The insights and understanding will be a result of exploring

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					Business models for mobile broadband
media services
Advisors: Jan Markendahl (, Greger Blennerud

Background and scope

Mobile operators usually make use of news, media and entertainment content services in
order to provide service bundles to end-users. One well-known example is the music service
Spotify. Another example is services providing latest sport events, soccer goal service etc. In
some countries branded operators (MVNO) target fan clubs of specific soccer teams, for these
operators media services are an important part of the overall offer. A general trend for mobile
services is that the mobile operators are been challenged by other actors that offer mobile
services. Companies like Apple, Nokia, Google, Facebook etc offer services and establish
customer relations with the end-users, the mobile operators are no longer the main or
provider. In this changing business landscape there is a need to investigate what business
models that are and can be used for different actors. A number of questions can be identified:

      What kind of cooperation, business and revenues sharing models are currently used?
      What different strategies are used by media, content and internet companies?
      How do the mobile operators act and use media and content services?
      What kind of solutions and platforms can be used to support the operator business?

During discussions about mobile broad band services between business development people
at Ericsson and researchers at Wireless@KTH a need to further analyze these questions has
been identified. The analysis require a mix of technical, service, market and business related

Expected results

The proposed project focuses on business models and cooperation patterns among mobile
operators, media and content providers. Two main types of results are expected:

   1. Insights and understanding on business models
   2. Identification of strategy options for combined technical and business development

The “insights and understanding” will be a result of exploring, describing and structuring data
from existing markets. One expected result is a map with descriptions of different ways for
how operators are cooperating with media and content companies. This will include different
regions of the world with different types of market structures, willingness to pay etc. Hence,
students are encouraged to do studies for the markets of their home countries -
Ericsson/KTH will cover travel costs.

The “Identification of strategy options” includes identifying needs and type of solutions for a
combined technical and business development. It is not about to design the solutions or
strategies it is more about to highlight the different types of solutions and strategies that can
be applied for regions and markets with different needs. The needs and solutions can be
expressed both in terms of identified supporting business roles, service platforms and
mechanisms as well as specific service bundles, cooperation and revenue sharing models.

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