fascinated me and were the reason why I went on to study
Geography and Geology firstly at A level and then at degree level in Huddersfield.

I have always felt a strong connection with the outdoors and I decided that the only way I could pass on
my enthusiasm was through teaching. I worked in a couple of large inner city comprehensive schools and
then in a more rural comprehensive school in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. I absolutely loved teaching to a
wide range of age and ability students.

I am married to Paul and have three children, Sam, Beth and Eve. Due to my husband’s work
commitments we found ourselves living in Market Deeping. Looking for a school for Sam and Beth was
not difficult with a number of very good schools on our doorstep. However William Hildyard was a
definite choice with it being smaller and more personal than the children’s previous school. It being a
church school was great too because of my own education.

We all settled very quickly and it wasn’t long before I felt the need to get back to work. Whilst looking I
offered to help in school and worked in Nursery, Y1 and Y2. Soon I was working as a Teaching Assistant
helping with a literacy programme and then on a 1:1 basis with a special needs child. This time in school
was a massive learning experience for me working with younger children and to see how different the
teaching and management was in a primary school. I really enjoyed working closely with all members of
staff and found working with the children fascinating and enjoyable. I have been reassured we made the
best choice for our children in William Hildyard which is an outstanding school with fabulous staff,
wonderful children from all backgrounds, an enriched curriculum and a real Christian, inclusive ethos.

When Eve was born I was no longer able to work but wanted to keep my connection with the school so
when the vacancy for a parent governor came up I knew it would be a good way to be involved. Attending
meetings it really shows me the hard work that goes into running our school and that Mrs. Griffiths has the
children totally in mind whilst managing that.

The idea of setting up a ‘Mums and Tots’ group came during a governor meeting and to make it different
to any other local group a strong outdoor element was incorporated. I feel strongly that the children should
be outside playing from an early age, and that it can have a wide range of benefits to them and us! Our
group is called ‘Acorns’ and we are fortunate to have the use of ride-on toys, hoops and balls from
Nursery, plus the wooden outdoor equipment for outside play. We have made leaf collages, bird feeders
and decorated cakes for ‘Children in Need’ and of course mums get that well earned cuppa! We have had
a festive trip to Baytree to see Santa’s Grotto. We will be up and running again in the New Year and look
forward to more Mums and Tots joining us. With that I would like to wish all the staff, parents and

     The governors and staff wish you all a very happy

The Clerk to The Governors: gloria.roche@williamhildyard.lincs.sch.uk
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