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                              Outside Sales
                            Job Requirement

Fast growing, International Marine Parts Dealer has an open position for Outside Sales. We are looking for a highly
motivated individual to join our team. Position deals with Customers and manufacturers from around the world.
Territory to be within North America.

Experience: Mechanical Engineering and / or Knowledge of Various Equipment / Parts on board Ocean going
Vessels is a major plus. International Business and / or Sales Experience also a plus. Proof of past sales history will
be expected.

Job Summary

The outside sales position is primarily responsible for direct sales of our product line to new clients and established
clients, maintenance of personal accounts and business development. The individual is responsible for researching
to find new potential clients then follow up with meeting them at their location to present our company to them.
The individual is the lead account manager or customer service manager for his/her accounts in all cases;
monitoring Inside Sales performance along with constant review of quotations and general business for his
accounts. Obtaining consistent feedback from clients to enhance relationship and grow revenues. Assist President
with various marketing efforts, I.E. attending Trade shows & various industry functions, E-mail blasts, blogs and
other marketing activities

Duties and Responsibilities

        Business Development
        Setting up of appointments & Sales Calls with clients for presentation of our company, rolling out of new
         product lines, etc..
        Visit Potential clients (Full presentations)
        Visit Established clients (Maintenance)
        Follow up of all visits
        Travel within agreed territory
        Publish weekly schedule with President and team (Minimum 4 appointments per day)
        Act as Customer Service Manager for selected Key accounts.
        Maintaining already established accounts with continuous attention via meetings and contact whether
         verbal or written.
        Establish sales goals with the President that support the overall goals of the Company’s profit plan.
        Forecasting sales for personal accounts
        Monitor sales and report progress against plan. Ensure that sales activities are being conducted
         effectively; Take appropriate actions to remedy negative variances from plan.
        Report own sales results at meetings and discuss any variances versus forecast whether positive or
        Report sales opportunities, active proposals and progress on projects to capture those opportunities with
         the President.
        Responsible for Inside Salesman’s actions for personal accounts.
        Provide support to Inside Sales Representatives with customers as required. Includes traveling on sales
         calls, assisting with proposals, teaming to close sales and clearing up of any issues.
       Responsible for the rectifying of all issues if necessary for personal accounts; i.e. get involved, make calls,
        pacify client and do all required to clear up situation. Your position is the Customer Service manager in
        case there is an issue. See issues through to resolution.
       Responsible for running and organizing along with Participation in the regular sales meetings to discuss
        the agenda established under the meeting protocols, pertinent opportunities and issues.
       Maintain important relationships with clients, vendors and others in the industry and community.
       Attend various Trade shows and Industry functions
       Back up of Inside & Outside Sales personnel

Measures of Performance

       Business Development (Number of new clients brought in) (Track progress on BDR)
       Sales revenue meets goal (Track on ISR)
       Gross Margin meets goal (Track on ISR)
       Increase Sales & Gross Profit Margins (Track on ISR)
       Frequency of client meetings
       Results of client meetings (Short and Long Term)
       Maintenance & Customer Service management of accounts
       Communications with clients
       Costs are in line with goal (Cost & Expense conscious)
       Satisfied customers
       Inside Sales associated with your accounts are properly supported, monitored and guided
       Sales reports are accurate and timely, complete with appropriate analysis.
       Track and measure Sales Projections for accounts (Track on ISR)
       Personal and business reputation

Base Salary plus commission and benefits offered.

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