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					                              AUXILIARY HEALTH

     COMO Victor J Connell MD
           •    Division Chief (DVC-HM)
           •    Chief Medical Officer for the Auxiliary
           •    POC for PAC Area, Dentists, and EMS Personnel
     Michael Colondrillo MD
           •    Branch Chief, POC for Atlantic East (BC-HME)
     Joseph Sopko MD
           •    Branch Chief, POC for Atlantic West (BC-HMW)
(Note: AUX Health Services Officers are only authorized at the National Level -
District, Division and Flotilla Health Services Officers have not been authorized!)
                       National Department of Human Resources
      Provide Oversight for AUX Health Services Missions
• The Division Chief Auxiliary Health Services (DVC-HM) serves as the Chief
  Medical Officer (CMO) for the Auxiliary and shall oversee all Auxiliarist
  medical support activities.
• As Chief Medical Officer, DVC-HM serves as the primary liaison between
  Auxiliary medical support personnel and USCG Office of Health Services
• CMO attempts to assure that all Auxiliarist medical support personnel and
  those providing administrative medical support on the National Staff:
   1. Are only participating in authorized CG and Auxiliary Health Care
      Missions - and thus have liability coverage while performing their
      medical support missions.
   2. Are following proper Auxiliary medical support mission policies and
   3. Are coordinating their efforts across different Auxiliary National
      Departments in order to avoid duplication of medical support missions
                           National Department of Human Resources
              Current AUX Health Services Missions
 Health Care Providers - defined by CG as physicians, dentists, nurse
  practitioners, and physician’s assistants - volunteering in CG Clinics/Sickbays as
  primary care providers (as outlined in COMDTINST 6010.2 series).
 Allied Health Care Professionals (e.g., registered nurses, psychologists,
  podiatrists) in CG Clinics/Sickbays
 Emergency Service Personnel (EMT/Paramedics, First Responders, and First
  Aid/CPR Instructors) :
    1.   Underway with CGSTA SAR Boat Crews
    2.   In CG Clinics/Sickbays as medical assistants
    3.   Teaching First Aid/CPR/AED to personnel at CG or AUX Units (if certified Instructor)
    4.   Aux Med Device is Authorized for vetted physician's

                      Past Health Services Missions
   Auxiliarists provided medical support to the CG Academy AIM program
   Auxiliarists provided medical support to the National Maritime Center

                               National Department of Human Resources

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