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New Ultima ID Pro HVAC/R Refrigerant Analyzer Protects Against Refrigerant
Contamination; Provides Convenient Pre-Screening for Consolidation and

- Handheld analyzer now shipping in time to meet seasonal service demands -

Exton, Pa…Neutronics Refrigerant Analysis, a leading innovator of refrigerant service
technology, has just announced the launch of its new, advanced, Ultima ID Pro HVAC/R
Refrigerant Analyzer, Model RI-700H, and noted that it has already started to ship units
to customers. This remarkable, portable analyzer quickly and accurately identifies the
type of refrigerant and helps avoid costly refrigerant mixing during consolidation and

The Ultima ID Pro works on a variety of refrigerants, including R22, R134A, R404A,
R407C, R410A, and Hydrocarbons and reduces the need for costly and time-consuming
gas chromatography. The Ultima ID Pro delivers results in less than three minutes at an
accuracy of +/- 2% or better.

Initial customer response exceptional
According to Peter Coll, Refrigerant Analysis Division Manager for Neutronics Inc., “The
initial response to our new refrigerant analyzer has been overwhelming. We previewed
the Ultima ID Pro at the 2010 AHR Show and started getting orders before the unit was
even on the market. We are delighted to be able to satisfy those customers and get our
units into the field in time for the AC season.”

Coll noted that new global refrigerant mandates will have a significant impact on the
HVAC business. R22 refrigerant will be slowly phased out, reducing the availability of
pure R22 and substantially increasing the value of recovered R22. “As new refrigerants
are introduced to the market, the potential for mixing those refrigerants with the R22
supply will increase and usher in a financial penalty that will affect all levels of
distribution, from the contractor to the reclaimer. The Neutronics Ultima ID Pro HVAC/R
Refrigerant Analyzer will help solve this problem and prove to be an indispensible front
line tool for contractors, W/D consolidators, and reclaimers,” Coll added.

Reduces disposal costs, increases profitability
The Ultima ID Pro offers the widest range of refrigerant analysis available in a portable
instrument. It easily identifies more than a dozen refrigerants with a component
breakdown of the blend ratios for the most common HVAC refrigerants. This allows the
consolidator to know the quality of the refrigerant before it goes to the reclaimer and
eliminates unnecessary disposal costs for the contractor. The Ultima ID Pro also
provides the reclaimer with a quick means of sorting a wide variety of refrigerants by
both type and quality.

Coll further notes, “Analysis now becomes a must. As R22 is replaced by a variety of
new refrigerants, HVAC/R professionals must be able to know the type of refrigerant
they are handling, because the financial penalty could be severe. The value of good
reclaimed R22 can be as much as several dollars per lb., while the cost to dispose of
mixed refrigerant can exceed $4.00 per lb. That means contaminating one R22 cylinder
with another refrigerant can cost a contractor over $300.00. For the consolidator, the
costs of a contamination mistake could run in the thousands.”

Leading edge technology, extremely portable
The Neutronics Ultima ID Pro uses Neutronics leading edge infrared refrigerant gas
analysis technology to provide fast and accurate identification. It features an innovative
and ergonomic design in a compact, self-contained and extremely portable package.

The Ultima ID Pro is simple to use and has an extra large, easy to read LCD display, soft
keys, and a built-in printer. It is ruggedly constructed with a molded ABS housing and
weighs less than 10 lbs. The unit can operate from an 110/ 220 VAC power source or
optional built-in rechargeable power pack. Operating temperature is +50 °F to +110 °F.
Approvals include UL, CE, and CUL certifications.

For additional information, please contact Peter Coll, Neutronics Inc., Refrigerant
Analysis Division Manager, 456 Creamery Way, Exton, PA 19341 
 Tel: 610-524-8800
or toll-free 800-378-2287

More information available at:


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       against refrigerant contamination

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       with variety of refrigerants; reduces need for costly gas chromatography
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