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					                                     WHAP Report/Presentation 2010
Congratulations! You’ve spent the year gaining a broad overview of world history where we’ve raced past people and
events that you would have liked to have learned more about. Now, instead of taking a comprehensive final at the end
of the year, you have the opportunity to research and share a subject in history you are really interested in. This is
what you will need to do:

Topic: Your topic must be approved by Ms Hogan and needs to relate directly to a portion of the WHAP curriculum.
Your topic should be formatted as a thesis statement and question. This means that you must have a research
question that you research. You should then come up with an answer to this question which you should reflect in a
thesis statement.

Research: You will be given time in class to research your topic in the computer lab from May 17 – May 25. You
should also plan to go to the library on your own time to obtain print resources for your topic. If you finish researching
in class then go ahead and start writing in class!

Report: Your report should be 4 – 5 pages in length (double – spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1 – inch
margins). In it, you should adhere to the following format:
   1. Hook/Opening Paragraph: Capture the reader’s interest with a lively description/story (1 paragraph)
   2. Overview of Research Question, Thesis and Argument: Give the reader a general sense of what you will
       discuss and prove (1 paragraph)
   3. Background: What should the reader know about that puts your topic in context? (2 - 3 paragraphs)
   4. Evidence: Discuss the details about your topic making sure that each paragraph relates back to your argument
       (5 – 7 paragraphs)
   5. Summary/Significance: Why is your topic important in the context of World History (5 Themes)?
       Summarize how your research paper has proved your argument. (1 – 2 paragraphs)

Annotated Bibliography: You will need at least four sources. At least one must be a book and one must be an
internet source. You may mix/match the others however you like. WIKIPEDIA CANNOT BE CITED under any
circumstances. You will need to cite your sources on your bibliography page and explain how each source was useful
to you in your project in a few sentences. Citation forms are listed below:

Author(s). Title of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication.
Web Site
Author(s). Name of Page. Date of Posting/Revision. Name of institution/organization affiliated with the site. Date of
Access <electronic address>.
"Melodeon." Encyclopedia Americana. 1992 ed.
Online Database
Sanchez, Edie S. "Health Care Absent in Poor Communities." Time 2 Apr. 2003.
.....InfoTrac Student Edition. Gale Group Databases. Mountain View High
.....School Lib., Mountain View, CA. 16 Oct. 2004

Presentation: Your presentation will need to be 6-8 minutes long, plus 2 minutes to set up/break down any
PowerPoint, poster, or props you may have. In your presentation, you should give an overview of your topic AND
create an activity to engage your classmates. (This should be something both FUN and informative – a kinesthetic
activity, a competition, analyzing a primary document, etc.) The presentation schedule will be generated at the end of
this week. Presentations will go on the Friday before finals week and all through finals week. You do not need to
have your presentation memorized like a formal speech but you should know what you will be covering and how you
want to teach your material. If you will be showing a PowerPoint, you will need to make sure it is on a USB drive.
Bring it in early to test and make sure it works. Let me know if you will need other accommodations (white board
space and markers, poster paper, etc.) If you have a handout, you will need to make enough copies for everyone in
class (including me!).
Presentation Dates

You will present on the following day. Please note, your written paper is not due until the day of the final –
Wednesday June 2nd

Use this guide to help your homework. If you are presenting earlier it means that your presentation needs to
be completed before your paper. You will have time after you present to work more on your paper.

You cannot change order! If your presentation is not ready to go on the day you are assigned you
receive half credit and will be fit in at a later date, ONLY if there is time. If there is no extra time you
will receive an incomplete for your final grade.

Date                   Name and Order
Wednesday May 26       Final day in the computer labs for research!

Thursday May 27        Ling Wang
Schedule A             Steven Jing
                       Melissa McTighe
                       Sam Byrom
                       Katherine Macway
Friday May 28          Heidi Aguilar
Schedule B             Alex Baek
                       Claire Amsden
                       Mike Butler
                       Lauren Wong-Sislow
                       Andrew Liu
                       Teresa Zarmer
                       Melissa Gomez
Tuesday June 2         Eunice Hahn
Finals Schedule        Thomas Chen
8:05-9:40am            Bianca Sena
                       Elise Pham
                       Marcus White
                       Jillian Zdepski
                       Dora Parnanen
                       Drew Knochenhauer

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