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									Professional Development Opportunities in CIAG
Upgrade Your NVQ 4 in Advice & Guidance or Learning, Development &
Support Services (LDSS)

Workshop programme

Aimed at those with NVQ 4 in Advice & Guidance, or the NVQ 4 in LDSS (Supporting
Young People Pathway)

Units of the proposed ‘Mini-Award’ * from Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development

Unit 2:       Reflect on and improve professional practice

Unit 3:       Career Guidance Theory

Unit 6:        Use Career and Labour Market Information with clients

How do I achieve these units?

You will need to attend two workshops, covering induction to the assessment programme; essential
underpinning knowledge; and introduction to the online portfolio-building system. Online learning materials
will be provided to supplement the workshops and support your acquisition of relevant underpinning
knowledge. Following the workshops you will work with your assessor on gathering the required evidence to
build towards completion of your portfolio. This should take no more than four months from induction.

Programme of workshops

Workshop 1:           Induction and Reflective practice (Unit 2)
                      Introduction to the assessment process, using the online support materials and online
                      portfolio building system.

Online access to Unit 3

Workshop 2            Career Guidance Theory ( Unit 3)

Online access to Unit 6 Using Career and Labour Market Information with clients

Workshops to be held in Bromley at address below. Call us if this location is not possible.
How much will it Cost?

The price for this CPD ‘package’ is £550.00

Once I have achieved these units can I get the credits towards the full qualification?

To achieve the full qualification you would need to undertake the other mandatory units and optional units to
make up the 60 credits required for the full Level 6 in Career Guidance & Development. Achievements at
NVQ 4 can be carried towards the Diploma. We can provide both initial assessment and support towards
achievement of the Diploma.

*The proposed ‘Mini-Award’

The Institute of Career Guidance (as part of the Careers Profession Alliance) is in the process of developing
a register for career guidance & development professionals. As part of this development it is proposed that
practitioners who currently hold either the NVQ 4 in Advice & Guidance, or the NVQ 4 in LDSS (Supporting
Young People Pathway) and hold the units below, would be able to join the register subject to the
achievement of a ‘mini-award’. Your NVQ must have been achieved in a career guidance context. The award
is made up of specified units from the new Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance & Development – the
recommended benchmark qualification for professional career guidance. We are offering you the
opportunity to achieve these units through a customised CPD ‘package’

The S/NVQ must have been undertaken in a career guidance context and include the interviewing units:

       Develop interactions with advice and guidance clients;
       Assist advice and guidance clients to decide on a course of action;
       Prepare clients through advice and guidance for the implementation of a course of action.

If you are interested please email us at: to get an application

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