The �Have Corn, Must Travel� Gals by CJhb7c3


									The “Have Corn, Must
    Travel” Gals
We all have passports and a schedule that
           will allow us to travel!
          3 minute video of us at
               Marina Miletic
               • My name is Marina Miletic and I
                 have been teaching Chemical
                 Engineering at the University of
                 Illinois for the past five years.
               • I love sharing fascinating and
                 exciting experiences with others
                 which is why I love both traveling
                 and teaching.
               • I greatly appreciate the opportunity
                 to share my love of life and learning
                 with others.
Hawaii, 2007   • I come from a very hard working
                 family. My parents are both
                 immigrants and came to America
                 with nothing. They worked 2-3 jobs
                 a day for 25+ years in order to raise
                 my brother and myself. I am very
                 grateful for all of the goals they have
                 helped me achieve.
        Joanne Manaster                                     Learn more about me at
•   I have been a laboratory teaching specialist and        http://www.joanneloves
    lecturer for the Departments of Bioengineering and
    also Cell and Developmental Biology at the University
    of Illinois for nearly 18 years.                        I pinch myself everyday that
•   I am a former international model and look much
    younger than my years.                                  I am paid to share my
•   The travel bug bit me growing up as an Air Force brat   passion for science!
    and remains with me today.
•   I have four beautiful and well-balanced children
    ranging in age from 17 to 9.
•   I have been studying French intensively for the past
    nine semesters.

                                                             Paris, November 2007
                 Rebecca Kibler
•   I have been a practicing Dental
    Hygienist for fifteen years
•   I have three grown children:
    Austyn, Joshua, and Audra.
•   I have an avid love for
    gardening, dogs, and,
    especially, motorcycles: a
    beautiful BMW is my main
    mode of transportation.
•   I was raised to embrace and
    love life, I enjoy new
    experiences, learning, and a
    really good adrenalin rush.
•   I love to meet and get to know
    new people, I make friends
    easily, and I like to laugh....a Rebecca and Audra,
    lot, which is one of the reasons Indianapolis, August 2008
    I acquired the nickname
•   I would love the chance to
    bring my "effervescence" and
    adventuresome spirit to your
• Via Joanne Manaster
• Cell phone # 217-417-3424

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