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					  A Program in Medium Energy Nuclear Physics
                     Nuclear Physics Laboratory
              University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

     D. H. Beck*, P. T. Debevec, M. Grosse Perdekamp, D. W. Hertzog*,
   P. Kammel, N. C. R. Makins, A. M. Nathan, J.-C. Peng, S. E. Williamson

         Summary of Main Points
         The Physics We Are Doing
         Education and Outreach

         The Resources Needed

*Co-PIs                             Overview, NSF Site Visit, December 2008 Page 1
              Summary of Major Points
   Our research program is at the forefront of our field
   20 grad students, reflecting the inviting nature of our projects
   We continue to take on leading roles in large-scale projects
   Our success depends on…
      Quality, size, and coherence of our group
      Highly experienced research physicists
      Top quality postdocs and students
      Excellent technical support
      Strong funding from NSF and UIUC

                               Overview, NSF Site Visit, December 2008 Page 2
                NPL RESEARCH STAFF
    Faculty        Research Physicists             Graduate Students
  Doug Beck         Peter Kammel
                                                     Chu, Ping-Han (JCP)
                                                     Crnkovic, Jason (DH)
  Paul Debevec      Steve Williamson                 Ely, Seth Ryland (JCP)
  Matthias                                           Joosten, Sylvester (NM)
                                                     Kiburg, Brendan (DH/PK)
                         Postdocs                    Knaack, Sara (PK)
  David Hertzog                                      Koster, John (MGP)
                    Markus Diefenthaler
  Naomi Makins                                       Lamb, Rebecca (NM)
                    Young Jin Kim                    Leitgab, Martin (MGP)
  Alan Nathan                                        McKinney, Cameron (MGP)
                    Serdar Kizilgul
  Jen-Chieh Peng                                     Meredith, Beau (MGP)
                    Chris Polly                      Muether, Mathew (DB)
                    Anselm Vossen                    Myers, Luke (AN)
                                                     Ngai, Wah Kai (JCP)
                    Peter Winter                     Rubin, Josh (NM)
                                                     Schroeder, Noah (DH)
 = Out of town                                       Wang, Youcai (JCP)
                                                     Webber, David (DH)
Today, we are running at LUND, JLAB and PSI          Yang, Ruizhe (MGP)
                                                     Yoder, Jacob (DB)
35 on research staff !
                                    Overview, NSF Site Visit, December 2008 Page 3
      7 Ph.Ds Awarded During the Current Grant Period
 Name               Advisor   Thesis title
 Andrus,            Makins    Measurement of the transverse spin polarization of the Lambda in quasi-real
 Aaron                        photo-production and electro-production at HERMES
 (Epics Corp)

 Bailey, Paul       Makins    A measurement of the contribution of the gluon to the spin of the nucleon

 Chitwood,          Hertzog   A measurement of the mean life of the positive muon with a precision of
 Daniel                       11 ppm

 Clayton,           Kammel    Measurement of the rate of muon capture in hydrogen gas and
                              determination of the proton’s pseudoscalar coupling

 Linden-Levy,       Makins    On extracting hadron multiplicities and unpolarized nucleon structure ratios
 Loren                        from sides data at the HERMES experiment

 Danagoulian,       Nathan    Measurements of Compton scattering on the proton at 2–6 GeV

 Nakahara,          Beck      Measurement of the strange quark contribution to proton structure through
 Kazutaka                     parity-violating electron-proton scattering

*2009 APS Dissertation prize in Nuclear Physics

                                                  Overview, NSF Site Visit, December 2008 Page 4
          engagement Students Active in 2005–2008
  ActiveTable 5. Undergraduate Researchof undergraduates
Name             Project
Bassett, Dan             PHENIX RPC R&D: drift chamber PCBs
Burnap, Alexander        PHENIX RPC R&D: drift chamber re-build
Casperson, Paul          nEDM R&D
Chan, Edwin              Daya Bay: 9Li background study
Deinlein, George         PHENIX RPC R&D: drift chamber re-build
Dunklau, Danette         nEDM: lightguide simulation
Fang, Henry              nEDM: measurement of 3He relaxation
Francisconi, Patricia*   Belle fragmentation function QCD analysis
Goldberg, Leah           PHENIX RPC R&D: Bakelite surface coating
Hislop, Richard          Physics of Baseball: Analysis of Pitchf/x data
Hu, Bei-Zhen             nEDM: measurement of spin-dressing
Johnson, Paul            PHENIX RPC R&D: RPC prototype construction
Kilpatrick, Kyle         Physics of Baseball: A study of baseball bat performance
Kim, Hye Ryong           PHENIX: Monte Carlo study on transverse spin in Drell Yan at RHIC
Kim, Yongsun             PHENIX RPC R&D: Trigger electronics and DAQ for the RPC test stand
Komperda, Randy          nEDM: 3He relaxation study
Kunkle, Josh             MuLan: muon corridor stops
Lee, Chang**             PHENIX RPC: RPC prototype construction, rate capability measurements
Leitgab, Martin*         Belle analysis: Hadron fragmentation function measurement
Mangialardi, Michael     MuLan: cosmic ray background and angular distribution
Mucia, Nicholas          PHENIX RPC R&D: RPC prototype design and construction
Natoli, Tyler            PHENIX RPC R&D: RPC design, 2D efficiency measurements
Ngan, Sze Yuen           nEDM R&D and simulation
Nichols, Timothy         nEDM: 3He polarization
Pimpinella, Rich         MuCap experiment and CAD design of HV current sensor
Rao, Gaurav              PHENIX RPC R&D: Analysis
Ryer, Jonathan           MuSun: Design and Electronic Performance of the new cryo TPC
Samuels, Kristen         nEDM: AFM application
Sedwick, Ken             PHENIX MPC: construction, UCR student
Sham, Chun-Hong          nEDM: simulation and measurement of spin-dressing
So, Lok Hang             nEDM: 3He polarization
Strack, Jason            PHENIX RPC Monte Carlo simulations
Sun, Yi                  Lund Deuteron Compton Experiment: Detector Monte Carlo simulations
Tech, Sebastian          PHENIX RPC R&D: electronics, Dortmund University student
Thoren, Ben              Physics of Baseball: Analysis of high-speed baseball-bat collisions
Veicht, Aaron            PHENIX MPC: analysis
Wojtaszek, Lukas         MuSun: Optimized Algorithm for Track Recognition
Wolfe, Brett             MuLan: laser calibration of time and gain shifts
                                            Overview, NSF Site Visit, December 2008 Page 5
    Guidance from the Nuclear Physics
       Long Range Plan – Dec. 2007
•QCD and the Structure of Hadrons
•Phases of Nuclear Matter
•Nuclei: From Structure to Exploding Stars
•In Search of the New Standard Model

   Our group has had significant input
   in planning the next 10 year science
     Scientific Themes that Guide our Group

   Precision measurements
      Establish standard model parameters of particle physics
      Test sensitively for physics beyond the SM
        • These efforts play an important complementary role to
          the direct discoveries anticipated at the LHC

   Confronting QCD at a fundamental level
      Determine the role of quarks, antiquarks & gluons to the
       internal structure and properties of hadrons
      Understand the origin of hadron spin
        • Quark and gluon spin and orbital angular momentum
               Some Highlights – details later
        Standard Model   Our Expt.
                                                         HERME S

Anomalous magnetic moment                   Anti-quark orbital motion      Final Collins asymmetries
         of muon                                                                   from Belle

                                        GF to 5 ppm
                                           (from tm)

Strange quark contribution           Weak interaction strength        Determination of the pseudoscalar
     to proton density                                                           coupling gP
                  Confronting QCD …
(A) nPOL: Neutron polarizability                                       Data taking
    Alan Nathan                                                         complete
(B) HERMES: Proton structure  origin of proton spin
    Naomi Makins

(C) G0: Proton structure  strange quark content in the proton
    Doug Beck, Steve Williamson

(D) PHENIX: hadron formation, proton structure  origin of proton spin
    Matthias Grosse Perdekamp

(E) JLab Transversity: hadron formation  proton spin
    Jen-Chieh Peng

(F) E906: u / d quark asymmetry in nucleon  quark sea decomposition
    Jen-Chieh Peng, Naomi Makins

                                                        Active data taking or design
               Precision Measurements
                                                                                  Data taking
(A) MuLan: Measurement of the Fermi constant        (to 0.5 ppm)                   complete
    Paul Debevec, David Hertzog, Peter Kammel

(B) MuCap: Measurement of pseudoscalar coupling constant             (to few %)
     Peter Kammel, David Hertzog

(C) MuSun: Measurement of muon capture on the deuteron (to few %)
     Peter Kammel, David Hertzog

(D) nEDM: Measurement of the neutron electric dipole-moment (to 2x10-28 e cm)
     Doug Beck, Jen-Chieh Peng, Steve Williamson

(E) Daya Bay: Measurement of q13 neutrino mixing angle         (to few degrees)
     Jen-Chieh Peng

(F) New Muon g-2: Measurement of the muon magnetic moment (to 0.14 ppm)
    Paul Debevec, David Hertzog, Peter Kammel

(G) Mu2e: Charged lepton violation test (to 10-16 BR !)
    Paul Debevec, David Hertzog, Peter Kammel                 Active data taking or design
                      Long-Term Experimental Planning
                 2007       2008          2009      2010           2011        2012      2013   2014
                 Current grant              This proposal                        Next cycle
PHENIX*                             RPC
E866/E906                                 Hodo. + Gas syst.
nEDM                                      Helium-3 systems
Daya Bay**                   PMTs
MuSun                                     TPC
Next g2                      Beam                   Calo
Mu2e                                                             Calo
*Phenix and fragmentation function analyses efforts are ongoing continuously
**Analysis ongong through run periods
Legend:          R&D/Design         Const/Tests         Run      Analysis      Completed

             Tables of “Who does What” should be in your

                                                       Overview, NSF Site Visit, December 2008 Page 11
             Experiments that Completed Data Taking
                           (highlights and current analysis)

   G0:           Backward data on H and D targets  GSE, GSM and GSA separately

   HERMES:       Analysis highlights include constraints on
                   Orbital L for antiquarks in the proton sea

                   Total angular momentum J of quarks and gluons in the proton

   nPol          Compton scattering on the deuteron  neutron polarizability

   Muon g-2:     All data now published on am , dm, Lorentz / CPT test
                   Dam is >3 s from SM theory

   MuLan:        Final ~ 2x1012 events being analyzed
                   Published tm to 11 ppm; new GF to 5 ppm

   MuCap:        Final large data set being analyzed
                   Published gp in agreement with cPT

   FNAL866       Analysis of Drell-Yan data yields constraints on
                   Gluon distributions in the proton and neutron
                   Spin-orbit correlation of antiquarks in the nucleon

                                         Overview, NSF Site Visit, December 2008 Page 12
                Ongoing and Developing Projects
                      (some highlights and activities)
   PHENIX       Construction projects (MPCs, RPCs) and Analysis efforts
                  SSAs in di-hadron interference fragmentation in polarized pp.
                  Completed two MPCs and started RPC factory
   Belle        Final direct determination of Collins fragmentation function
   FNAL E906    Drell-Yan at 120 GeV; approved for 2010 run, construction starting
   MuSun        New PSI m-d capture experiment approved in 2008
                  Developed first TPC pad readout test station
                  First TPC test / commissioning run ongoing now
   Daya Bay     Measurement of q13
                  Peng is PMT leader (there are a lot of PMTs!)
                  @Illinois, PMT test laboratory; magnetic field influence, 2D scans, …
   nEDM         Major R&D and Design / Construction effort
                  Measurements of polarized 3He relaxation and dressed spin
                  Developed large-aperture superfluid He prototype valve assembly.
   New g-2      New proposal in development
                  Beam design and overall planning
                  New W/SciFi calorimeter built and tested

                                        Overview, NSF Site Visit, December 2008 Page 13
  Our experiments are located remotely
             FNAL          Long Island

                                               PSI, Switzerland
Instrumentation development
    and analysis at Illinois

                                                                    KEK, JPARC

                                                                  Daya Bay
 SNS, Oak Ridge

               Newport News
                               DESY, Germany
    To answer fundamental questions, requires
     custom equipment. These are built here.
a              b       c           d       e       f

g          h               i

                   k           l       m       n
To answer fundamental questions, requires
 custom equipment. These are built here.

On this campus we are preparing key parts of a new
   neutron EDM measurement with 2x10-28 e-cm
As we have done

Here, the G0
torroid magnet is
being mapped at in
old NPL accelerator
high-bay, prior to
shipping to JLab
          MPC Production at Illinois in the NPL
MPC assembly team in Urbana
Dmitri Aleksandrov                  Kurchatov
Frank Ellinghaus
 pre-amp and APD-Holder gluing      Colorado
 UV Eyser
Olegcuring                          UCR
Don Isenhower                       ACU
Andrey Kazantsev TYVEK wrap
 crystal cleaning and               Kurchatov
Nathan Means                        Stony Brook
 APD and crystal gluing UCR
Ken Sedwick*
 (36 Watts*
Colehours curing in jigs) ACU
John Wood*                          ACU
 wrapping preparation
Ryan Wright*                        ACU
 aluminum and tetlar wrapping
John Blackburn                      Illinois
John Kostertest stand
 calibration                        Illinois
Beau Meredith                       Illinois
Ruizhe Yang                         Illinois
Aaron Veicht*                       Illinois
Hazel Kim*                          Illinois
Tyler Natoli*                       Illinois
*undergraduate students
                                     reflective wrap

Avalanche Photo Diode (APD) Gluing         light tight wrap

        PbWO4 + APD + Preamp
                              Technical Staff
   David Northacker: Assistant Research Physicist
       chamber gas system design expert
       experienced national lab tech
       now at BNL supporting the RPC factory
       E906 chamber gas design

   Eric Thorsland: Research Engineering Assistant
       design, machining, welding, vacuum, assembly, testing
       glass blowing, laser expert
       Phenix piston calorimeter
       EDM test apparatus

   John Blackburn: Physical Sciences Technical Assistant
       Inventor design; scintillator specialist, machining
       PHENIX piston calorimeter
       MuLan detector
       EDM test apparatus

                                          Overview, NSF Site Visit, December 2008 Page 21
                        Senior Research Physicists

   Peter Kammel: Research Associate Professor
      MuSun: Conceived, designed, proposed and leading this new, approved PSI
       experiment (see talk).
      MuCap: Conceived, designed, proposed and led experiment (see talk)
      New (g-2)m: His planning and beam designs led to the current FNAL plan
      Supervised Clayton (Dissertation prize); Now supervising 2 Ph.D. students
       (with dwh); advisor to numerous research undergraduates
      Mu2e; Exec. Board; muon capture expert

   Steve Williamson: Principal Research Scientist
      nEDM: Subsystem manager 3He services (see talk)
      Prior: was G0: Experiment Coordinator, Run Coordinator, and Magnet
       Subsystem Manager

Senior Research Physicists critical for us to take on major new projects
                                       Overview, NSF Site Visit, December 2008 Page 22
Leadership and Scientific Service by an Active Staff

   Spokesperson, co-spokesperson, deputy-spokesperson roles
    in 8 experiments (G0, nPOL, Transversity-JLab, PHENIX, MuLan, MuCap, MuSun, g-2)

   Run-, Technical-, or Analysis-Coordinators in several
    experiments (e.g. HERMES, G0)

   > 100 invited talks in last 3 years

   Chairs, co-chairs, or organizing committees for workshops
    and conferences (several here in Urbana)

   Service work for DNP, NSF, DOE, NSAC-LRP, NSAC
    subcommittees, NuSAG, PACs at LUND, J-PARC, BNL, JLAB

   Reviewers and editorial service for several journals

                                        Overview, NSF Site Visit, December 2008 Page 23
                Service Examples & Recognitions
                          (I picked out a few; see CVs for many more)

   Chair BNL Program Advisory Committee (Beck)
   Arnold T. Nordsieck Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2007 (Beck)
   Center for Advanced Study Associate 2009/2010 (Beck)
   Chair LUND Electron Accelerator Program Advisory Committee (Debevec)
   NSAC Long Range Plan (Hertzog)
   Chair CIPANP 2006 (Hertzog)
   APS Fellowship for 2009 (Kammel)
   NSAC and Long Range Plan (Makins)
   BNL & JLAB Program Advisory Committees (Makins)
   NuSAG Subcommittee (Makins)
   USA Baseball Bat Advisory Committee (Nathan)
   Fellowship Committee of the DNP (Peng)
   J-PARC Program Advisory Committee (Peng)
   Co-Chair, Workshop on DG in the Nucleon, Urbana, 2008 (Perdekamp)
   Co-Chair, Workshop on Parity Violating Asymmetries at RHIC RBRC, (Perdekamp)
   Co-Chair, Workshop on Physics with Polarized Protons at RHIC II BNL (Perdekamp)
   Xerox Award for Research Excellence – 2009 (Perdekamp)

   2009 APS Dissertation Prize in Nuclear Physics (Clayton)

                                             Overview, NSF Site Visit, December 2008 Page 24
                             Organizing Scientific Meetings
                                            (and many more)
                                                                                                     INSTITUTE        FOR   NUCLEAR THEORY
                                        Hertzog (chair)
                                        Beck                                                                      Contact | Search | SIte Map

                                        Peng                              Li-Bang Wang -2006 Dissertation Award
                                                                                in Nuclear Physics Recipient
                                                                                                 Soft Photons and Light Nuclei
May 30 – June 3, 2006                   Willenbrock
                                                                                                       June 16-20, 2008
                                                                                                      Co-sponsored by the
                                                                                                 University of Illinois and TUNL

  Gluon Polarization in the Nucleon      PHENIX Collaboration Meeting                         Nuclear Medium Effects on the Quark
                                              University of Illinois at Urbana-
  Joint Illinois-MIT-RBRC Workshop                      Champaign                               and Gluon Structure of Hadrons
      ~ June 16-17 2008, Urbana, IL ~
                                                ~ July 17-19 2008, Urbana, IL ~
                                                                                                        June 3-7, 2008
                                                                                                       ECT*, Trento, Italy

                                                        Overview, NSF Site Visit, December 2008 Page 25
We invest in a range of “Broader Impacts” activities
   Research  classroom
      Undergraduates and research
      Physics and general “problems” and
       pedagogical methods transferred into
       general Math curriculum
      Modern physics experimental lab re-
       development with new “near research”
   Outreach efforts
      Saturday Honors Physics Program
      Physics of Baseball

   Research Educational
     20 graduate students; 38 undergraduates, REU
     Physics communications short course at CIPANP
   Underserved populations
     Middle school girls science project
     Midwest Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics

                                    Overview, NSF Site Visit, December 2008 Page 26
CONSTANT EFFORT SCENARIO – 2 faculty summer salaries removed
Details in Doug’s presentation later …
                  Overview of Budget – Year 1

                        Tuition charges

                                   University mandated overhead
                                Overview, NSF Site Visit, December 2008 Page 27
           Management Plan – no changes
   Major issues involve whole group; monthly meetings
     Evaluation of current and future research directions
     Hiring postdocs, grant issues, tech time requests
   Each project runs its own budget
     Equipment, travel, supplies allocated annually per request
      and inline with approved proposal
   6 years ago, we assigned specific P.I. responsibilities
    and this plan has worked well

                  Duty                              Primary
                  Space (offices, labs)             Doug
                  Computers and support             Dave
                  Tech work plan                    Doug
                  NSF communication                 Dave
                  Proposal issues                   Dave
                  Monthly staff meetings            Dave
                  Budet issues                      Doug
                  Travel, dislocation               Dave
                  Equipment purchase                Doug
                  Student employment                Dave

                                     Overview, NSF Site Visit, December 2008 Page 28
              Reiteration of Major Points
   Our research program is at the forefront of our field
   20 grad students, reflecting the inviting nature of our projects
   We continue to take on leading roles in large-scale projects
   Our success depends on…
      Quality, size, and coherence of our group
      Highly experienced research physicists
      Top quality postdocs and students
      Excellent technical support
      Strong funding from NSF and UIUC

             Now, here comes the science program !!!
                                Overview, NSF Site Visit, December 2008 Page 29

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