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									   can well accomplish this objective of many
 companies who are in need of help to get to
  the top in these day's technologically-driven
   business environment. SEO means search
     engine optimization, a process wherein
      websites are made more visible in the
 Internet by optimizing their content, primarily
  business websites. Optimization may entail
HTML coding and editing web content to raise
its relevance to specific keywords or phrases
 that Internet users would generally type into
      search engines. Good search engine
     optimization helps target websites get a
  higher ranking in search engine results built
    upon specified user searches. In the web
   marketing industry, there is white hat SEO
 and black hat SEO. White hat SEO services
 use trustworthy and legitimate methods that
  optimize business websites. In comparison,
       black hat SEO services incorporate
     spamming, keyword stuffing, and using
irrelevant keywords to direct traffic to a site.

  White hat SEO techniques depend on relevant keyword research Every
month, there is a wide set of keywords typically used in the Internet, and
a number of these optimize a lot of internet sites Effective SEO methods
can help some internet sites gain on their competitors and gather more
traffic by creating fresh new content with relevant materials that will make
Web users want to browse through the internet site Businesses that
provide SEO resell services can help their business clients build up hits
and traffic, which helps the website in getting more visibility
     The same can be said of local SEO services, which is a type of SEO
that focuses on marketing local businesses within a particular
geographical area Online optimization for local SEO would target
keyword searches stressed with place names (ex: dentist in Rhode
Island) These keywords are normally typed in by users who are trying to
find businesses in a certain place or region
 Local optimization is immensely beneficial for small local businesses that
want to grow their business ventures and get more prospective
customers        Local SEO also involves adding the business website to
online directories under specific categories, so that they will come up
more conveniently in search engine results A few SEO companies also
provide social media optimization
 This entails the use of social media—specifically social networks and
media streaming websites—to promote one's business            SEO
companies usually offer regular reporting services for their clients They
can easily monitor progress and create periodic reports that will help
analysts identify see the appropriate methods that will enhance the
website's visibility
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