Show-Me Wares at the State Fair Application by ns42j3


									                       4-H Entrepreneurship Market
                       at the Livingston County Fair

Show-Me 4-H Wares will be held at the Livingston County Fair. 4-H entrepreneurs can
sell their 4-H products and services. Any 4-H member age 8-19 is eligible to participate.
Youth marketing a service (such as photography or babysitting) can do so with an in-
person demonstration, pre-made video, or PowerPoint presentation at the booth. Youth
selling a product (such as crocheted items or garden produce) can bring pre-made
items to sell at the booth, and/or take customer orders to fill later.

This program is designed to give 4-H members a chance to showcase their projects,
practice their entrepreneur skills and make money doing it! Young entrepreneurs will
have the opportunity to sell their items during the Commercial Booth display on

Applicants must:
    Currently be enrolled in a 4-H project that relates to the product or service that
       will be sold.
    Be a Livingston County 4-H member age 8-19
    Have items ready and be available to sell on-site Wednesday (and/or fulfill orders
       and deliver to customers at a later time.).
    Complete the “Show-Me 4-H Wares” Application and return it to: Shaun Murphy,
       University of Missouri Extension, 2881 Grand Dr. or

Up to 12 applicants will be selected to showcase their wares at the fair. Selection will be
based on: 1) satisfactory completion of the application, 2) demonstration of a quality
product or service, and 3) ability to positively represent Missouri 4-H.

                    (Hurry – First received will receive priority)
Youth will be notified of their selection within 3 days after application is received
                          4-H Entrepreneurship Market at
                             the Livingston County Fair

        1) This form must be completed by the youth (printed or computer is ok)
        2) Include a photo depicting your product or service with this application.
        3) (Optional) You may also include copies of any promotional materials you plan to
           use on-site at the fair (flyers, posters, business cards, etc.).
        4) Complete and return by July 1 to: University of Missouri Extension-4-H ,
           Shaun Murphy, 409 Washington, Chillicothe, MO 64601 or e-mail to


Address                                                    City                       State          Zip

Phone                                                      E-Mail

Name of Your 4-H Club or Group                             Grade                              Years in 4-H

What 4-H Project are you enrolled in that relates to the product or service you will sell.

Name and Description of product or service

Will you need electricity at your table to show your product or service?               Yes      No
What price do you plan to charge for your item(s)?
Will you have items available on site or will you             If you plan to fulfill orders, how will you ship or
fulfill orders?                                               deliver items?
Any additional information you wish to share?

                              Statement by 4-H Member and Parent/Guardian

    The member prepared this application, and we certify that the information is true and accurate. We give
    permission to 4-H to use information in this document to promote the 4-H program.

Date (month, day, year)                 Signature of 4-H Member

Date (month, day, year)                 Signature of Parent/Guardian

    University of Missouri, Lincoln University, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Local Extension Councils Cooperating
                                        EQUAL OPPORTUNITY/ADA INSTITUTIONS

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