Pentagon Sailing Club 30th Anniversary Land Cruise by Y32ZHW


									           Pentagon Sailing Club
               30th Anniversary
              ~~~Land Cruise~~~
               & Flotilla Kickoff

              Welcome all PSC Members
                  Old , New and Guests

              Cruise in by boat or land yacht
              (10 slips available for PSC Boats)

      Saturday, Sept 1, 2012     4PM
       Port Annapolis Marina Pavilion

Join us for catered BBQ , Sailing Stories from Old Salts
and new, Sailing Trivia, Stroll the dock to peek at
ABC Boats and PSC member boats , good times and
camaraderie as we celebrate 30 years of sailing!

        RSVP: Need Head count for food and drink!
Permission to Come Aboard Granted!

  BY Sea: Contact Bay Commodore
  By Land: Winnie O’Connor
  Cost: $15 per family, PSC provides BBQ

  Location: Port Annapolis Marina Pavilion
          7074 Bembe Beach Road 21403

       PSC 30th Anniversary Land Cruise

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