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					Ivan DURRANT – Five Pig Heads

This artwork by Ivan Durrant is five pig heads lined up in a row with red backgrounds. The artwork is,
of course, controversial for have five, unmasked pig heads shown before the onlookers. The artist
had a vision of taking hundreds of people to an abattoir to realize the slaughter that happens every
day. Instead, he came up with an idea to bring the abattoir visit to them by creating this. The red
background represents the blood shed from these pig heads. The pig heads are not covered up in
any way so that the viewer cannot avoid what they are seeing. It should not be censored as it is
spreading an important message to people in a creative and harsh way, there is no reason to censor
it if this is what happens in reality every day.

Bart JANSEN - Orvillecopter

When Bart’s cat died, he decided to turn its body into a work of art rather than leaving it. After some
work at the taxidermist this has become a fully functional remote control helicopter cat. There was
controversy surrounding this artwork, asking how someone could do this to their companion. In a
Youtube video demonstrating the flight, Bart wrote "Now he is flying with the birds," and he
considered it to be "The greatest goal a cat could ever reach!" The artwork should not be censored, as
this is merely the body of a cat and was not slaughtered in any way to make this, and is "not anywhere
near as sick as hunters displaying trophy kills above their mantles."
Rev MAYERS – Ace of Hearts

Rev Mayers or “Dr. Rev” is known for doing crimson artworks only using real blood as the medium.
He is introducing a new type of art to the world and it shows what an unusual material can make.
This particular artwork is of a skull-shaped human heart. Dr. Rev particularly makes organic looking
artworks, usually towards the subject or life and death. There is nothing that should be censored in
this work, as it is very creative and it can inspire to experiment with different artforms, as strange as
they may be.

By Michael Petrou

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