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					Dear Coach,

I would like to introduce Concord’s only Athlete Training Center. The Athlete Training Center
is the newest facility of Brian Silfies and One 2 One Brian’s Fitness, LLC. The facility opened
in March 2007 and is located on 2 Pillsbury Street in the newly renovated professional building
(previously the old Blue Cross Blue Shield building). We provide sport specific athlete training
to the in-season and pre-season athlete. We are the proud training center of the New
Hampshire Junior Monarch’s and Express Soccer as well as other local athletes from many
schools in the surrounding area.

We are eager to share with those involved in athletics, the most up-to-date and innovative
programs available to teams and athletes of any age or skill level. We also provide the latest
and most effective equipment made for athletes to train like athletes, including the Vertimax
Trainer. The Verimax Trainer is included in most NBA, NFL and NHL strength and conditioning
centers and in some of the best private training centers in the country. Finally, there is a
location for athletes to train like athletes with individual program administration provided by
the areas most highly qualified and experienced fitness and strength and conditioning coaches.
The Athlete Training Center provides training to athletes and teams wanting an edge in
competition, offering a reduction in an athlete’s likeliness to incur injury, and a pledge to have
your athletes increase their vertical leaps and 40 times, along with more strength and
power….guaranteed. If you have athletes that want to play longer and harder…..the Athlete
Training Center pledges results or your money back.

          “Brian, is an enthusiastic, motivating, and results oriented trainer. A constant and driving presence in
 my training routine, he has pushed me to not only meet, but far exceed my goals as an athlete. His amiable and
         intelligent personality has provided a work space that has been a joy to return to day after day.
                            I owe a tremendous amount of my success as an athlete to his efforts."

                                                          Thad Duprey

                        8th at Indoor World Rowing Championships · 3rd for United States Recruited Athlete

                                                    University of Pennsylvania

I look forward to speaking with you about how to maximize the potential within each of your
athletes. Call me at (603) 738-5579 to meet with your athlete(s), team or to discuss with
parents the options we have specific to their son or daughter. Seasonal registration is available
on our website at www.briansfitness.com or Email me at brian1.1fitness@comcast.net.


                                                                                 Brian Silfies, Owner
                                                                               Athlete Training Center
                                                                          One 2 One Brian’s Fitness, LLC

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