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									          The Airports of Abu Dhabi
Access to the fastest growing market in the Middle East

                                5th China Air Cargo Summit 2008
                                27 March 2008

The UAE – The fastest growing economy in the
Middle East

       The United Arab Emirates
                                   • The Abu Dhabi economy is the
                                    largest of the UAE
                                   • Abu Dhabi has 90% of the oil
                                    in the UAE and 10% of the
                                    worlds oil
                                       • And with reserves to last
                                         for over 100 years
                                   • The economy grew 10% a
                                    year since 1995 and is
                                    forecast to be 13% a year to
                                   • The population of Abu Dhabi is
                                    forecast to grow at 7% a year
                                    for the next five years
The UAE – The fastest growing economy in the
Middle East

       The United Arab Emirates
                                   • The volume of trade between
                                    the UAE and China reached
                                    $20.4billion in 2007; an
                                    increase of 41% from previous
                                   • UAE is now second largest
                                    trade partner in Gulf Region
                                    and largest market for
                                    Chinese Exports
                                   • The value of Chinese Exports
                                    to UAE increased by 50% in
                                    2007 to $17billion
                                   • UAE goods being exported to
                                    China increased 7.7% during
                                    the same period taking it to
The UAE – The fastest growing economy in the
Middle East

   Catchment Area for Abu Dhabi Airports
                                                     • Abu Dhabi’s main airport is
                                                       45minutes drive away from Dubai
                     Jebel Ali
                                                     • Six lane freeways offering a non-
                    Khalifa                            congested connection
                Abu Dhabi
                Airport                              • Al Ain Airport serves both cities
                                           Al Ain      being only 60 mins away from Abu
                                                       Dhabi and Dubai

                                                     • Three seaports within close
                                                       proximity offering connections to
                                                       sea freight with significant sea
                                                       cargo in excess of 30 million
                                                       tonnes per annum
The UAE – The fastest growing economy in the
Middle East – set to become even more powerful

         Over the next ten years major projects worth $0.6Trillion
                  will be delivered in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

 • Economic development zones
 • Residential and commercial centres
 • Economic diversification away from oil and gas
     • Tourism
     • Industry
     • Services
     • Manufacturing
     • “Green industries”
     • Aviation
     • Sport and leisure
Abu Dhabi alone is to transform its economy over the
next four years

         Over the next four years major projects worth $255billion
                      will be delivered in Abu Dhabi

 • New economic development zones                   Sector           $US billion
 • New residential and commercial centres           Construction        136
 • Economic diversification away from oil and gas
     • Tourism                                      developments
     • Industry
                                                    Utilities            10
     • Services
     • Manufacturing                                Oil and Gas          22
     • “Green industries”                           New industries       33
     • Aviation
                                                    Total Projects
     • Sport and leisure                                                255
Abu Dhabi – The Capital of the United Arab Emirates
          Abu Dhabi Cultural District

                                                          • Abu Dhabi is currently building its
                                                            vision to become the cultural
                                                            capital of the Middle East

                                                          • The Guggenheim Art Museum

                                                          • The first ever Louvre Museum
                                                            outside of France will be situated in
                                                            Abu Dhabi Cultural District

                                                          • Groundbreaking architectural
                                                            designs such as the Performing
                                                            Arts Centre will dominate the
  The Guggenheim     The Louvre         Performing Arts
Dubai – The Commercial Hub of the United Arab
         Dubai Business District

                                                  • Dubai has become the commercial
                                                    capital of the Middle East

                                                  • The Burj Dubai building will be the
                                                    worlds tallest construction towering
                                                    over 800 metres into the skyline

                                                  • The business district will be home
                                                    to some of the worlds largest

      The Burj Dubai               Dubai World
                                   Trade Centre
 The Value Proposition

Abu Dhabi – The Natural Hub between China and Africa
                                                       • Some of China’s largest
                                                         acquisitions abroad have been
                                                         in Africa

                                                       • With major investment
                                                         underway into Africa

                                                       • Trade between China and
                                                         Africa is forecasted to reach
                                                         $100billion before 2010

                                                       • Abu Dhabi’s location is ideally
                                                         placed to facilitate cargo from
                                                         China to the African continent
The Value Proposition

             Etihad Crystal Cargo – A perfect partner in the UAE

 • Etihad Cargo currently experiencing 100% cargo load factor to & from China and has reached
   its maximum share of the market

 • Currently seeking partnerships with Chinese carriers to manage expected China cargo growth
   of 25% in 2008

 • 50% of cargo from China to Abu Dhabi is being transported to other destinations including
   Frankfurt (Hann), Khartoum, Cairo, Kolkata, Riyadh, London, Bangalore, Damman, Madras,

 • Chinese carriers can grow the capacity to Abu Dhabi and into Africa
The Value Proposition

                                       Why Abu Dhabi?

 • Fuel charges in Abu Dhabi are the most competitive in the region and rates and handling
   charges cheaper than Dubai and Sharjah

 • Potential partnerships with Etihad and the cargo carriers of Al Ain

 • Strong connectivity with low congestion and less direct competition

 • Non-congested cargo facilities

 • Abu Dhabi has uncongested roads to other airports and seaports; all within close proximity

 • Abu Dhabi has a second alternate Airport (Al Ain) that allows greater flexibility for cargo
   operations to the UAE
Thank you

                   Peter Hoslin
                 Head of Marketing
            Abu Dhabi Airports Company


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