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									                              Campaign Site Summary and Stakeholder Matrix
Project Name

Project Data Effective Date    September 5, 2010

Project Scope and Vision

Scope/Site Name                LANUZA MARINE PARK & SANCTUARY
Scope/Site Description         Barangay Sibahay was located 6 kilometers from Poblacion Lanuza bounded
                               on the north by Pacific Coast and South by Municipality of Cortes, on the east
                               by Barangay Nurcia and on the west by Barangay Habag. A 20 minutes ride
                               from the town proper by jeep, bus, and hired motorcycle. It is along the
                               national highway and has a total land area of 451.23 has, comprise of 7
                               puroks and has a population of 956, 174 households(NSO 2006).                     Comment [f1]: Continue using this is a
                                                                                                                 good practice of citation
                               The Lanuza Marine Park and Sanctuary (LMPS) has a total area of 111
                               hectares with 58 hectares as No take zone and 53 hectares as the buffer
                               zone. LMPS facing the pacific ocean and exposed to strong winds during the
                               northeast monsoon. It is a fringing reef and has extensive intertidal reef flat
                               covered by samo (Sargassum). The reef crest has an average depth of 40 ft.
                               the reef slope has an angle of approximately 10 to 15 degrees.                    Comment [f2]: Very informative description
                                                                                                                 and characterization of the area.
                               After so many years of existence LMPS increased the stocks of fishes that         Comment [f3]: Can be improved by indicating
                               being threathen by the intrusion of illegal fishers using spear & modified        the year of establishment of the MPA
                               flashlight with the aid of compressor from other municipalities, also gleaners
                               from within the community who manage the sanctuary. They fishers in the           Comment [f4]: It is will good to identify the
                                                                                                                 municipalities outside Lanuza that intrude to
                               community encroached because of the high value commercial target species
                                                                                                                 the LMPS, why are they doing so?
                               lobster and called in our dialect “Banagan” Panulirus homarus. They catch
                               this to augment the income in order to support the basic needs of the family.     Comment [f5]: Latin names whe n used are
                               Hook and line and gill net are the common gears that usually use in fishing.      italicized, this case its “Panulirus homarus”

                               The people living in the area are not totally dependent on the fishing activity
                               since there are times that the weather is not good, so they opted to plant root
                               crops, vegetables, etc. in the mountain.                                          Comment [f6]: Very good observation on the
                               People living near the area have different attitudes towards conservation in      seasonality/reliance on fishing.
                               the establishment of the sanctuary since it will affect their livelihood.
Vision Statement Text          A reserve and adequate Marine Sanctuary that can provide fish abundance,
                          sustainable economic Livelihood, and improved quality of life of marginal
                          fisherfolks through committed management and enforcements of the Local
                          community and Local Government.                                                               Comment [f7]: Very good and encompassing
Biodiversity Features

Biodiversity Area         Lanuza Sanctuary Pride Campaign is a fringing reef covering 111 hectares
                          divided into two zones:
                               Buffer Zone – 58 has
                               No Take Zone - 53 has
Biodiversity Background   Lanuza Sanctuary is high in coral cover now after so many years of existence,
                          although encroachment of illegal fishers usually happens in the area. It has
                          an extensive intertidal reef flat that covered by sargassum and has an
                          average depth of 40 feet.

                          The survey done in 2008 said that the live coral cover within the no take zone
                          (NTZ) is 62.27% while dead coral is 18.67%.and the algal and abiotic cover
                          was 7.83% and 4.21% respectively.                                                             Comment [f8]: This is a very remarkable site
                                                                                                                        having a very good cover. This needs to be
                                                                                                                        protected by the community of the MPA.

                                                        Lanuza Marine Park & Sanctuary

                             Percent Cover (%)



                                                 20                                                 18.67

                                                                       7.03           7.83
                                                       Live Coral   Other Fauna      Algae     Dead Corals   Abiotics

                                                                              Lifeform Categories
                                                 Percent cover of the different benthic lifeforms of the LMPS
There were 42 reef fish species belonging to 17 families observed during the
April 2008 monitoring. Chart below shows the relative frequency of the
different fish families observed during the monitoring. Family Pomacentridae
or the damselfishes (palata) had the highest frequency in the transects with
45.96%. This          was followed by Family Engraulidae or               the
Anchovies(bolinao/dilis) with 11.03% and Family Labridae or the Wrasses
(labayan) with 9.56%.

                           Lanuza Marine Park & Sanctuary
                   Acanthuridae                       8.82
                      Balistidae       0.74
                      Bleniidae          2.21
                   Caesionidae              4.41
                 Chaetodontidae                      7.72
                     Cirrhitidae         1.84
 Fish Families

                    Engraulidae                             11.03
                  Holocentridae        0.37
                       Labridae                        9.56
                     Lethrinidae       0.37
                 Microdesmidae         0.74
                 Pomacanthidae         0.74
                 Pomacentridae                                                                    45.96
                       Scaridae               3.68
                     Serranidae        0.37
                      Siganidae        0.74
                 Tetraodontidae        0.74

                                   0    5        10         15      20   25   30   35   40   45   50
                                                            Relative Frequency (%)
                        Relative frequency of the different fish families

The relative frequency of the three fish species categories. The demersal
species category were the highest with 61.76%. This was followed by the
target species category with 30.51%. The indicator species category had the
lowest frequency with 7.72%.                                                                              Comment [f9]: Indicate the source of
                                                                                                          information using the same citation procedure
                                                                                                          like above.
                                    Kind of fish / FishFound:

                              Family              English Name        Local name
                              cially important
                              Siganidae           Rabbit fish         Budas
                                                  Rabbit fish         Tagbago
                              Scaridae            Parrot fish         Molmol/bontog
                              Lutjanidae          Snappers            Maya-maya
                              Kyphosidae          Drummers            Dano
                              Holocentridae       Soldierfish         Baga
                              Lethrinidae         Emperors            Katambak
                              Carangidae          Jacks               Langog
                              Serranidae          Grouper             Lapu-lapu
                              Acanthuridae        Surgeon fish        Gangis/mongit
                              Labridae            Wrasses             Maming/labayan
                              Caesionidae         Fusilliers          lila
                              Barracuda           Ray-finned fish     Rompe
                              Indicator fishes
                              Chaetodontidae      Butterflyfishes     Alibangbang
                              Pomacantidae        Angelfishes

                             Endangered Species:
                             The endangered species that found in the coastal area & MPA are the
                             pawikan or sea turtle (Chelonioidea), Takyobo or Gaint Clams (Tridacna
                             gigas) and Manta rays (Manta birostris) napoleon wrass (cheilinus undulates)

Protected Area Information

Protected Area Categories    The MPA was established since 1999 and manage by Municipal Fisheries
                             Aquatic Resources Management Council (MFARMC). Then in 2002 it was
                             turn over to the People’s Organization (POs) in Sitio Cagmino were the MPA
                             located and legalized under the ordinance # 9, series of 2002. At first, PO is
                             eager manage the area since LGU gives incentives for 120.00/day to them.
                             They managed well until such time that POs were not satisfied of the leaders
                             they have and become one who will encroached the MPA. So the LGU take
                             over in managing the MPA in 2007 until today. The threats of the area are the
                             fisherfolks from with in the municipality and outside the municipality using
                             spear and modified flashlight with the aid of compressor and gleaners.               Comment [f10]: Identification of the people
                                                                                                                  behind the threats is good.
Legal Status                 The MPA was approved thru Municipal Ordinance No. 9 series of 2002. An
                             amendment is undergoing at present since it is incorporated to
                             Comprehensive Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Management Ordinance
                             (CFARMO) but only to reduce the size of the MPA. Sometimes the RA 8550               Comment [f11]: Elaborate more on this
                             is being implemented to apprehended illegal fishers. In the upland, they             “possible reduction” of the MPA.
                             followed the Forest use Plan as the bible in implementing laws & regulations.
Legislative Context          Ordinance No. 9, series 2002 An ordinance establishing and regulating the
                             utilization of the Lanuza Marine Park & Sanctuary and adopting community -
                             based resource management as an approached to participatory management.
                             Ordinance No. 4, series 2008 An ordinance delineating the boundaries of
                             the municipal waters of the Municipality of Lanuza, Surigao del Sur.
                              As of present the site is manage by LGU and I rate them as 3.

                             RA 8550                                                                              Comment [f12]: Insert brief description of this
Physical Description         The site is facing the vast pacific ocean and its back is a mountain that a lot of
                             trees, coconut and others diverse flora and fauna. The coral reef is more than
                             50% live and it has fringing reef and its crest is 40 feet average dept. the reef
                             slope has an angle approximately of 10 to 15 degree. The weather has two
                             seasons: mainly the dry season during the months of April to October and it is
                             a peak season and during rainy seasons on November to march. The site is
                             assisted by German Development Services(DED), Lanuza Bay Development
                             Alliance (LBDA), HARIBON Foundation and Advocates for Policy Reforms
                             Development of Caraga, Inc. (APREDEC)
Biological Description
Socio-Economic Information   The economic activities of the people living in the site campaign are focused
                             mainly on fishing, farming and laborer. Some of them are fulltime & part time
                             fishers. In farming, it categorized into lowland and upland. In lowland farmers
                             plants crops, rice, corn and other high value commercial crops that help them
                             augment the needs of the family. The laborers usually paid more than a
                             Php150.00 as payment of their work in cultivating lands or other works such
                             as construction.

Historical Description       The Barangay was created on May 15, 1954 and the first Cabesa de
                             Barangay/ barangay captain is Hon. Felix Casano and presently is Hon.
                             Ramir Silvano. The site has become an Timber License Agreement (TLA)
                             issued by the DENR to a private company.                                           Comment [f13]: Add more details on the
                                                                                                                impact of the TLA in the ecosystem of Lanuza
                             It was in 1995 that the new Mayor lauched a Program called the Lanuza
                             Sagip Karagatan Program (Save Lanuza Municipal Waters) as flagship in his
                             term of office. The program focused on eradicating commercial fishers and
                             other illegal fishers who are using dynamite, poisonous substances, etc. It
                             was realize due to the less catch of fisherfolks. Thus in September 1998 with
                             the help of BFAR and VSO volunteer in name of Coleen Hicks assess our
                             coastal waters for any recommendation of what will be the municipality can
                             help the community in achieving a higher fish catch of marginal fisherfolks.
                             Also, it was in the Local Government Code mandated the LGU to preserve,
                             conserve and protect their resources. Aside from that the RA 8550 mandates
                             also the LGU to set aside 15% of its municipal water as sanctuary and that’s
                             the time thru the recommendation of those people after assessment is the
                             establishment of the MPA. Then the Municipal Fisheries and Aquatic
                             Resources management Council (MFARMC) are the one manage until it was
                             turn over to PO.

It wasCultural Description   There are several religious sect in the area but Roman Catholic is the one
                             domineering the area. Fiesta Celebration every May 15-16 every year and
                             also they observed holy week and other celebration that Philippines usually
                             celebrate. There are also indigenous people living in the site area called
Access Information           The site is accessible by car since it is located along the highway. Even it is
                             rainy season it can be access thru by motorcycle, tricycle, buses, jeepney and
Visitation Information       The Site is a nice to visit because it has a sanctuary café outside the area
                             where you can order food while swimming and do snorkeling in the buffer
                             area. Also it is near to one of the eco destination of Lanuza , the Magkawas
                             falls. You can visit the area directly or contact the Municipal Tourism Officer/
                             CRM Coordinator for facilitation of trips to visit the area.
Current Land Uses            The Area is mountainous area and forest land is diverse. Some of it is planted
                             with banana, exotic species of trees, fruit trees, coconuts and vegetables.
                             Also it is under the Integrated Social Forestry agreement between the DENR
                             and the people. Recently the DENR approved the application of Integrated
                             Forest Management Agreement (IFMA) between Ventura timber Company
                             and now they are starting operating the area.

                                   .        LAND USES
                                     LAND USE CATEGORY                LAND AREA (HAS)
                                    a. Residential                          2.0995
                                    b. Commercial                            29.73
                                    c. Industrial                             5.51
                                    d. Institutional                          1.89
                                    e. Agricultural
                                       - Irrigated
                                       - Non- Irrigated                     12 has.
                                    f. Crop Land                           100 has.
                                    g. Open Space                          300 has.
                                    h. Other Use
Management Resources      The management structure now is the LGU who take over since re-
                          organization of the community will be re-established. But the Barangay
                          council also takes part in enforcing the law and managing the site as guards
                          in the MPA.

IUCN Red-list Species

Red-List Species                   The endangered species that found in the site are the pawikan or sea
                                   turtle (Chelonioidea), Takyobo or Gaint Clams (Tridacna gigas),
                                   napoleon wrasse (cheilinus undulates),Bump head parrotfish
                                   (Bolbometopon muricatum) :

Other Notable Species

Other Notable Species     Tridacna (giant clam) lobster (Panulirus homanus) Grouper (serranidae), Rabbit
                          fishes (siganidae), Parrot fish (scaridae), Snapper (lutjanidae ),Emperor ( lethrinidae ),
                          Caranx (carangidae ), Fusillier ( caesionidae ), sweetlips (haemulidae),wrasses
                          (labirdae), tuna (Scombridae), mackerel , blue marlin (Makaira nigricans).

Location and Topography
Project Latitude                09°020’ North
Project Longitude               126°006’ East
Country/Countries               Philippines
States/Provinces                Surigao del Sur
Municipalities                  Lanuza
Legislative Districts           First District
Location Details                Lanuza MPA is located in one of the sitio’s of Barangay Sibahay facing the
                                Pacific Ocean. Fishing is a source of income of some full time fisherfolk but
                                most of the fisherfolk have land to till after fishing around 8 to 9 in the morning
Site Map Reference              Pls. see attached map

Human Stakeholders

 Human Stakeholder Population It has a total population of 956 and 174 households as of 2006. (NSO, 2006)
 Social Context                 Most of the people living in the area since their birth and speak surigaonon.
 Stakeholder Matrix (Project Team)

 Given Name        Surname       Resource ID         Organization               Position                   Roles               Email            Phone
 Given name        Surname           Initials or      Name of the           Job title or work          Team member,         Email address    Cell and office
                                     nickname       organization this    description (i.e. fisher,      project leader,                     phone numbers
                                                    person works for         stakeholder)            stakeholder, project
                                                                                                         advisor, etc.
 SALVACION        AZARCON            VACION          LGU LANUZA            Municipal Mayor             Project Leader                       +63920.832771
 BOROMEO          MICABALO            ROMIE          LGU LANUZA         Municipal                    Project Supervisor                     +63910822464
                                                                        Agriculturist                                                             0
  ROGELIO           SERING           ROGER           LGU LANUZA         Municipal Community            Team Member                          +63918605480
                                                                           Affairs Officer                                                        2
  NAZARIO         CAMACHO            DODONG        LABAG Foundation            Chairman                Team Member
   RAMIR           SILVANO            RAMIR           BARANGAY            Barangay Captain             Team Member                          +63908652855
                                                       COUNCIL                                                                                    0
   KENT              ABIS              KENT               PNP            MEAT Team Leader                 Enforcer
  SAMUEL           ORIOSTE             SAM                PO                    Vice                    Stakeholder
   MARY             PLAZA             MARY              DEP-ED             School Principal             Stakeholder
  ARNOLD             TIRO            ESTONG              LBDA                Environment              Partner Advisor
   BLAS          TABARANZA             BLAS            HARIBON             Chief Operating              Partner NGO
                                                      Foundation               Officer
CHRISTOPHER         CADIZ              CRIS          TAMBUYOG           Technical Coordinator           Partner NGO
 GERARDO          MAGLINTE           GERRY            APREDEC              Chairman – Atty.            Legal Advisor                        +63928504063
Organization Matrix

              Name                                Role(s)                      Given Name                  Surname               Email            Phone
 Name of organization that may be Role that this organization might play Primary contact’s given      Primary contact’s      Email address Cell and office
 involved or integral to the success     in the Pride campaign                   name                     surname                              phone
       of the Pride campaign                                                                                                                 numbers
LGU – LANUZA                       Spearhead the implementation of the SALVACION                    AZARCON
                                   project and allocate funds. Also
                                   instigate strategies in implementing
                                   the project
BARNAGAY COUNCIL OF                Assist the LGU in the implementation RAMIR                       SILVANO
SIBAHAY                            of the project.
HARIBON FOUNDATION                 Assist in the implementation of the   BLAS                       TABARANZA
                                   project especially during the
LBDA                               Assist in the implementation of the   ARNOLD                     TIRO
APREDEC                            Assist in crafting the ordinance      GERARDO                    MAGLINTE

Audience                                                                                                                                                     Comment [f14]: Is the community where the
                                                                                                                                                             MPA is also one of the target audience?
          Audiences                    # of People in Audience                                          Audience Summary
                                      Target audience population           Full description of each target audience based on your formative research
                                                                                              (literature review, in-depth interviews).
Fishers(Part time/Full time) &                    300                    Estimated only 20 percent of local fishers support the management & protection of
Gleaners                                                                 Marine protected area
Women                                              90                    Lack of support the MPA
Youth                                             150                    Lack of awareness and willingness to support the MPA
Barangay leaders                                   20                    Some of them are Lack of willingness to support the MPA

  Key Biodiversity                    Direct Threats                           Severity              Contributing factors [including indirect threats]
                           Use the full IUCN classifications         Rate the relative severity of
                           above to make a list of all the threats   each threat on a scale of 1-
                           you consider the most important to        4, where 1=low, 2=medium,
                           your site and to any notable species      3=high, 4 =very high.
                           within it.
         Fish abundance          Spear fishing using modified                    3                     lack of awareness in the importance of MPA in
    Fish biomass                  flashlight and compressor                                              their lives
    Coral cover                  Use of gill net                                                       Poor Governance
                                  Gleaning                                                              Weak law enforcement
                                                                                                         Lack of community involment
                                                                                                         Lack of involvement of fishers living along the
                                                                                                         Intrusion of the no take zone

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