social performance report by HC121002225841


									                           Achievement Report 2010
of Harbin Bank in Microfinance Social Performance Management

Part One:
        Harbin Bank successfully initiated the study of China microfinance
social performance management. In order to promote the development of
inclusive finance in China and enhance its ability of microfinance study,
Microfinance R&D Center, a headquarter department of Harbin Bank, together with
Rural Development Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and
China Association of Microfinance (CAM), successfully initiated in 2010 the study
of China Microfinance Social Performance Management ——A Case Study of
Harbin Bank, which is the first in this field.
        This research report made a detailed analysis on the standards, best
practice and post-assessment mechanism of China microfinance social
performance management, and proposed directive suggestions for China
microfinance practitioners. Part of this research report has been published by
China national journal Rural Finance Research, and a book edition of the whole
report will be presented through CASS to the top management of Chinese central
        This initiative study has further consolidated Harbin Bank’s leading role in
promoting China microfinance development and enhanced its voices in the
theoretical study of China microfinance, which is of great importance for the bank
to build itself into a domestically top-class, internationally well-known microfinance

Part Two:
         Harbin Bank takes the lead in China banking institutions to obtain the
Internationally-Recognized Certificate for Microfinance Social Performance
Assessment. In January 2011,China for the first time took part in the social
performance assessment training course held in Mexico by SEEP. Mr. Zheng
Yuhe, a key microfinance manager of Harbin Bank attended the training course

and was successfully gained the Internationally-Recognized Certificate for
Microfinance Social Performance Assessment. At present, there are only 4
persons were granted this honor in China.

Part Three:
      In April 2011, Harbin Bank won “The Top 10 Financial Products Prize”
and “The Best Company Social Responsibility Prize” awarded by The
Chinese Banker.


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