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									                           ULVERSTON TOWN COUNCIL

                         MINUTES of the Proceedings of the Meeting
                      of Ulverston Town Council held in the Town Hall,
                          Ulverston on 6 August 2012 at 7.15.p.m.

         PRESENT : Councillors J. Pickthall (Acting Chairman), J. Clough, P. Cooper,
         J. Harris, M. Hornby, H. Irving, J. Jenkinson, P. Jones, P. Lister, C. Pickthall,
         J. Prosser, B. Rajan, A. Rigg, P. Smith, B. Tate, M. Wilson.

         Also Present : The Town Clerk, Police (1), Press (1), Public (6).


         Cllrs. B. Marr (personal), N. Bishop-Rowe (personal)


         Cllr. J. Jenkinson and B. Rajan declared a personal & prejudicial interest in Item 7
         with regard to planning applications as a member of the District Council Panning
         Committee and would not be taking part in the discussions or in voting.

         Cllr. A. Rigg declared a personal & prejudicial interest in planning application


         Cllr. Pickthall drew attention to the Freerider Bus Scheme which was now operating
         and said that leaflets were now available.


         Mr. Gardner, 8 Church Walk referred to Cumbria Highways proposal for double yellow
         lines in Church Walk and alongside Ashlands. Mr. Gardner said this was part of a
         consultation process, but up to 6 parking spaces would be lost if this went ahead. This
         was supported by Mr. Wilson and Sue Thornhill. Mr. McCauley said that the area in
         question was the widest part of the road and would be a waste of money. The
         remaining proposals were accepted.

         Ms. Jenny Brown asked to speak about the intended sale of the Lanternhouse
         although it was confirmed that she lived outside Ulverston and was not on the
         electoral register. Cllr. Lister proposed that Standing Orders be suspended for 5
         minutes to allow Ms. Brown to be heard. This was seconded by Cllr. Wilson and
         agreed. Ms. Brown implored the Council to consider ways of saving the Lanternhouse
         from being sold, possibly involving a Community lead initiative. The Council then
         returned to Standing Orders.


         It was noted that Cllr. P. Jones was present at the meeting on 23 July. In Minute Item
         No. R.95b, ‘country-wide’ should read ‘county-wide’. The minutes of the Town Council
         Meeting, held on 23 July 2012 were approved and adopted, subject to amendments.
                  Minutes of Council Meeting held on 6 August 2012 Cont….



         a.    Police :

               Inspector K. Spedding provide an update on crime for members. Crime was
               down in most categories except violent and vehicle crime. Inspector Spedding
               also referred to the arson incident on the children’s play castle at Croftlands.
               Cllr. P. Cooper asked about the monitoring of traffic in New Market Street,
               particularly on Market Days. Inspector Spedding said that there were insufficient
               resources to carry this out on a regular basis. Consultation is on-going on option
               4 between Cumbria Highways and various stakeholders. It was expected that
               Cllr. J. Airey will update the Council on progress in the near future. Cllr. M.
               Wilson referred to caravans and skips that had been parked outside homes for
               long periods. Inspector Spedding said that he would look into it.

         b.    District Councillors

               Cllr. J. Clough reported that he had attended a meeting at SLDC on 25 July
               regarding partnership working and the running of services at local level.
               Although there had been agreement at a previous Town Council meeting to
               open dialogue with SLDC on car parking and car parks, Cllr. Clough proposed
               that discussions be broadened to look at other services as well as part of an
               information seeking exercise, without any commitment at this stage. This was
               seconded by Cllr. C. Pickthall and agreed. The Town Clerk will write to the CEO
               and the Leader of SLDC on this basis.


         (i)   Resolved:      That    the   following   observations   be   made   on   planning

               SL/12/0516 Conian, Mountbarrow Road, Ulverston. The Town Council
               APPROVED this application, subject to the views of neighbours being taken into

               SL/12/0519 10 Church Walk, Ulverston. The Town Council APPROVED this
               application, subject to the views of neighbours being taken into consideration.

               SL/12/0568 Atkinson Body Repairs Ltd, Alexander Road, Ulverston. The
               Town Council REFUSED this application due to over intrusive and intensive
               nature of the planned development.

               SL/12/0576 Cllr. A. Rigg left the Chamber for this item. Marl International Ltd,
               Ulverston. The Town Council APPROVED this application.

               SL/12/0600 Beckside Barn, Rosside, Ulverston. The          Town       Council
               APPROVED this application, subject to the views of neighbours being taken into

                       Minutes of Council Meeting held on 6 August 2012 Cont….

                SL/12/0502 St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School.                The Town Council
                APPROVED this application.

                SL/12/0609       8 Old Hall Drive, The Town Council APPROVED this application.

         (ii)   Applications Granted and Refused by the District Council noted.


         a.     The Lanternhouse - Ulverston

                Information had been received from the Arts & Events Programme Manager,
                SLDC that the Trustees of Lanternhouse International Ltd intended to sell the
                Lanternhouse. SLDC intended to meet with the Trustees to discuss this. Cllr. J.
                Harris said that she was very concerned about this news and had spoken to a
                number of Community Groups who were interested in putting together a
                proposal to take over the building. The Arts Council had been kept informed and
                they supported this initiative. Cllr. Harris then proposed that Ulverston Town
                Council offer support to the Community groups in finding a solution to save the
                Lanternhouse. This was seconded by Cllr. Lister and agreed.

         b.     Code of Conduct Training and Dispensation Advice

                (i)       The Town Clerk drew attention to a training session on the Code of
                          Conduct with SLDC. This will take place on Tuesday 28 August starting
                          at 6.30 pm in the Coronation Hall. Councillors were asked to let the Town
                          Clerk know as soon as possible if they wished to attend.

                (ii)      Advice on dispensations for members to speak and vote on matters
                          where they have a disclosable pecuniary interest had been received from
                          CALC. Copies were provided for all members.

         c.     Better Highways – Programme and Parish Communication

                Cumbria Highways have introduced revised arrangements for highway
                maintenance, with parish visits being programmed in sequence, with a longer
                visit than previously, but two scheduled visits per year. This was noted and
                welcomed as an improved co-ordinated approach.

         d.     Heartstart in Ulverston

                Training session arranged for Thursday 20 September 2012 between 7pm –
                9pm in the Coronation Hall Supper Room for up to 20 in No. Cllrs. were asked
                to give their names to the Town Clerk if they wished to attend. Monument
                Keepers would also be included.

         e.     Log-in to Members Area of CALC Website

                The log-in details were noted.

        Minutes of Council Meeting held on 6 August 2012 Cont….

f.   Portas Pilot Town Team

     Ulverston had been unsuccessful in its bid for the Portas Pilot Scheme. There
     had been considerable competition with 419 applications from Town Teams
     across the country. 15 Town Teams were selected. However, there is the
     opportunity to become a Town Team Partner, with a support programme to help
     put elements of our plans into action. There will also be the opportunity to attend
     workshops, meet with town teams across the country to share their experiences
     and lessons learned from others and join online community to receive tips and
     advice from retail experts. More information is expected on this in due course
     and it is hoped that it will allow the Town Council and the UCP to move forward
     in a number of areas despite not being selected as a Portas Pilot. A letter had
     been received from John Woodcock MP indicating that he was keen to support
     the Town Team partner programme for Ulverston.

g.   Complaints of seagulls in Ulverston

     An email has been received from Environmental Protection at SLDC with advice
     on the deterrence and control of seagulls. This was noted.

h.   SLDC Land Examinations – Schedule of Matters and Issues Guidance

     It was noted that the Secretary of State has appointed an independent Planning
     Inspector to hold a Public Examination into the soundness of the SLDC Land
     Allocations Document. The date of the hearing is 25 October in Kendal Town
     Hall between 10 am until 5pm.

i.   AMT National Convention 2012 : Keeping Towns Alive

     The Action for Market Towns National Convention 2012 will take place in Kendal
     between 18-19 October. Any Councillor who wished to attend were asked to
     give their names to the town Clerk as soon as possible.

j.   South Lakeland District Association Meeting

     The next meeting will take place on Thursday 13 September 2013 at 7.15 pm at
     the Gilpin Bridge Inn, Levens. Supporting papers and the agenda were noted.

k.   Furness Line Community Rail Partnership AGM

     The AGM of the Furness Line Community Rail Partnership will be held at 2 pm
     on Thursday 16 August 2012 in the Drawing Room of Barrow Town Hall. This
     Partnership has been working closely with TransPennine Express regarding the
     future timetables. Cllr. P. Smith and P. Jones were nominated to attend as part
     of the Cumbria Better Connected Group.

l.   Changes to County Council Supported bus services from September 2012

     These were noted. Services for Ulverston mainly affected were the 618 and X.35

                 Minutes of Council Meeting held on 6 August 2012 Cont….

         m.   Buxton Place, Stockbridge Lane and Theatre Street Car Parks

              SLDC and CCC are working together on a project to repair the potholes in the
              carriageway surface of Buxton Place Car Park and improve signage to
              Stockbridge Lane and Theatre Street Car Parks.

         n.   Ulverston Traffic Regulation Order 2012

              CCC had written to consult and invite views or objections to a TRO intended to
              impose new restrictions in the Ulverston area. Deadline for comments is 17
              August 2012. Although most of the proposals were accepted, Cllr. C. Pickthall
              made the following proposal :

              “This Council wishes to inform Cumbria County Council that it does not agree
              with the placing of double-yellow lines alongside Ashlands on Church Walk
              (other than the stretch around the curve into Ainsworth Street) which it regards
              as unnecessary”.

              This was seconded by Cllr. P. Smith and agreed.


          Cllr. P. Lister proposed that this item be held in Closed Session. This was seconded
          by Cllr. C. Pickthall and agreed.


          Reference was made to the UCP Minutes dated 18 July 3012, Item 6. It was noted
          that in Item 6, on-line training should read on-line trading.

          The Town Clerk confirmed that he had received positive responses from Tronic,
          Furness Enterprise, Ulverston Brewing Company and Jayne Kendall, SLDC. In
          addition it was agreed to nominate Cllr. J. Jenkinson and J. Clough as District
          Council representatives.

          Cllr. C. Pickthall then proposed that the recommendations from the UCP meeting be
          accepted. This was seconded by Cllr. J. Harris and agreed. It was noted, that other
          representatives with relevant experience, could be co-opted as required for specific


          The Town Clerk provided members with a report on the Participatory Budgeting
          Workshop which was held on 2 August 2012 in the Coronation Hall, Ulverston. Alan
          Budge, facilitator for the meeting from the PB Unit in Manchester, provided an
          introduction to Participatory Budgeting with reference to examples of it in action. The
          opportunity was for PB to be pursued in Ulverston through local involvement in
          decisions on mainstream budgets. The District Council was keen to explore the
          opportunities with people in local areas. Other partners including the NHS, Police and
          County Council could be part of the process whether initially or at some later stage.

                 Minutes of Council Meeting held on 6 August 2012 Cont….

          Helen Smith, SLDC Finance provided some headline information on SLDC budgets.
          There were assets in the area which could be looked at, some of which linked to
          service budgets that might be under consideration.

          The options for local government might include influencing budget decisions,
          considering possible devolution of some budgets, the transfer of certain assets where
          appropriate and looking at potential joint working with other service providers to
          maximise resources in the area.

          It was agreed that SLDC would provide further details of their various budgets related
          to local services in order that the financial process could be understood. Outcomes
          needed to be determined in terms of local priorities related to specific services, the
          key being the efficient delivery of those services.

          It was agreed that the group should meet again to move the PB process forward after
          there had been an opportunity to examine the financial information from SLDC.


          Cllr. J. Prosser reported that there had been good progress at UIR and at the station.
          It had been suggested that a display of tidal charts and tidal information should be
          made available in a display case in the vicinity of the Bay Horse area. Cllr. Prosser
          requested that the Town Council consider meeting the costs of the display case and
          UIR would provide the charts and tidal information. Cllr. P. Lister drew attention to
          Council Standing Orders article 18g relating to a matter to be referred to a Committee
          and proposed that this matter be dealt with through the Finance & Grants Committee.
          This was seconded by Cllr. C. Pickthall and agreed.


         The minutes of the following meetings were noted :

             UCP Meeting – 18 July 2012
             Publicity Meeting – 24 July 2012


         This was noted.

R.116.   REPORTS ON OUTSIDE BODIES:                Nil.

R.117.   FINANCES :

         All income and expenditure since 9 July 2012 including Salaries and National
         Insurance as shown on the Agenda were noted and agreed by all Council members.

                 Minutes of Council Meeting held on 6 August 2012 Cont….


         a.   Cllr. J. Clough referred to an SLDC initiative in association with The Bay, called
              “Power Up Your Community and save Cash”, which puts energy buying power
              into the hands of the Community. Registration is open for people to sign up for
              the scheme from 1 August until 17 September. Cllr. Clough said that he would
              drop off some leaflets at the Town Hall.

         b.   Cllr. J. Jenkinson announced that she was standing down as Conservative
              Group Leader. Cllr. N. Bishop-Rowe will stand in until a new leader has been

R.119.   PUBLIC PARTICIPATION:              Nil.


                              (The meeting closed at 8.58 p.m.)


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