New brunswick summer reading by CJhb7c3


									    NBPS Summer Reading List – 2010                                                  Grade 8

Category       Author                Title                           Description
                                                    Gerald, who has struggled his entire life to
                                                    survive in spite of his drug-addicted mother,
   A       Draper, Sharon       Forged by Fire      must now protect his sister from an abusive

                                                    Told in a series of vignettes, this is the story of
                               House on Mango       Esperanza Cordero, a young girl growing up
   A       Cisneros, Sandra
                                   Street           in the Hispanic quarter of Chicago.

                                                    In order to make money for college,
            Woolf, Virginia                         LaVaughn babysits for a teenage mother and
   A           Euwer
                                Make Lemonade
                                                    ends up learning a lot about life herself.

                                                    While training for a triathlon, 17 year old Bo
                                                    attends an anger management group at
   B        Crutcher, Chris        Ironman          school which leads him to examine his
                                                    relationship with his father.
                                                    Rumors fly when the teenage outcast
                              Body of Christopher   Christopher Creed vanishes, leaving an
   B       Plum-Ucci, Carol
                                    Creed           unclear email behind. Did he run? Commit
                                                    suicide? Was he kidnapped? Murdered?
                                                    In 1945, having joined his father at Los
                                                    Alamos, where he and other scientists are
   B         Zindel, Paul         The Gadget        working on a secret project to end World War
                                                    II, thirteen year old Stephen becomes caught
                                                    in a web of secrecy and intrigue.
                                                    Basketball unites two talented players,
                              The Moves Make the    "Jayfox" and Bix. One boy integrates the
   B        Brooks, Bruce
                                     Man            biggest white high school in Wilmington, NC
                                                    while the other battles with dishonesty.
                                                    The mysterious death of an eccentric
                                                    millionaire brings together an unlikely
   C        Raskin, Ellen      The Westing Game     assortment of heirs who must uncover the
                                                    circumstances of his death before they can
                                                    claim the inheritance.
                                                    A charismatic preacher leads his followers up
                                                    a mountain to prepare for the end of the
                                                    world. Marina, who wants to be a believer,
   C         Yolen, Jane      Armageddon Summer     and skeptical Jed offer different perspectives
                                                    on the events that bring them together, even
                                                    as their lives are being torn apart.

                                                    The year is 1924 and a small town in Vermont
                                                    is falling under the influence of the Ku Klux
                                                    Klan. Two girls, one black and the other
                                                    Jewish, are among those who are no longer
   C        Hesse, Karen           Witness
                                                    welcome. As the potential for violence
                                                    increases, heroes and villains are revealed,
                                                    and everyone in town is affected.

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